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Between Rock and Blog Place

Can we write whatever we want about whomever we want whenever we want? And when we write whatever we want about whomever we want who did whatever they did to whomever it was, do we need to have any proof whatsoever?


In the past couple of weeks (especially around the time of the new UNNAMED DOCUMENT passed by popular plebiscite), there has been no end of blogospheric controversy. SOMEONE (no names please) blogged about SOMEONE ELSE doing SOMETHING bad. Then the ACCUSED GUY attacked the FIRST DUDE for slander. And then SOME OTHER FELLOW went after ANOTHER INDIVIDUAL for SOMETHING ELSE. Back and forth and back again. And whole bunch of SOMEONES quit blogging.

Suddenly atmosphere of fear rocked the blogosphere. Writers of bits and pieces and observations and general inanities (i.e., yours truly) are now a little nervous about taking finger to keyboard – lest a law suit be lurking around the corner.

In theory, we CAN write whatever we want about whatever we want in a blog. It seems that there is no piece of legislation that specifically covers this realm of expression. We also benefit from the God-given right to hold and maintain Stupid Opinions – it is what separates Man from the Beasts.

But here witness the power of the written word. As soon as a thought is translated from vocalizations to dactylographic characters, the Stupid Opinion suddenly becomes a STATEMENT. And the statement can provoke defensive rebuttals, counter-arguments, and people drawing conclusions.

So what is a blogger or writer or Opinionated Curmudgeon (i.e., me again) to do, faced with the terrible choice between the immovable rock of freedom of expression and the unbearable hard place of self-censorship? Say nothing? Say nothing.

To make things worse, there are a MILLION topics just waiting for ridicule, tempting me to take my best shot. A new constitution, a bunch of quitting ministers, elections or not elections, and now, given the prevailing consternation under the shadow of the subpoena, I am at a loss as to what I can and cannot write about any of it.

I therefore invite a discussion: What can we say? What should we say? What is the difference? What should be allowed? Who should make the call?

In the meantime, if you need anything further, you may contact my lawyers.



Often, forces that bind us

Often, forces that bind us to our opinions, sometimes even the stupid ones, are so powerful that immutable opinions, as discussion kicks in, would demand no less than sudden change in our behaviour.
What to do? If reason doesn’t help use the instinct and keep pushing. That is my immutable opinion :)

Additional Food, Additional Thought

"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

- Voltaire

"Can we write whatever we

"Can we write whatever we want about whomever we want whenever we want?"

Im not sure about others, but I can.

Ex-boxing champ surprises muggers

Three muggers got a nasty surprise when they tried to rob a 67-year-old former British boxing champion.

George Bayliss, of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, who won an amateur light-middleweight title 40 years ago, was attacked near his home on Tuesday.

When the gang tried to mug him, Mr Bayliss reacted by throwing a left hook and the gang ran off.

"They weren't up to much as opponents - I've faced much tougher people in the ring," said Mr Bayliss.

"They picked on the wrong man. I'm a southpaw, so I hit the ring leader on the chin with a left hook and all three ran off.

'Made big mistake'

"It's hard enough for me to make ends meet as it is. There was no way I was going to let them have my pension."

Mr Baylis, an ex-Army unarmed combat trainer, added: "I've got grey hair now, so perhaps they thought I looked a bit frail. But they made a big mistake."

Mr Bayliss won an ABA title in the late 1960s, and was runner-up five times.

"I'm only about 5ft 11in now and weigh about 13 stone, but I know how to take care of myself," he said.

"I won a National Senior Amateur title and I represented England three times as a boxer.

"The thieves obviously didn't know that, unfortunately for them."

A police spokeswoman said that Mr Bayliss' actions had probably prevented a more serious crime being committed, but she added: "We would never encourage members of the public to retaliate when they find themselves in a threatening position as they may provoke the situation and make themselves more vulnerable."

Police say the three robbers were all white and in their twenties. One spoke with an Eastern European accent, said the spokeswoman.

Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2006/11/09 14:31:08 GMT


Yes, you can

That was the purpose! To make you ask yourself can you. But you don’t ask may I...So, you know if you can:).Never ask, do whatever you want, you have a lawyer!

