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street artstreet artOvaj street interventions art/ znak nalazi se u ulici Negosevoj kod Trece beogradske gimanzije, na Flickr-u je postao mini hit. Gordanka iz Londona salje mi danasnji tekst o juce resenom slucaju ubijenih street workers in Ipswich...a Tamara zanimljiv esej o prostituciji.

Joan Smith: Don't legalise brothels - stop the trade entirely
In Sweden, men who try to buy sex face fines or a prison sentence of up to six months

Published: 19 December 2006
I can't say I picture the Home Office as a laid-back place where people talk a lot about world peace and free love - except in one instance. At the beginning of this year, the then Home Office minister Fiona Mactaggart came up with a plan to allow two women and a maid to work together in mini-brothels, arguing that it would protect them from violence and exploitation.The idea struck many observers as bizarre, going against the spirit of the Home Office's strategy for prostitution, which was
at the same time and ruled out "tolerance zones" in favour of helping
to escape from the sex trade.

Last weekend, Ms Mactaggart, now a backbench MP, was at it again,
that the murders of five young women in Suffolk demonstrate the need to
implement her idea. At the same time, a former adviser to David
claimed that the Home Office's original policy document, which included
tolerance zones, was blocked by No10 because officials feared a
media response".

Well, all I can say is thank God for No 10, and indeed Harriet Harman,
Constitutional Affairs minister, who has become the first government
minister to call for men to be prosecuted for paying for sex.

Prostitution is a horrible industry, run by pimps for the benefit of
men who
like to reify and abuse women. These days, it is closely entwined with
trafficking, so that many women who work in the supposedly "safe" part
the industry - saunas, massage parlours and flats - are, in effect, sex

Ms Harman knows that, which is why she called last year for men who
have sex
with trafficked women to be prosecuted for rape. Now she has injected
common sense into the debate about the legal status of prostitution,
a radical experiment in Sweden - where the government has
decriminalised the
sale of sex and started prosecuting men who buy it - as something the
British government should look at.

Under a regime which has wide public support, men who try to buy sex
fines or a prison sentence of up to six months, while women are offered
with the problems that drove them into the sex trade. It's a long
inversion of the traditional legal approach to prostitution, and it's
rightly exciting interest around the world. Pace, that little band of
hippy-dippy types at the Home Office, suggests most women who work as
prostitutes are not happy hookers, reading copies of Playboy in hot
while waiting to service a client who looks like Richard Gere.

They are often women who were sexually abused as children, who have
much of their lives in local authority care, who depend on Class A
and whose daily experience is degradation at the hands of violent,
misogynist clients; according to a Canadian study, prostitutes are 40
more likely to be murdered than the rest of the female population. It's
crazy to think the answer to this problem of systematic long-term abuse
to make it easier for men to buy women - but that's exactly what
zones or legalised brothels do.

People who advocate either are making a basic mistake about the nature
prostitution, which isn't so much about sex - we live at a moment in
when consensual sex has never been so freely available - as the desire
dominate, humiliate and hurt. Studies published in 2001 and 2003
that women who work as prostitutes exhibit the same incidence of
brain injury - due to being beaten, kicked in the head, strangled and
their heads slammed into dashboards - as victims of torture and

It's hard to think of any other "occupation" where such a level of risk
would be tolerated. Far from ameliorating the effects of prostitution,
legalisation normalises the act of buying sex and provides irresistible
opportunities for criminal gangs; it increases the size of both the
and illegal trade, with the latter supplying underage girls and sex
that may be off-limits in brothels. This has happened in the
where it is estimated that 80 per cent of the country's prostitutes are
trafficked, and in parts of Australia.

It's bad enough that it has taken the deaths of five women to stimulate
debate about prostitution in this country. The notion that the solution
is a
string of mini-brothels, untroubled by pimps and traffickers, in which
cheerful "girls" minister to charming clients, belongs in the realm of
fiction. Prostitution is a late stage in a long cycle of exploitation,
which vulnerable girls who have been abused as children end up doing it
a living.

