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Chris Farmer RSS / 17.12.2007. u 13:59

When I arrived in the office this morning, my esteemed partner and colleague said, “Thank God you were not on the list.”

Of course, this set the wheels spinning. It does not take much, admittedly, but spinning they were set nevertheless.

He was referring to the Great Blic List of 50 Most Powerful Foreigners – published today – from which my humble foreignness was inconspicuously absent. In reality, the lists that I could hope to be on would be more like

List of 50 Bald People

List of 50 Big-Mouthed Complainers

List of 50 Inconsistent Bloggists

List of 50 Foreign Curmudgeons

List of 50 People who Really Do Not Belong on a List of 50 People Published in the Press

Ah! This is my niche! And is “bloggists” a word?

But the wheels which were spinning have nothing to do with my own listability of lack thereof, but rather I began to wonder what could be the process of wheel-spinning within the mind and pen of the Blic lister. The first thing that heartens one is knowing that there are indeed MORE than 50 foreigners here, such that we may institute a caste system among ourselves and move the top 50 Brahmin to the head of the class, while we Untouchables sit at our lowly desks and write Unreadable blogs.

To any of us in the foreign population of Serbia, my demographic, the fifty are no strangers. We all know them or know of them or have stood in the cheese line at Mercator behind one or another of them. They are misquoted and wrongly translated in the papers. They move their mouths in front of the TV cameras while an interpreter says whatever he wants in the voice-over. They are, in short, both Powerful and Well Known. We sit around tribal campfires and tell their stories and sing the songs of their exploits.

And what does this singular honor bring the Listed Ones? I spoke to one of them already (whose number will be withheld to protect his civil liberties) who told me that the Listing only means that there are a “certain number” of “bigger twats” ahead of him. False modesty aside, they have all secretly clipped the Blic article and will frame it or send it to family, CEOs back in their home countries, or their PR agencies with a short note of complaint about their rank.

In future, I believe that we should all honor the Listed Ones, the Powerful Ones, by addressing them by their Number. When we write a letter to Telenor, we can make reference to a quote by Number 1. When we need a loan, we can ask Number 17 directly – except for the fact that he is no longer in the country….

My unworthy congratulations, however, go to Numbers 1 through 50 (and also to the Secret Number 3 who was edited out since this morning). And to numbers 2 though 50 – and rest of the innumerable – better luck next year.

CBF (bez broj) 


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Marvelous, Chris!

Is there any link for poor emigrants souls to look at?
Chris Farmer Chris Farmer 14:33 17.12.2007

Re: Marvelous, Chris!

Thanks and is this what you mean?
ivana23 ivana23 14:39 17.12.2007

Re: Marvelous, Chris!

Chris Farmer
Thanks and is this what you mean?.

Re: Marvelous, Chris!

Yes, thanks.
nestorijanac nestorijanac 14:52 17.12.2007

what is known for sure

And is “bloggists” a word?

Certainly it has 9 letters (some of them are the same) written within quotation marks....
Chris Farmer Chris Farmer 15:05 17.12.2007

Re: what is known for sure


Therefore any random collection of letters, with or without repeitition, is a word. QED.

Excellent news!
nestorijanac nestorijanac 15:12 17.12.2007

Re: what is known for sure


That is quite another question !
Random or not ?
Almost as a question regarding decision about Kosovo status ?
Is there a plan or is everything just random ?
antioksidant antioksidant 15:06 17.12.2007


When I arrived in the office this morning, my esteemed partner and colleague said, “Thank God you were not on the list.”
he expected you to be on the list? why? On the other hand, you also have a number: 50 plus something. not such a bad thing. you have something to expect - to lose something.
dunjica dunjica 16:58 17.12.2007


Firstly: it is a random collection of 50 foreigners in Serbia, having little to do with "power" itself. Are they considered influential too, or Blic-journalist understand "influential" as a synonime of "powerful"?

Secondly and for me even a more powerful statement: no women on the list. Poor world.
Pedja Rafailovic Pedja Rafailovic 18:18 17.12.2007

Re: Statements

1. Randomly or without sense?
Let's try to make some sense:

2. As said, in their flashily manner, it's a list of 50 the mightiest "stranaca", not "strankinja" in Serbia :)
dunjica dunjica 18:38 17.12.2007

Re: Statements

2. As said, in their flashily manner, it's a list of 50 the mightiest "stranaca", not "strankinja" in Serbia :)

Dobar izgovor zlata vrijedi ;-)

As for the first one, you might be right - pretty much w´out sense.
AlexDunja AlexDunja 19:08 17.12.2007

Re: Statements

Poor world.

man ray loves me man ray loves me 20:16 19.12.2007


After all the 'most whatever' lists Blic has produced recently, I'll read this list any day: fifty most powerful DB collaborators in Serbia. And there, unlike in other realms, Blic should bloody well know what they're talking about.



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