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The Book, a Cryptic Prologue

Chris Farmer RSS / 20.09.2014. u 08:22

Did you read the Book?

The Book is not available yet. It is the subject of conjecture and wild surmise. The Book began eight years ago. The words are written. The pages, however, are as yet unassembled, unordered, and unbound. What is the Book? Who has the Book?

And will it cure my bunions?

The Book has many uses. It holds up Other Books. Its pages will contain words which entertain, instruct, and delight. They may be read. The Book can steady a piano or a table. People who have the Book shall be known as People Who Have the Book. That shall be a sign among them. The Book will be whispered of in dark cabarets at twenty past midnight under blue lights.

We have been sworn to secrecy regarding the contents of the Book. People Who Have the Book will know and will not speak. Those people, however, do not yet exist. They are projected. Their number will be legion. Their allegiance unshakeable. They will not use Kindle.

How can you ask if we read the Book if such Book is still only an ontological construct, you might well ask? And if you ask, the answer will not be understandable by humans. The answer (not without a hint of the ironic) is in the Book.

What is the Book?

We have known other books. There have been many and various books. Some are unreadable. Some are controversial. Some are bad. The Book remains imaginary, but the images imagined are unimaginably spellbinding. There are those who believe that when the Book collides with physical reality the world will come to an end. This is unsubstantiated.

Ask me about the book. Wonder what it is. Talk to your family and friends. If no one will tell you, you are on the correct trail to the Book and knowing its depths.

The Book does not exist and is not available from any bookseller at any price. For now...


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nowhereman nowhereman 08:51 20.09.2014

I only wish I could

Ask me about the book. Wonder what it is.

"In the old days, when we had a flat of our own, I read constantly. I was forever buying new books, faster, admittedly, than I could read them. But as long as they surrounded me they stood as guarantors of an extended life, far more precious and necessary than the one I was forced to lead daily. If it was impossible to sustain this superior life at all times, I could at least keep its signs within reach. When it become tenuous I could see them and touch them."

Saul Bellow
Chris Farmer Chris Farmer 08:57 20.09.2014

Re: I only wish I could

"People can lose their lives in libraries. They ought to be warned."
- Saul Bellow
nowhereman nowhereman 09:05 20.09.2014

Re: I only wish I could

"People can lose their lives in libraries.

Yes, correct.

muaddib92 muaddib92 14:53 20.09.2014

Did you read the Book?


The Book, by Lawrence Durrell, is The Alexandria Quartet



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