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Sticky Carrots

Reading the news about Serbia’s chances of renewing talks with the EU, I came across a line from the chief Government Talking Head (or Head of Talking, as you like) which baffled me:

 “It’s a pity that EU talks won’t be continued at this time, since that would motivate us to finalize the Hague cooperation as soon as possible,” Đurić told the press. (B92, October 15) 

Now, it is just possible that I am a little old fashioned about interpreting texts. This I freely admit. But somehow I remember reading that the EU talks had STOPPED in order to motivate the government to cooperate with The Hague…

This back-to-frontism and logical table-turning may explain why the G17Plus G-Men have quit their jobs while remaining steadfastly in office. It may also tell why the new draft constitution zipped through parliament in 6.7 seconds after six years of wrangling and waiting around.  

In fact, now that I think about it – this explains EVERYTHING! The heart of the heart of the matter is that when it comes to statements from the government, one-plus-one does not necessarily have to equal two. Or even three. In this cosmic epiphanic moment, I realized that one-plus-one equals:

   a) two small tomatoes on a chair somewhere outside Denver, Colorado;

   b) an anomalous blip on a radar screen which was probably a weather  balloon;

   c) 17 cornish hens, roasted;

   d) Something else entirely;

   e) All of the above.

When you look at it in this way, it is obvious that the carrot-and-stick approach to dealing with the Future Former Serbian Government is really inappropriate and is to be avoided.

Someone out there is certainly going to eat the stick.

EU did the right thing

I'm glad because EU decided not to continue talks with Serbian government.PM Kostunica taught that EU ministers are fools, ready and willing to believe in Serbian' top officials' lies, and their efforts to buying time. He was wrong about it.

Serbian PM has been playing double game.On one side, he would like that Serbia become one of EU member, as soon as possible.Then he would be show that as his personal, and his government's success.

However, on the other side, he doesn't want to conduct any serious action that will be resulted with Mladic's apprehension, because he's afraid of possible serbian leading coalition's demolition in this case.

It's well known that Socialist party of Serbia's top officials warned PM Kostunica long time ago that SPS will stop to support his government if the Mladic, or some other war crimes indicted person, would be brought to Hague.Kostunica didn't forget this.

1+1=12 million?

I do not know how much usually in politics is 1+1 but I know that in this modern EU-Serbia political equation 1+1 (Mladic + Karadzic )= 12 million Serbs (including diaspora suffering due to this).