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Chris Farmer RSS / 15.06.2015. u 08:52

"I am the author of this book," I told the nice man who looked Official. "Why is it in the Architecture section?"

"Oh, it says Architecture, but really it's not."
"I can see that. But people will not look for it here."
"This is Biography, Journals, and Autobiography."
"But it says Architecture."
"It says that, but it is not."


"If someone is looking for my book, why would they check Architecture?"
"The sign is wrong."
"Ok. Can we have it changed?"
"We might move the books."
"Sir, I know it is not your fault, but I would like people to be able to find my book. And you might also - since you could sell a few."
"And it's right here. Everyone can see."
"In the Architecture section."


"So," I said, "you will not do anything about this?"
"I could call the Manager..."
"Why don't you just tell him that the author has complained."
"About what?"
"About having my book in Architecture when it should not be!"
"But this is NOT the Architecture section. This is Biography, Journals, and Autobiography."
"But it SAYS Architecture here, on the sign." I pointed.

"It says Architecture, but it is not."

Dear Readers, I hope you will still go out and join what seems to be a scavenger hunt for Grumpy in Belgrade. You can find it in any bookshop. Check under Tourism. Or Travel. Or Architecture. Or Teenage Paranormal Fiction. Or Origami. Or you could ask this kind gentlemen.

He knows what all the signs mean.



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looping looping 09:36 15.06.2015


A journalist went to the village and started interviewing an old lady who owned a lot of sheep.

A journalist: Can you tell me how many sweaters you can make out of one sheep per year?
Old lady: White sheep or black sheep?
A journalist: White sheep.
Old lady: Three sweaters per year.
A journalist: And from black ones?
Old lady: Same as from white ones.

A journalist: Can you tell me how much meat you are getting from one sheep?
Old lady: White sheep or black sheep?
A journalist: White sheep.
Old lady: 25 kg
A journalist: And from black sheep?
Old lady: Same as from the white one.
After some time of interviewing journalist asked old lady:
- Why you are always asking me "white sheep or black sheep?" when everything about them is same?"
Old lady: Because white sheep are mine.
Journalist: And the black ones?
Old lady: Black sheep are also mine.

BTW You should put this blog in Grumpy in BG, part 2.
marta l marta l 23:43 15.06.2015


jednatanja jednatanja 18:02 16.06.2015


Congratulations on your book, I agree with looping ps. Just to make you feel a little bit better, when you present these, I have almost-as-bad example from Germany. Just this past month at the hotel:
-it is cold in this meeting room
(staff) -no, it shouldn´t be
-but it is
-but it shouldn´t be. we always have it at this T.
-but it is cold and unpleasant. do you want to come and feel for yourself?

At school with the principal:
-the toilets are dirty
-no they are not. cleaning lady comes every evening and cleans them.
-but they are dirty for most of the day. kids are complaining.
-no they are not.
-do you want to come with me and see?
-but they are clean. the cleaning lady comes...

(and after a while comes the famous)

-...and what am I supposed to do about it, every other school has exactly the same problem!

I suppose throughout evolution, we all needed reality abandoment for surviving this all-too-imperfect world.
Chris Farmer Chris Farmer 13:52 17.06.2015

Re: great

Denial with a Smile!



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