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Srbija 2020

David Solomon

As McEnroe would have S C R E A M E D .."You Cannot Be Serious!!!!!!!"

The optimist in me recalls an old marketing maxim: "all publicity is good publicity". Thus I am encouraged when I read below that the Radicals are marketing Mahatma and Nelson as their icons and mentors with whom they would like their hero to share the podium. They assume their supporters are unlikely to go and check out these new honorary comrades-in-arms of their party. They are underestimating the intelligence of their supporters.

Jerusalem's history, Belgrade's pollution, BBC's Gaelic Radio and Hope: all in The Kingdom Of Blog

Why dive into an already overpopulated ocean of words I sit here asking myself? Do I have anything to add? Wouldn't silence be a more generous contribution? And who actually lives in this Kingdom of Blog: Anonymity masked often with cute pseudonyms camouflaging human beings I will probably never meet? Is Bloggism a symptom of our atomised lives where we know ever more people and ever less all at the same time?

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