Of course u can

and u should.


Actually you should ask your lawyer about the Serbian Public Information Law.

I believe it will clarify most of your doubts.
Also ask Zoran Stojkovic about Voltaire.

"Also ask Zoran Stojkovic

"Also ask Zoran Stojkovic about Voltaire."

And vice versa.

Don’t waste your money on

Don’t waste your money on lawyer’s advice now. Wait. The law might need to be “harmonized with the new Constitution”! It’s quite popular these days.


Go for it.
Get it off your chest.


wise thoughts

Don't worry about what people think, they don't do it very often.

There is always one more imbecile than you counted on.

There is a very fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."

The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age,
gender, religion, economic status or ethnic background, is that, deep
down inside, we ALL believe that we are above average drivers.

A verbis ad verbera

Welcome to Serbia! The country of clans of clowns that think they are an intellectual elite. I know it is hard for you to understand, coming for an utter democracy, but the comment from Dejan Restak will tell you how foggy our society is. That is why some people felt they should quit blogging. And you should think of doing the same, actually everyone who asks oneself what can be blogged about in order not to be banned should quit this place. B92 VIP blog started as a cool idea, to bring people together who otherwise would not be able to chit-chat. But than clansmen decided against the freedom of speech and different frame of mind, because their egocentric believes and cocooned minds prevailed. And just to satisfy their personal arrogance they started labeling people as anti-Semites, nationalists, stupid, beautiful, smart, gods, goddess...Wake up, it was all meant to be fun, and like someone long time ago said “there is no good conversation without a good insult” clansmen should let it all fly. But they did not. And that is why this place is not special to me anymore. And to bunch of others. Hail the open mind!

The Answer

Can we write whatever we want about whomever we want whenever we want?

The fact that you had to ask this question is you answer.

Eternal question

After I read this story, I have remembered an old fairytale called: "The King's New Clothes"... I guess we heard it from our parents some time ago... :)

Communications - several aspects of


as you know, human communications have several aspects.

Language. You have noticed a Certain clash between Certain people on this blog concerning Certain topics. I don't know whether you speak Serbian but even if you do, I am positive one will always miss a lot if it is not his mother tongue (just to mention my father-in-law's observation on "what use has some Swedish guy from Slavic studies for 20 years when he finds himself in a village near Vranje and someone asks him "kuj te mori šljivoši"; he had spent two decades of learning Serbian language for nothing, since he can not understand it, no way!"). So, my best guess is that you got only a far breeze of what had actually happened in past few weeks here. Therefore, your impressions are based more on what you guess and what your friends told you that had happend than the real thing.

Second thing is the ammount of information. In this case, both you and I are in a similar position. We need to work a lot, you especially launching your new consultancy with Spaja and everything, so we can't really follow everything that goes on in this blog nor any other media.

Then comes the history: I noticed you've been in Serbia since 2002, four years then? You would be amazed how important it is to know who's father arrested who's uncle 40 years ago in Serbia. I guess it's the same in States too, at least going south? Not to mention the importance of knowing which opposition polititian is sleeping with which high government official for past 5 years.

Just one more, and then I'll get to the point - krsna slava. I guess you've been to some. It's the prime-time Serbian media. Since 1389. free speech was sanctioned in Serbia. For past 60 years especially. So Serbs invented this special media, we gather in slava's, have a lots of drinks (an excellent uninhibitor, which makes it an excellent excuse too, especially for the words that shouldn't have been spoken!) and then you can hear everything: Susana Mancic filmed a home movie; Lepa Brena broke a leg; DS agreed to let Kostunica be the PM in the next govt., etc.

So, the point is, to quote David Linch: Owls are not what they seem. Or, to make it more simple: everything you said, on writting whatever we want about whomever we want whenever we want? And when we write whatever we want about whomever we want who did whatever they did to whomever it was, do we need to have any proof whatsoever...: it's all ok. Do it the way you want and the way you feel you should. Since the human reationships don't have the beginning and the end. They are everlasting. Panta rei. The flow. The stream. Go ahead. Make the rules since there are none. At least not in this funky world.