Maybe I'm to blame for his short bitter fucked up life

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Bermuda Highway

Sometimes I walk around town looking at faces, wonderin why their bodies go to silly places.
Walkin past the carpet mills looking in and takin stills, your ass it draws me in like a Bermuda highway.
Oh, don't carve me out! Don't let your silly dreams, fall in between the crack of the bed and the wall.
Two times I fell asleep in a dirty basement snoozing in cobwebs and the cement.
Sometimes I wonder why that meek guy got all the fame, maybe I'm to blame for his short bitter fucked up life

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AlexDunja AlexDunja 23:38 15.02.2009


Aleksandar Stosic Aleksandar Stosic 23:40 15.02.2009

Re: znaes:)


nemo pocrvenecu

nisi los

Aleksandar Stosic Aleksandar Stosic 18:16 16.02.2009

Re: nisi los

Ana WithAFamilyNameTooHardToPron

Coco Rosie Coco Rosie 22:27 16.02.2009


...what is it inside our heads that makes us do the opposite?
Makes us do the opposite of what's right for us?
Cause everything'd be grrreat... and everything'd be good...
If everybody gave... like everybody could.....

The simplest of pleasures- the world at it's best.

Aleksandar Stosic Aleksandar Stosic 22:42 16.02.2009

Re: sec walken



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