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Empathy Pains

Chris Farmer RSS / 04.11.2011. u 11:04

"If I weren't the president of the republic, maybe I would be dissatisfied and embittered too."

So said Boris Tadic this week, reminding us of our obligation to vote and thereby give voice to our dissatisfaction and bitterness that we all feel because we are not president of the republic.


I was reminded by one reader that I should pay attention to the CONTEXT in which this enormity was stated, that perhaps I was overreacting to something misquoted, misconstrued, or misplaced and out of context. But I am sorry: the sentence is utterly indefensible.

Never mind that I cannot vote here - there are still a few semantic bones to be picked in this bit of presidential glibness. The implication is very clear that the president IS indeed satisfied and not bitter because he is president. What other way is there to read this?

By extension, he implies that maybe having a cool job (like being president of the republic for example) staves off dissatisfaction and bitterness. In that case, who cares if we vote or not?

Another bit of gristle in the brisket: the president tells us to vote (and not to boycott upcoming elections) because in so doing we can speak our truth to their power. But what if we vote for someone else, Mr. President? This will certainly become a serious impediment to your satisfaction, while not necessarily decreasing the general bitterness. After all, only one of us gets to be president of the republic.

One can only assume that the president was attempting to demonstrate his deep empathy with the predicament of the Serbian people over which he has presided for the past several years and hopes to continue into the Putinesque future. But he did not express empathy, really. He said MAYBE he would be bitter. MAYBE he would be dissatisfied.

Thank you, O Leader, for very nearly feeling our pain.




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loader loader 11:09 04.11.2011

Tak tično

Taktično, taktično ...

Domazet Domazet 18:17 04.11.2011

Somebody really mean and ...

...grumpy could say that Mr president has a flair for outrageously idiotic public statements. This one is definitely among more prominent. But my favorite goes something like this:

If the countries of the Region start acting together only the sky will be the limit!

Lets forget for the moment the absurdity and remoteness of the first part of the sentence. And focus on the limiting sky. What kind of sky did he have in mind? Could it be that he was thinking of low and lead-gray sky that is looking upon so many Regions today?

Is it really possible that he does not understand that with idiocies like that he is insulting already pissed population? You would not expect that from the energetic, assertive, ever-ready President facing the (American) football player at the photo we were blessed to see couple days ago. Or maybe you should?
fantomatsicna fantomatsicna 19:52 04.11.2011

I am sure

Some collector could write a nice book with all presidential stupidities.
However one good thing is that he understand that he can't be voted again, because majority of the people is not a president and not satisfied either.
a_jovicic a_jovicic 20:33 04.11.2011

Politicians and press releases

There's an old saying that executives get into trouble when they start believing their own press releases. Seems that "our" politicians eventually understood how close "game over" is so now starts to panicking and behave as old showbiz star loosing audience … and I'm not speaking just about ruling parties. Votes for “nobody” are worst nightmare for all of them.
myrna.ipages myrna.ipages 01:19 05.11.2011

just to say..

that this is excellent post!

the short one but says fair e n o u g h.
srdjan.pajic srdjan.pajic 05:26 05.11.2011


I can't even laugh on his stupidity anymore. I though that G.W. Bush was the dumbest president that walked the Earth, but ours is just pathetic.

duchesse duchesse 12:18 07.11.2011

There can be only one

We should all run for the office, in order to achieve happiness.

His "pundits" are obviously getting sloppy, which is to be expected. After all, it is apparent that no matter what they do, Boris finds his way to a seat in power.



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