The Great Giraffe Caper

Chris Farmer RSS / 15.10.2008. u 06:55

Brooding in his study, the Kingpin mused over his most recent ingenious plan. What good is it to continually try to destroy Spiderman when he eludes my every effort? I must now turn my attention to a diversion...he contemplated the thought with a wry smile on his face.

"I must have a giraffe," he concluded. The Kingpin had always been a secret admirer of the elegant long-necked beasts, in stark contrast to his own squat frame and imposing bulk. But in order to obtain a giraffe, it would not be enough to buy one - he could buy a menagerie of giraffes if he were so inclined. He would have to turn it into something inscrutably interesting.

"By the time I am finished, they will be lining up to offer me giraffes. I will put my weight behind it and bestow my favors only on he who brings me the BEST giraffe."

With one phone call, the wheels were already beginning to spin. Toma had a crocodile, but only Boris came up with the coveted African giraffa camelopardalis.

Krkobabic had only asked for a turtle.


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adam weisphaut adam weisphaut 08:49 15.10.2008

A Palma-like giraffe

nsarski nsarski 11:36 15.10.2008

Re: A Palma-like giraffe

adam weisphaut

To join his Palma-like herd of cows:

In fact, this bull is called "Palma".
hannah.greener hannah.greener 09:14 15.10.2008

giraffes, palms and other insects

Yeah man!

Laughed my arse off!
deadbeat deadbeat 09:29 15.10.2008

Inspired by The Giraffe

The giraffe caper is a great inspiration for Blic cartoonist too. It's a recurring theme in his recent cartoons.

Marko Somborac vs. The Giraffe
ivana23 ivana23 12:06 15.10.2008

Re: Inspired by The Giraffe

flipper58 flipper58 11:32 15.10.2008

Spanner in the wheels

hey, giraffes are harmless in comparison to chimps.
a lil'bit of "corruption" just oil the joints here and there
+ giraffes have the biggest hearts in the animal (and any other) kingdom.
not that I have any investments to protect in Jagodina.
You complained about the hospital, now you get the zoo!
ivana23 ivana23 12:04 15.10.2008


flipper58 flipper58 12:32 15.10.2008

Re: Strah

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. - Roosevelt.
barbarella barbarella 22:02 17.10.2008

pigs and dogs

Hahaha, wicked post!

I believe majority of ppl have some similarities to animals or it may even be said our own doppelgangers in the animal world. Some don´t particularly enjoy the similarities they evoke so they strive to identify with animals most unlike their animal doppelganger, like here: a warthog (a wild member of the pig family) who would much rather be a gentle, gracious giraffe.

G. Orwell has built his great novel Animal Farm on that very idea. No giraffes there, but plenty of dogs and pigs...just like the political scene in Serbia nowadays, I´m afraid.
NNN NNN 14:40 18.10.2008

Make love, not war



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