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Srbija 2020

Note on the New Serbian Government

It is gratifying to see that when all else fails there is still one common denominator which inextricably links all of the players in our political spectrum together with singleness of purpose. It is the one single element which can still galvanize the bickering and posturing factions of the "democratic block," compelling them forward into the unknown territory which is known as decisive action.


Fear is not the name of that one, single, common denominator.

The name of it is Greed.

Greed is a type of FEAR,

actually - greed comes from fear: fear of losing, of not having, fear of poverty, fear of life itself.

Whatever IT might be - as a unifying factor, it is pathetic.

It is not pathetic.

It is mortal.

Chris, the common numerator

Chris, the common numerator is 666, and the common denominator is 999. That makes 666/999 - "zlo i naopako".

Comon denominator

Evil and reverse


a tu sam i ja

Rather interresting

and accurate way of putting it.

If I hadn't lost all illusions (speaking in terms of politics in Serbia...and wider!) - I would definitelly lose them now.

Which is not such a bad thing, really - no bad surprises anymore... :-)))


Less stress = healthier life :)
But not everyone can phase out and say 'I don't care about politics anymore'. Many people have families to support and have no option of changing country of residence. Ergo, they are forced to withstand all the idiocies of politicians more painfully than some of us who have some control over our lives...


The title of your blog could have easily been:
Note on Any Given Government

Things are simpler than they appear ...

The total transaction volume on the Belgrade stock exchange for May 9-11 period was about Eur 35 million, and the average price swing was approx. 8%. This means that those who guessed right made around Eur 2.8 million.

The question is, was it guessing or a very profitable finale? Or to rephrase it, which of the involved politicians would not take free money?

A bit of short selling went

A bit of short selling went on you reckon? The fact that the stock market stopped heading south just BEFORE the announcement does look at least a little fishy.

Then again, the other alternative is that Kostunica played everyone - including the EU - for fools. Hello visa relaxation talks, hello SAA talks...