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Banka hrane

Srbija 2020

Chris Farmer

Do Not Pass Go

"My card...""My card..."“If you will excuse me, I REALLY have to hurry.”

There was a small crowd gathered in front of the Serbian parliament this afternoon and I had to elbow and head-butt my way through the few but stalwart people blocking my path.

“There is not much time,” I protested. “I have to get them to look at my DRAFT CONSTITUTION!”

Bear-Stapling in Belgrade

Having taken my son to the zoo recently, it occurs to me that I might spend a few choice words and criticism of the appalling conditions (my opinion) suffered by the animals interned in the Belgrade zoo. I might, since it is my chosen form and inexorable proclivity, choose to use irony to express my feelings. Instead of saying

a) The Belgrade zoo has animal enclosures which are not big enough,

I might rather say:

b) In the case of the polar bear, for example, the Belgrade zookeepers might save further space by merely encasing the great bear in cling-film and affixing him to the wall with large staples. 

The Secret Plan

No one saw it coming.  

In the dog days of August, when the residents of the White City were either sunning themselves in remote foreign countries with exotic foreign tongues (i.e., Montenegro) or remaining as motionless as possible to combat the searing summer temperatures, the streets of the Serbian capital were clear and easy to navigate.

Mating Rituals

Politics should be sexy.

The mating season is fast approaching in Serbia. Elaborate songs and traditional dances are beginning sporadically across the country. The air is filled with harvest urgings toward autumnal renewal: we gather the final flowers, we behold the changing leaves, we call for a new government!

Caveat Lector

 I will begin this, my first attempt at blogging, with an apology to the More Experienced and the High Sophisticates of this e-Art. I have to apologize because my first blog is entirely preoccupied with the medium and not the message.

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