Listen to Ms Harman, not Pretty Woman: men who willingly continue that
should find themselves in prison.


Fighting for the „right not to be a prostitute“

An interview with Ruchira Gupta, the Emmy award winning producer of 'The Selling of Innocents' and Executive Director of Apne Aap Women Worldwide, an organization which has a membership of 1092 women in prostitution all over India.

By Kathambi Kinoti

AWID: When did you begin working against sex trafficking and prostitution, and why?

RUCHIRA GUPTA: I used to be a journalist and during one assignment when I was travelling in Nepal I came across rows of villages that did not have women aged between 14 and 45. So I began to ask 'Where are the girls?' Some of the men smiled sheepishly and some would simply answer, "Don't you know they are in Bombay?" I came to find out that there was a whole sex trade starting with the impoverished parent, then on to the procurer, an uncle or family friend pays the parent the equivalent of USD 30. Next there is a middle man in the city, a border guard who takes a cut, an agent who takes the girls across the border to the people who then transport them to Bombay and on to the brothel madam, who buys the girls for about USD 50 to 100. Then there are the landlords who own the brothels, the money-lenders and then finally the customers. This chain, literally a food chain with a never-ending supply, was making a fortune using girls as young as seven. I was appalled and had to find a way to get this story out so I contacted the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation who agreed to fund the documentary that I later made. 'The Selling of Innocents' is about the trafficking of women and girls from the villages of Nepal to the brothels of Bombay.

I spent about 18 months on the research and more on the actual shooting and
production. Throughout this period I spent a great deal of time with the women inside the brothels. I wanted the documentary to be fair. I did not want to be a voyeur peeking into someone's life and then walking away. So I came to a deal with the women in the brothels; they could ask me as many questions as I asked them. This generated many discussions on feminism and women's empowerment. The women began to talk to each other as well. They had always felt so isolated and scared, but doing this project together they began to open up. They soon began to tell me not to go away but to do something to help them. However I told them that ultimately I could not do much; they had to do something for themselves. I told them I could be a facilitator. As a journalist I have seen all types of human suffering-war, famine, drought, natural disasters-but I had never, ever seen this type of exploitation of one human being by another. I could not just walk away. Twenty two women in prostitution and I set up a community based organization in 1998. And that is essentially how Apne Aap ('self-help' in Hindi) was born.

AWID: You prefer to call the women you work with 'women in prostitution' rather than 'sex workers' as is more common. Why is this?

RG: Apne Aap members use the term 'women in prostitution' rather than 'sex workers' for adults and the term 'prostituted child' instead of 'child prostitutes' or 'child sex-workers' for girls and boys. We do not believe that prostitution is a profession. It is a forced occupation. The term 'sex-worker' is a misnomer for several reasons:

1. It sterilizes the inherently exploitative nature of prostitution and invalidates the women's traumatic experiences of subjugation, degradation and pain.

2. It also naturalizes the sexual exploitation of women and children and makes it socially acceptable.

3. The term 'sex-worker' makes it convenient for governments to ignore the structural social, economic and political policies that force women into prostitution. Very often governments, policy makers and buyers of prostituted sex argue that women choose prostitution as a work option over working in sweat shops, domestic servitude or other forms of hard or cheap labour. They forget, or choose to make invisible the fact that for women, other higher income options are limited, and prostitution and pornography remain among the more highly paid occupations available to women. They also fail to consider that economic and social policies make other lucrative employment unavailable to women and that gender discrimination and occupational segregation funnel women into particular occupations.

