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The Wages of Apathy

Chris Farmer RSS / 04.03.2014. u 12:44

Why do I bother to fight?

I feel the need, the urge, to say something, but I know full well that my words will drift in the breeze like so much background noise - not even remotely disturbing to the people who should hear them, people who should be deeply disturbed by them.

The saddest part about trying to explain the deplorable, stressful, and completely unacceptable experience which I had at the Saruna "Spa" at the Hotel Park  the absolute worst example of service among the many horrible ones I have survived thus far - is that no one cares. No one cares that the Jacuzzi only works halfway, or that the shower is broken, or that there is no light in the sauna, or that there is no drainage in the floor for excess water.

They have already taken their money. They don't need to know anything else.

I am exhausted by the lack of care and concern. I have been worn out by the excuses people make and the utter inability to accept any kind of responsibility. It was cheap, they say. The poor people, they say, only get small salaries. They don't have money to make it better. Worse still, after enduring it for about a half an hour (out of the 2 hours paid for), they come banging on the door like Gestapo agents to tell us that WE somehow broke the Jacuzzi because water was on the floor.

I must have forgotten to install a drainage system before booking my time. My bad.

Why shouldn't I feel like giving up? No one cares. I should just accept that substandard is normal? No one wants to hear me shout angrily about being at the receiving end of complete incompetence. Or worse: premeditated consumer fraud. People shrug their shoulders and say that there is nothing that can be done about it. Everyone else gives up - why should I bother?

I do not write this to complain about the service (there was NONE about which to complain) but to state clearly that these people should not be allowed to pretend that what they offer is a service. They should not be allowed to accept money for this. From the point of view of business ethics, this is a classic bait-and-switch scam. Pretty pictures, discounted prices, and unfit even for animals.

The fact is that people do not care because there are never any consequences. Or so they think. Every day, hundreds of people complain like bleating sheep before the slaughter with no thought of remedy. They gripe and moan and submit themselves over and over to mistreatment. In the meantime, the substandard continues to reign supreme, happily knowing that they can get away with anything they want.

From my point of view, this Saruna owes me my money back (a whopping RSD 1500 for two people, as far away from luxury as can be easily imagined) plus the money for a taxi home. Plus some compensation for the disinfecting of the clothes we wore into the place.

Plus a million euros in consideration of the psychological damages. Of which there was much.

Having told all of this to the extremely rude person behind the desk (the manager was either not called or was afraid to come out), I said that I would be writing about it. In response I got nothing: no apology, no excuse, no understanding. As a result, they have lost me as a client; I will actively discourage anyone from using them. And I am writing this.

No consequences? This is a consequence.


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Sepulturero Sepulturero 13:56 04.03.2014


Very sad. One small consolation: Working for this establishment must be even worse than being a customer.

I see that they have various locations in Belgrade. Can you not find out who owns this company? Could be interesting. Probably money laundering like so many places in Serbia who do not care about customers.

BTW: Excellent blog title.
jednatanja jednatanja 18:17 04.03.2014


you got it out of your system. It didn´t help I went to Baden Baden and felt like every old man was looking at me longer than they should have been. Never again. Until I am at least 70.
Breathe, and keep dreaming.
Jelena Pavlović Jelena Pavlović 03:31 05.03.2014


Potemkin village(s). It just looks like the real stuff. Such a sad picture of post-socialism, like the living dead.



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