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The first story that ever has to be told in this realm

Mark Pullen RSS / 31.12.2012. u 09:58

I have been accused of being a bit single-minded of late, of ignoring my family, neglecting my sport and obsessing over what I believe to be an outdated system. I'm sorry if that's the perception I've been giving, but I continue to lose sleep over the lack of balance on this planet. I just can't help myself.

I dream of self-sufficient circular housing for everybody that produces its own energy through nano-carbon windows, solar panels and wind turbines; housing that collects and processes its own water, which travels from drinking taps, to hydroponics systems for growing organic fruit and vegetables, to wash facilities, to toilets, to heating pipes that clean and filter the water and send it back into the system; housing with mini waste processing units that turn all household waste into compost within a year, causing no pollution, creating nutrients and feeding the untouched nature between homes. I dream of vehicles for all that are charged by the houses themselves, family hover crafts that don't need roads and concrete and regular maintenance or oil derivatives (if we're not ready for home teleportation units just yet). I dream of a world without metal wires and plastic pipes and concrete jungles. I dream of great academies of art, creativity and design, physics and philosophy, games and tactics, with professors of enlightenment offering a free education to all. I dream of adrenaline sports and adventure tourism, vast nature parks and of meat only coming from the bow-hunting of animals that have first lived out a full life. I dream of helping our young sporting stars realise their dreams of playing in the big leagues, in front of big crowds.
I dream of a world without passports and residence permits, bank accounts and income tax... and you're all invited.
But most of all I dream of Mother Earth and how much I want her to adore me as much as I adore her. And when I really can't sleep, can't switch off, let go and relax, I imagine myself as the embodiment of mankind in an embrace of mutual adoration and eternal love with the planet.
What do you dream of? What inventive ways can you conjure up to make that world this one?
Let me end with a quote from American designer-architect William McDonough, co-creator of the Cradle to Cradle concept for industry: "The goal is a delightfully diverse, safe, healthy and just world, with clean air, soil, water and power, economically, equitably, ecologically and elegantly enjoyed by all."
Happy New Year to one and all!

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Mark Pullen Mark Pullen 22:57 01.01.2013

The old world must die!

Each creature brought into existence must be allowed to live out its life fully and freely, as nature intended when she created them. If this happens, mankind will be able to live out his life fully and freely, as God intended. No more testing on animals, no more forced milking and industrial livestock farming. Go vegan or buy meat from hunters and eggs from villages. Stop eating for the sake of it. Wanna live a 1000 years? Try eating nuts and berries and eggs and grains and fruit and fibre (nothing that had to endure pain or suffering or control or misery during its lifetime - you are what you eat) …and start being more creative! And stop mining and digging crap up! And, most of all, work together.