4. Calling prostitution 'sex-work' categorizes it as a kind of work, yet it cannot be categorized as work because it disconnects the self from the activity. Prostitution always involves penetration of the body. Apne Aap members see their sexuality as an integral part of themselves, and feel they are selling themselves when their bodies are sold for sex. To cope with the experience, many women in prostitution detach themselves emotionally from their bodies- effectively segmenting themselves, or entering into out of body experiences. So beside risking disease or death they suffer from the deep psychological trauma of alienation from their own bodies. There are also other differences between work and prostitution;

a) While labour movements can and do guarantee certain minimum conditions and standards for workers, providing for energy and time needed for the worker to be a fulfilled human being, prostitution inherently cannot do so. For instance, all labour movements strive for minimum wages. In prostitution there is no guarantee of minimum wages, as the price of a woman varies with age, time of night, and location. Moreover, in brothel-based sex there is no such thing as minimum wages. For the first five years the brothel owner owns the woman or child, keeps her like a bonded slave and spends an amount to keep her in a subsistence condition. For the next five years, she may keep half of what she earns and later she is allowed to keep all that she earns but her earning capacity diminishes.

b) All labour movements aspire to certain minimum working conditions. In prostitution, all women face violence that cannot be legislated away as they are ultimately alone with the buyer of prostituted sex. In both brothel-based and non-brothel based prostitution, women are commonly forced to speed up the process of earning more money by servicing an increasing number of buyers, sometimes up to 20 a day. They are also forced to provide all kinds of services and high-risk activities like sex without a condom as most often they have no negotiating power. They are kept locked up in brothels and have no access to medical care or education. Their children play on the floor while they service their buyers. They live in small rooms with barred windows end up suffering from insomnia, trauma, cigarette burns, jaundice, tuberculosis, cigarette burns, HIV/AIDS and trauma. They often undergo several abortions. While some of these conditions can be regulated in brothel-based prostitution, they cannot be regulated in street-based
prostitution at all.

c) All labour movements work to guarantee retirement benefits such as old age pension. Prostitution cannot guarantee old age benefits as there is no defined employer in street-based sex and in brothel-based sex, the women or child is often sold again and again from one brothel owner to another. Mortality rates in prostitution are high due to sexual violence, sexually transmitted diseases like HIV/AIDS, repeated abortions and suicide attempts related to psycho-social trauma. The average age of death of a woman in
prostitution in India is now 35 years. Additionally, the older a women in prostitution gets, the less she is able to earn an income and very often ends up on the streets, with no income, a disease ridden body and a number of children.

d) Finally and most importantly for labour movements is the question of the worker's dignity. Labour movements have ensured that miners do not have to crawl into mines anymore but should walk upright. However, in prostitution the woman or child is constantly humiliated physically, emotionally and psychologically. Her price is constantly negotiated as the night wears on or as she grows older. She is forced to sexualize her body for a time period and then desexualize it again at another time.

5. The term 'sex-worker' gives a false impression that agency and choice is exercised by women and children in prostitution. Apne Aap members' life-experiences reveal that the choice and agency in prostitution talked about in some policy circles is a choice allowed by the exploiter in an exploitative situation as happens in slavery.

We can examine the exercise of choice in the life-cycle of a woman in prostitution over a period of 20 years from when she is 15 to when she is 35. This is a hopeful projection, though, as most Apne Aap members say that the normal time-span that the body of a woman can cope with prostitution is no more than ten years.

a) The first five years (ages 15-20): In this period, girls are lured, kidnapped and sold. They are locked up in small rooms with barred windows and are only brought out by the brothel madam to serve up to 15-20 buyers of prostituted sex every night. They are served one meal a day and are given some clothes and toiletries, but they are not given any of the money that the buyer pays for them. They are in slavery-like conditions and have no choice. In every conversation with them, they talk about wanting to go home.

b) The second five years (ages 20-25): This is a period of socialization within the brothels and the women are taught to become dependent on drugs and alcohol. Brothel madams also make sure that they have one or two children so that the women cannot think about returning home anymore. In this period, the women are allowed by the brothel madam to keep half of what they earn. Memories of home become hazy due to repeated violence and psycho-social trauma and they begin to suffer from the Stockholm syndrome, where the small mercies meted out by the kidnapper seem of great significance to the victim. With children, suffering from depression and disease, the women do not see a way out. At this time, when asked they say they want to stay in the brothels and not go back home.

