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Human rights: youth view

Velimir Mladenovic RSS / 01.12.2012. u 17:54

Let's make a quick explanation, what is EVS ? European Voluntary Service consists in volunteering in another country of Europe. The idea is easy to understand : you work for an association (different fields : young people, environment, discrimination etc.) and they provide you with the plane tickets, the accomodation, the food and some pocket money each month. There are no conditions to participate, only to be aged between 18 and 30.

What are the tasks for volunteers in LDA Nis ? The first aim of their presence is too promote EVS (writing blog, going to local TV and radios). Secondly, they are here to implement workshops for local youngsters (workshops about environment, fascism and antisemitism, movie making and others to come).

In the context of European Local Democracy Week, from 15th to 21st of October, Local Democracy Centre - LDA Nis and EVS volunteers proposed "Writing an article on Human Rights". European Local Democracy Week is an annual European event where local authorities organize public events to meet and engage with citizens on issues of current interest.

Human rights can be defined as « Inalienable fundamental rights to which a person is entitled simply because she or he is a human being. ». Nowadays, despite the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, violations still exist in every part of the world. That is why LDA and EVS volunteers, from France and Portugal, wanted youngsters from Nis to write an article about Human Rights, to raise people's interest on this issue.

The wining article is entitled "Do You Agree With Gay Couples Adopting Children?" It was written by Remzika Salijević, a 20 years-old woman from Nis, currently doing a European Voluntary Service in Portugal.

So, why did the jury chose this article? First of all, for the topic. Nowadays, which community is more controversial than the LGBT one? Who needs more support than gay couples? This article is a proof that tolerance exists among youngsters of Serbia.
Then, what about the writing style? The writer chose to use a lot of questions which makes the readers think, reflect about their own opinion. This article does not only give facts, it questions the society we live in.

Do You Agree With Gay Couples Adopting Children?

From my point of view, why not?

Bigots who consider members of the LGBT community as less than human, or at least unworthy of attention! These people are the hardest to convince to accept gay rights. The important thing isn't that homosexuality is right or not, is it by birth or by choice, or is a "disease" or not. The important thing is that these people can't change! Once you realize that they are like you and have the same rights as you is easy to be explained why gay marriage!

How important is a wedding? If people love each other, they actually don't need one, some might say. Why did you get married then? So you won't marry? If you are one of those who believe in the union, you have the right to decide whether to marry or not, so why not them?

There are those who say: "Yes, it's ok to marry if they want, but they shouldn't be able to adopt. For what is the child guilty of? Of having gay moms or dads? Does it affect the children?

There are many examples of people that grow in "abnormal" families. Children of divorced parents, children of widows, children of two different marriages. What is the difference between a gay family and between a "dysfunctional" one? What is the difference between having only one parent and having two parents? If we tolerate marriages where the drunken father beats the mother in front of the children, why not one where both parents have to respect and love their child? What if the child is never adopted, will he ever receive quality education, careness and love?

To protect the children we should let gay couples adopt too! Why not if we are all created by God, whether we are straight, gay, black, white, green, or purple, we should all be equal, God doesn't judge. Humans do!



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Chris Farmer Chris Farmer 18:26 01.12.2012

Well said.

Is it a an inalienable human right to tell other humans how to live? Possibly. But people should also have the right not to listen.
satinelle satinelle 04:26 02.12.2012

Re: Well said.

Chris Farmer
Is it a an inalienable human right to tell other humans how to live? Possibly. But people should also have the right not to listen.

You are right. Possibly, but DO NOT listen in Serbia has consequences.



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