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Chris Farmer RSS / 19.09.2013. u 15:24

The following is a loose translation, based more on intent and intuition than actual lingustic accuracy, of Economic Adviser to the Government of Serbia Dominque Strauss-Kahn for the media at a governement press conference. 

While committed to helping develop the economic capacities of Serbia, the Adviser leaves most of these key messages as implied, focusing instead on his main areas of expertise and topics of specific interest to him in his new role.

'Round the map I've been an Economic Advisor
From New Jersey to Japan,
And if not a perfect prancer
I'm at least a tip-top travelin' man,

Yes, I've played ad infinitum
Ev'ry mountain, ev'ry coast,
For each country has the item
That I enjoy the most

Les Girls, Les Girls,
There's no doubt about it,
I just love Les Girls!
Les Girls, Les Girls,

No wonder I shout it,
I worship Les Girls!
Ah, what charms they disclose
Fiom their hats to their hose,
From the tips of their toes up to their curls.
I simply adore,
And ev'ry day more,

Les Girls,
Les Girls,
Les Girls.



*With editorial assitance from Cole Porter




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rade.radumilo rade.radumilo 15:34 19.09.2013

Instructions for the guest

Chris Farmer Chris Farmer 15:35 19.09.2013

Re: Instructions for the guest

I am guessing he has brought the necessary skills....
highshalfbooze highshalfbooze 18:52 19.09.2013

Re: Instructions for the guest

I am guessing he has brought the necessary skills....

Of course, he's an expert.
Lako je tebi i tom Kanu da se zajebavate o trošku naše grbače...
oskar-z-wild oskar-z-wild 19:09 19.09.2013

why not girls?

We are not Puritans.

Blair's Mendelson would be a bit over the top for our circumstances.

In any case do you have any advice for Dom?
iqiqiq iqiqiq 18:58 21.09.2013

To be honest with you

you didn't need to put this blog, but ok, you did it.
First of all, I would be more than happy to have Loup Brefort instead as financial adviser for our Government.He has all qualifications, also French, but very decent person. I have read last interview before Mr. Brefort left Serbia and he gave us very reasonable advises on improvement in public sector functionality and investment climate.
I am very unhappy reading about private life and Mr Strauss-Kahn character and the fact that famous journalist claiming sexually harassment by him can not be neglected. And all other stories about him. It is not for laugh, we do not want to be "sex tourist country" if that is his agenda.

Thank you but no thank you
Filip2412 Filip2412 22:40 23.09.2013


highshalfbooze & iqiqiq

what is wrong with you?

relax ...



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