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Nova verzija sajta za upoznavanje str8,bisex/gay osoba bice na netu u FEBRUARU 2009. .i na njoj nece biti nikakvih pornografskih sadrzaja! Ovim putem pozivamo sve str8,i bisex/gay osobe koji mogu i zele da uplate dobrovoljni dinarski prilog za kreiranje nove verzije sajta i za hosting. Uplatite koliko mozete,svaki Vas prilog nam je dragocen i neophodan bez obzira na iznos.

Vase priloge uplatite na tekuci racun broj 160-3900100073368-13 BANCA INTESA BEOGRAD.

Ako zivite u inostranstvu pisite nam na e-mail kako bi Vam poslali precizne bancine instrukcije za transfer deviza.Mi cemo platiti proviziju za transfer deviza u Beogradu. Hvala unapred, Web Team Molimo Vas posaljite nam Vase predloge,ideje,sugestije,price ,pesme,eseje ,slike i ostale materijale na E-mail: 
A web portal for general population of various sexual and gender orientation with separate forums and pages for exchange of various information and topics. Our mission is to promote positive and non-aggressive communication of people of different sexual orientation and gender identity. The target group of the is the general and LGBT population in Serbia regardless on age, social and national background. Any person in the target group(s) may suggest activities and draw attention of the group to any important topic, as well as to become an active member of the organisation and participate in the work of the organisation. The members of the portal will be able to create and design their own webpage (profile) within the portal, contact other members, as well as to directly contact webmaster, owner and administrator of the portal and participate in improvement of the portal. Every suggestion will be carefully considered and applied. Also, there will be organised polls and evaluation of available services and contents of the portal on regular basis (i.e. quarterly or monthly depending on the evaluation topic). The project of building the portal is intended to gather people from Serbia, former Yugoslav republics, Balkan region as well as other parts of the world and help them in finding a partner as well as to exchange various information and share mutual interests.
The portal will represent the way of communication and popularization of LGBT culture as well as to promote tolerance between people of various sexual and gender orientation mainly in Serbia. The portal will not be commercial and will not include pornography. The site will deal with different aspects of both straight and LGBT culture and aesthetics, with special focus on the later (LGBT), which have the great influence on all events in the artistic and intellectual world.
The portal will be mainly involved in direct communication between members, but also will develop forums and pages for news, health, culture and entertainment, human rights The follow up will actually consist of maintaining and developing various topics within the portal contents, depending on the interest of the members and visitors. In later stages, there is a plan of organising various events which will promote LGBT population and human rights in general (art exhibitions, theatre performances, seminars etc.) Contact e-mail
The portal is basically voluntary and fully depends on good-will donations. We are located in the Balkans in Serbia. Since we have not the proper conditions for functioning, we would welcome any help in any form: the exchange of articles on the gay topic, etc. Since the economic situation in Serbia is very difficult, we would appreciate any financial help in the form of money, which would serve to us for maintaining of our site. It would be very useful both for non-government organizations and for the Organization for Human Rights and organizations for promoting gay rights and Associations for improving gay life.

If there are any donations, please contact us through our e-mail, and we shall send you further information on money transfer. Contact e-mail
If you need any certificate that you helped our site, we shall be very glad to confirm your contribution. In case you need our certificate for tax benefits, it will be sent on your request. Any articles about the regulations of the gay marriages in the USA and Western Europe, about the gay heredity, adoption of children by gay parents, articles about AIDS, new medicines, and sex culture in general would be welcomed to our site. Would you be so kind as to send us the mentioned material and donations to our E-mail address Web Team Contact e-mail


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