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[68] Interview: Voja Dragojlovic [Hipnagoga Slike]

bojan ljubomir jugovic RSS / 13.01.2012. u 22:42

Hipnagoga slike are...

- Hipnagoga slike are a three member band which on deeply honest way is trying to realize its musical ideas, trying as much as it's in our power that the music we create is at the highest level in, both, its technical and its artistic domain. That's what we owe to the Music at the first place, that's what we owe to the people who make music seriously and of whom we had learned, as well as to the audience who are interested in it.

The bands that perform instrumental music have hard time struggling even abroad. With what sort of things one such band encounters while trying to survive and to produce that kind of music nowdays in Serbia?

- First of all we meet people who are true fans of music, who also compose music or they listen to it from the deepest need. Many of them were willing to help us dealing with various sorts of things - with recording music, shooting videos, designing the band logo, making an interesing interviews... As we speak, one modern dance troup is creating a coreography for the one composition that we made. All these things are beautiful and valuable experiences which we must note in these times. I really don't know how things are going on abroad but the easiness that could be by any chance available to us, I'm afraid that it would be unbearable . Time is the most important resourse we really don't have.

Did you have this music concept from the begining or it just simply came out that way?

- At the begining, there were just guitar „sketches" that we shaped into compositions without vocal and, in time, we liked that sort of concept. There wasn't any plan whatsoever - it simply came out that way. Recently, we have recorded one song with an interesting female voice and as soon as we make video for it - we'll upload it to our YouTube Chanell. We're not going to awoid any new ideas but we're not going to get too far away from our original sound.

How would you describe your music?

- It's an instrumental rock music based on guitar riff which is looping and while doing that it drags with itself a lot of other things. It gets created spontaneously and when it's shaped into a song there's no much space for improvisation. The complete picture can be expirienced just when music is heard live.

196939_211864742159613_211863205493100_893578_953485_n.jpgHow people react to your music and did you have any situation when they get disappointed when they realize that you are in fact band which plays instrumental music?

- So far our expiriences were very positive. Our audience is still very small and after almost all concerts we performed we had a chance to talk with many of them. I suppose that there is someone who was disappointed but he or she probably leaves concert very soon, that's normal. People who come to our concerts or find themselves there by chance - most of them stay until the end and we're glad about that because it means that they are not bored.

Recently you had some changes in membership domain...

- Nearly one year has past since Darko Djuric replaced our former drummer Nemanja.

How that change affected your sound and the band generally?

- The most important thing is that Darko in start liked our music that we have been playing and that we can function in the band with mutual respect. He's a really great and creative drummer, the band with him sounds more compact and much richer in musical sense.

What was your most successful live performance so far?

- If we consider „the most successful" as one that we were most pleased with (as musicians), then those would be live perfomances in club called „U zmajevom gnezdu" [„Enter the dragon"] and in Petrovic's studio, one floor above in the same building. The last one I would like to specially note.


 Where and when we will have chance to listen you live?

- At this moment we haven't got concert arrangements but usually about ten days before the event we inform people on the Internet.

What are Hipnagoga slike's plans for this year?

- Enthusiasm is a essential thing that have been following and will follow our acctivities, that is the only thing that we can say with certainty that is going to be present in the band's future work. It usually gets connected with amateurism but, as someone has said in radio show called „Oblak u bermudama" [„A cloud in a bermuda shorts"], proffesionals built the Titanic but Noah's Ark was built by amateurs. We will try to make progress in music, we'll try to record several new compositions and to play live performances as much as we can.

Thank you for this interview.

- You're welcome, it was my pleasure .

[ author: nishizawa / source: Moj Underground Troublemaker ]


Izvinjavam se blogerima što sam postirao ovaj pokušaj prevoda na engleski, prosto iz lične želje da možda malčice proširim publiku Hipnagoga čiju muziku cijenim, originalni tekst možete pročitati ovdje.  



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JJ Beba JJ Beba 00:44 14.01.2012


točkov učenik?
bojan ljubomir jugovic bojan ljubomir jugovic 00:56 14.01.2012

Re: ***

JJ Beba
točkov učenik?

Jeste. Odličan a skroman - ovo mi je sjajno

Preslušao sam tu novu/staru stvar sa ženskim
vokalom za koju rade video - biće super
JJ Beba JJ Beba 00:57 14.01.2012

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čuje se po svirci
trener92 trener92 01:50 15.01.2012

Re: ***

Što kaže Beba, baš tako zvuči( Točkova škola )
Nego, ovo mi nije jasno ( ustvari nisam najbolje razumeo )

Time is the most important resourse we really don't have.

vreme za šta?

? ( plus u ovom kontekstu : odgovora na postavljeno pitanje)
bojan ljubomir jugovic bojan ljubomir jugovic 17:05 16.01.2012

Re: ***

vreme za šta?

? ( plus u ovom kontekstu : odgovora na postavljeno pitanje)

Pretpostavljam da su zauzeti obavezama. Zamolicu Voju da odgovori.
Evo, koga interesuje nesto vise ovde.
bojan ljubomir jugovic bojan ljubomir jugovic 14:41 17.01.2012

Re: ***

Da, dobro sam pretpostavio, Voja kaže da
nemaju dovoljno vremena da se posvete autorskom
radu jer su zauzeti obavezama.
trener92 trener92 21:22 17.01.2012

Re: ***

bojan ljubomir jugovic
Da, dobro sam pretpostavio, Voja kaže da
nemaju dovoljno vremena da se posvete autorskom
radu jer su zauzeti obavezama.

Pretpostavio sam da je tako nešto u pitanju, problem kinte je uvek prisutan i u mnogo slučajeva prepreka koju je teško prevazići.

- Na žalost nemamo vremena koliko bi zaista želeli da imamo za vežbanje i održavanje proba. Pošto ne zarađujemo od muzike, što ima svoje dobre strane, sastajemo se jednom nedeljno, osim pred neku svirku kada inteziviramo probe.
- Na svirkama vrlo retko improvizujemo, u nekim momentima se to dešava ali ne često. Razlog tome je i nedostatak vremena za više zajedničkog sviranja, tako da kada se sastanemo gledamo da što bolje uvežbamo ono što imamo pripremljeno.

Družiti se sa čovekom koji još uvek ima želju da uči i napreduje, koji na tome svakodnevno radi i trenutno svira i stvara muziku bolje nego ikad je velika privilegija.

Hvala ti.



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