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Serbia's Parliament Adopts Glorious People's Constitution

From left to right: Tomislav Nikolić, Predrag Marković, Vojislav Koštunica, Boris Tadić, Ivica Dačić. 30 September 2006.From left to right: Tomislav Nikolić, Predrag Marković, Vojislav Koštunica, Boris Tadić, Ivica Dačić. 30 September 2006.Comrades! The passage of a new constitution by the Serbian Parliament on Saturday night was a Great Leap Forward for the Serbian People and Serbian Democracy. It demonstrated how far Serbia has come since Slobodan Milošević fell from power and how enlightened Serbia's current leadership is. Saturday night we saw that Serbia is a mature, true democracy that no longer has any elements whatsoever of nationalism or communism. As we all know, under communism/socialism, the leaders would simply present a law or constitution to the parliament in secrecy. The leaders would then tell the deputies why the constitution was good for the country and then the parliament would unanimously vote in favour, without any public debate, and usually without any of the parliamentary deputies knowing what was in the law or constitution. Serbia, however, showed on Saturday that it has clearly moved forward, as it followed the wonderful democratic example shown by the US Congress when it passed the Patriot Act.

The Serbian public was fully informed and the media and government made certain well ahead of the vote that copies of the constitutional draft were widely available to all members of the public. Several months before the parliamentary vote, the Serbian government gave copies of the constitution to all the parliamentary deputies. All the parliamentary parties participated in writing the constitution. The parliamentary debate lasted almost one month in full view of the TV cameras. The parliamentary deputies showed familiarity with all aspects of the constitution, and the debate was very impressive. The media also carried many articles by political analysts and readers discussing the pros and cons of various aspects of the constitution and how it would affect Serbia.

The text of the constitution represents a clear break with Milošević's constitution and is much better and superior in every respect. Serbia is now a modern, European state. The new constitution will accelerate Serbia's progress towards the European Union. It will make Serbia more secure and stable. It will provide better and more responsible government. It will prevent Serbia from losing more territory. It will not create additional problems for Serbia and it will reduce the danger of civil war and unrest inside of Serbia. As a result, Serbia is truly a freer and better country and Serbs will be able to stop suffering.

On October 28-29 the citizens of Serbia, will have an opportunity to vote on this magnificent and glorious document in a popular referendum. In keeping with the law, Serbia's fully functional Constitutional Court will now make rulings on the referendum procedures. And because Serbia is a democratic country, all voters on the territory of Serbia (as defined in the new constitution) will have the right to vote in the referendum. Including the 2 million Albanian residents of Kosovo, which has been and always will be part of Serbia.

This referendum in no way bears any similarity to Milošević's referendum on Kosovo in 1998 and has nothing to do with Kosovo. As a result, Serbia and Serbs will not suffer any negative consequences. Serbia should truly be proud of itself and its politicians.

All Hail The Great Leap Forward!!! Long Live The Will Of The People!!! We Push Forward Towards A New Dawn!!!