c) The third five years (ages 25-30): After ten years of physical abuse, malnutrition and drug and alcohol dependency, the earning capacity of the women diminishes. Buyers of prostituted sex look for younger girls. The women are allowed to keep all of their earnings but earnings go down and the needs of their children go up. At this time, they want to leave prostitution, but do not have the life-skills or the physical health to do
so. They have no choice.

d) The fourth five years (ages 30-35): In this period, the women have no buyers of prostituted sex, no income, have two or three children and disease ridden bodies. They are thrown out of the brothels and end up on the sidewalk. They cannot afford even one meal or even access to a toilet. They have no options and are forced to die on the streets.

Therefore, in a period of 20 years, women talk about wanting to exercise a choice to stay in prostitution for about five years. And even this exercise of choice or agency is in a situation where the women feel they have no other option but to try and make the best of what there is.

For all these reasons, Apne Aap members do not use the term 'sex-worker.' We also do not use the term 'prostitute' because of the stigma attached to it. We reject initiatives that argue for the 'right to be a prostitute,' as we believe it reinforces patriarchy and limits women's choices. We want women to have a level playing field with men, so that women can have the same career options as men. Apne Aap wants women to have the 'right not to be a prostitute.'

AWID: You have mentioned some of the problems that are faced by women in
prostitution. What other hardships do they encounter?

RG: Hunger and violence are the two immediate terrors that the women face
every day. The price of food has gone up but the income of the women has
not. Very often the women skip meals or are reduced to having only one meal
a day. Sometimes, they forsake a meal on behalf of their children.

Violence from buyers of prostituted sex is an everyday hazard –bottles being shoved inside their vaginas, cigarette butts being stubbed out on their bodies, repeated rape and beatings.

Rents have gone up in the inner cities where the red-light areas exist and women are being pushed out on the sidewalk by madams who sublet the brothels to migrant workers. On the sidewalk, they face beatings, kidnapping and rape. They do not have access to water or public toilets and so they scout the streets at night for a place to bathe or relieve

The women also face police brutality both inside and outside the brothels due to the increased criminalization of women who are picked up for 'soliciting in a public place.' Neither the buyer of prostituted sex, nor the business which runs prostitution is criminalized to the same extent.

Few of the women have the negotiating power to enforce safe sex. Most of the women in Apne Aap are HIV-positive. Access to drugs and then access to nutrition to balance the toxicity of the drugs is a big issue.

The other issue facing women in prostitution in India is intergenerational prostitution. This is really dangerous; when a woman's children and her children's children are also sold into prostitution, it becomes institutionalized in that community, city and state. None of the mothers want their daughters to get into prostitution. They want to protect them for as long as they can, but when they become older and disease-ridden, and their earning capacity diminishes, they push their daughters into prostitution, because otherwise they starve.

AWID: What does Apne Aap do for the women you work with?

RG: We have five community centres that educate women on their rights and train them how to access them. We feel if women have the ability to understand and organize for their rights, they will be able to resist sexual exploitation and trafficking. Each community centre starts with an outreach programme to enroll members from women in prostitution. Once the members are enrolled they create a youth committee and a women's committee in each of the centres. These groups design and run the programmes in the centre with the technical help of Apne Aap staff. We also look at education and health care so that along with rights awareness, women have the emotional and physical strength to exercise their rights.

When the girls and women join, they do not have any notion of their rights, and what their constitutional entitlements are, and so they cannot challenge their exploiters. They do not know that their fathers or husbands have no right to sell them or beat them, that the police cannot extort money from them, that men cannot go inside the brothel any time and smash the furniture or walls. So Apne Aap also trains women to fight the violence,
challenge the traffickers, oppose police brutality, and tackle HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis.

We also teach the women how to organize since we believe that we must work together to eradicate sex trafficking. Simply buying the girls off (which is one of the approaches adopted by other groups) is no solution, because that still creates a demand, and as long as there is a demand, there will be a supply.

AWID: Are your interventions are effective?

RG: Some are and for others it is too soon to say. We have been very effective in organizing the women. Apne Aap was formally registered three and a half years ago and in this period we have community centres in five red-light areas and a membership of 1092 women and girls. We have been effective in advocacy with new stakeholders like the Mumbai police whom we have been training for the past one year, and encouraging them to criminalize the demand for prostituted sex. We also work with the corporate sector in Kolkata with whom through the Confederation of Indian Industries (Eastern India) we have held workshops on corporate social security and with artists through workshops organized by artists for children in red-light areas on art and narrative therapy. We have been a catalyst for internal change in the women who have started taking the ownership for organizing themselves and in two red-light areas with Apne Aap support have started soup kitchens for prostitutes who live on the sidewalk. It is too soon to evaluate our exit strategies for women in prostitution as our strategies are long-term, helping the women and girls to develop resilience and life-skills to realize individual self-sufficiency plans rather than removing them to institutional care.

AWID: What are some of the challenges you face?

RG: The biggest challenge is the constant and never-ending demand for prostituted sex. This demand has two components: a) buyers of prostituted sex b) business which profits from providing prostituted sex. The moment we are able to organize one community or neighbourhood to resist the traffickers, the traffickers shift to another area to buy, recruit, kidnap, trick or seduce a fresh supply of girls to feed the demand. Despite these challenges we are encouraged by the progress we have made with our members.

to much english

for many people who haven't time to wait for explanation.

ali ja

nemam vremena da prevodim
ni s engleksog na srspki ni vice versa
ko god ima vremena je welcome
plus ovo su tekstovi koje moze i maisna da prevede jer nisu exactly knjizevni
ja cesto sama koristim robota s jezika koji su mi strani

true enough, but.. incredible handful to translate, and far too important and wide-reaching, to be only in Serbian! Let's hope someone does translate it, then.

Of course, the desire for quick, "fast-food-style" analyses of complicated issues is also particularly typical of 21st century culture. One simple observation is worth making, though:

-no customers, no demand;
-no demand, no prostitution;
-no prostitution, no pimps, no madames, no profiteering
-and no victims!

The origin of the sex trade is the men who ply it. Criminalising the customer, as in Sweden, may or may not work, but at least it puts some of the blame where it belongs.

Jasmina nisi u pravu

Mogla si da se potrudis, blog vodis radi citalaca, ne da bi samo ostavila neki tekst.
Cak i da je na srpskom opet je predugacko za citanje.
Copy/paste i nije neka mudrost, gde je tu tvoj licni osvrt? Ovo je ipak tvoj blog.

P.S. Ovo su pozitivne kritike, bez uvrede.


ali onda ne bih ni blognula ovo jer nemam vremena
mozda ste svi u pravu, trebalo bi redje ali pedantnije da radim
s druge strane znam da kad covek pusti neki dobar tekst tu da stoji, vratis mu se kad tad
ovo je dobar tekst, steta je seckati ga
a i to je veliko pitanje sta je blog
pogledajte najvece blogove na svetu
uglavnom su copy paste, netwroking a ne pisanje kolumne
blogeri i nisu pisci vec blogeri
sto ne znaci da ja to najbolje radim i kritike jesu welcome
ali zaista ne zelim da blogujem samo akd napisem tekst sa osvrtom


Pa i nije bas tako. Kvalitetni blogeri prave kvalitetne blogove, kakav copy/paste. Ako je to prisutno kod vecine, ne znaci da tako treba da bude.

idite na Boing Boing idite na

idite na Boinboing
idite na We make money not art
Regine Debatty sam licno srela, drzala je predavanje
i skrenula paznju SVIMA, da ona nista od celog svog bloga nije napisala niti izmislila , da je njeno najvece orudje copy and paste
Brian Eno je isto to izjavio, moj osnovni instrument u muzici je taperecorder
i razni drugo konceptualisti...
naravno to ne znaci da ja to radim dobro ali oni su mi ucitelji
i blog me upravo zato zanima kao forma
drugacija u odnosu na pisanje romana, drama, eseja, kolumne
to sve ja inace radim
evo bas ovog casa na postu Nebojse Milenkovica vodi se i rasprava i o pismu Jelene Miletic koje sam ja pustila integralno pre nekoliko nedelja

Ni slucajno

nemoj redje da pises/blogujes. Molim te.


PS Odnosno, da se nisi usudila da redje blogujes.


Da sa ne ulazim u bespotrebnu raspravu, svakako je tvoja stvar da se drzis principa blogovanja na taj nacin, onda neka bude ovo sto je receno moje misljenje:

Ovako se blog ne vodi.

Par free web saveta:
Ako vec imas neki tekst da predstavis, a on je ovoliki, tekst se ne copy/paste-uje vec se ulinkuje uz komentar i neki zakljucak.
To je osnova svakog bloga/foruma/diskusije.

Ne zelim da linkujem kvalitetne blogove, dovoljno ih je da se lako mogu naci i prepoznati medju ostalima na internetu.

Definicija bloga moze biti razlicita ali sigurno je samo jedno - ipak blogovi postaju popularni na osnovu razmene misljenje i stavova autora i citaoca - sto upravo nedostaje ovom tvom postu - tvoj stav.

hvala na onom free

ovde je sve free na blogu
ali mnogi tekstovi koje ja dobijem nisu na nekom sajtu vec ih dobijem privatno
plus zelim da ih pustim u celoj duzini a ne da ih seckam
i nekad nemam stav
a nekad imam i svoje tekstove if you dont mind sa jakim stavom
zapravo svaki treci cetvrti blog je moja pisanija
znam vrlo dobro na sta mislis, ima ovde blogera koji upravo po tvom receptu rade; Ivan Marovic, Milan Novkovic etc
i ja cu ponekada ali necu uvek
a ti preskoci ove amaterske
postoji i problem saopstenja koja ja pustam integralno jer mislim da su bolji od mog stava


nemoj da te onespokoje ovi koje mrzi da citaju sve sto je duze od 20 redova ili kojima je potrebno da egzaktno izneses svoj stav o bilo cemu (ja i ne znam kako se to izvodi).
Poceo sam malo da citam i shvatio da moram da procitam oba texta u celosti jer su odlicni. Oduvek sam bio pristalica legalizacije prostitucije ali sam se posle ovoga zaista zapitao da li sam bio u pravu. Mislim da me je ovaj post naterao da iz korena promenim misljenje o legalizaciji bez kriminalizacije "kupaca". Hocu da kazem da izbor tekstova koji si napravila ima snagu argumenta. Toliko o onome sto sigurno ne treba da promenis. Srdacan pozdrav. Corn Mouth.



Brian Eno je isto to izjavio, moj osnovni instrument u muzici je taperecorder je bilo u drugacijem "muzickom" kontekstu..

a blog je ok...samo malo preophiran za "poentu"

podrska u svakom slucaju :)

u pravu ste

ali evo sad i ja malo da ispricam sta sam oduvek volela i radila i pre bloga
a to je neka vrsta pravljenja velike moje slike iz svacijih delica
moj diplomski je bio napisan bez ijedne moje reci
kao koncept
odbranila sam ga dokazavsi da imam i ja svoje reci ali da je koncept najvazniji
to jeste bila italija, sedamdesete godine, godine konceptualizma


Jasmina Tesanovic wrote:
"moj diplomski je bio napisan bez ijedne moje reci kao koncept"
Mnogo mi se dopada ideja za diplomski. Uz dopustenje, bilo bi zadovoljstvo procitati ako postoji prevod na engleski ili francuski.
a inace kad samo pogledam sta se sve objavljuje na primer u jednom muzickom zanru to je za jednog coveka nemoguce da isprati, da svaki komad cuje bar jednom.
a malo sta je sustinski novo, vise je semplovani postojeci paterni. I dovedeni do sve vece perfekcije i finije "mikrostrukture".
Da pojednostavim do krajnosti - kao se zavrsila era stvaranja semplova i pocela era semplovanja kad potraga za konceptom dolazi u fokus. Ili je to samo trenutni trend u popularnoj elektronskoj muzici?
Nadam se da cu ostati citav kad ovu bodrijarstinu primeti NSarski.

P.S. Sorry za ovo skretanje sa teme. Mozes da obrises ako bude bilo potrebe.

na italijanskom je

hvala CM na interesovanju, mnogo sam uzivala radeci ga, o Tarkovskom a koristila sam recimo tolstoja, mislim njegove recenice i reci...itd
medjutim ono sto mene sada muci kad sam "porasla" je sto svi akadmeski izdavaci narocito u US traze citate, to jest zvucna imena a ja cesto uopste nemam citate. na primer trazili su mi da napisem esej o performansima zena u crnom, i ja to napisem kao neko ko sedi sa ostalim zenama dok ih smisljamo a onda izvodimo...i tu sad nema bodrijara ili sta vec...ja samo mogu da citiram Stasu ili Nevzetu ili Fiku...sve ostalo bi bilo nategnuto i necu to da radim. E onda nastane panika u odboru i rese da moj tekst koriste kao poeziju, a rad o nasem radu da na osnovu mog rada napise neko ko nikad nije makao d...iz akademske stolice...i tada ja povucem moj rad iz akademskog kruga i enoga sada, cita se kao poezija, niko ne zna ko je to napisao jer i jeste kolektivna pesma sa jednog performansa ZUC-a
a neki drugi grade akademske karijere na nasem radu

Tema je veoma

interesantna, potresna, duboko ljudska, ali, iznad svega kompleksna. Problematika prevazilazi human trafficking, ropstvo, prostituciju, nasilje, zenska i decja prava. Smatram da kljucna resenja treba traziti u sistemskim reorganizacijama drustva i drzave. Naravno, ne mogu da budem protivnik prelaznih, kratkorocnih resenja zasnovanih na organizovanim komunama za pruzanje (samo)pomoci ugrozenima, odn. zrtvama.

Ukoliko diskusija na blogu krene u smeru postavljanja pitanja od sustinskog znacaja za ovu temu, javicu se ponovo.

probali smo

vec sa ovom temom na jednom mom blogu pocetkom novembra, malo je bio skrenuo u majmune i svastarije i povodom toga sam dobila primedbe zena koje se ozbiljno bave ovom temom, te i tekst koji sma ovde integralno pustila
u UN-u medju ljudima kojis e bave ljudskim pravima, zestokim feministkinjama kao i drzavnim funkcionerima, nema zajednickog stava po tom pitanju...sta da se radi legalizacija ili zabrana
koliko sam ja shvatila
zabrana negde izaziva jos gore zloupotrebe a negde ne , kao i legalizacija
zavisi od zemlje, konteksta i drustvene kontrole
zaista vise nemam stav bas po tom pitanju
i onda imam jedan metod
recimo da sam ja nekim slucajem prostitutka, ili meni neko blizak i drag
sta bih vise volela, da radim legalno u miru ili da me hapse
najvise bih volela da ne moram da to radim
ali ako vec moram, onda je lakse ako te drzava stiti
pod uslovom da te zaista stiti, jer izgleda da u nekim zemljama bas drzava ucestvuje u reketingu
prostitucije i naravno droge
e onda vise ne znam sta da kazem
sigurne kuce?

svi pisu, niko ne cita...

ni ja nemam vremena da prevodim, na zalost,i izvinjavam se za eventualne greske u kucanju, i sl, ali oba teksta su vredna da se covek potrudi.

ono sto je sustina teksta br 1 jeste da autorka kolumne u Independentu pomera fundamentalno teziste, i oznacava KONZUMENTE seksualnih usluga kao ODGOVORNE, ZAKONSKI. i navodi da je to nedavno je odlucila da sprovede drzava Svedska.

dakle, duznost drzave je da preuzme odgovornost za zrtve ove surove trgovine (vidi tekst br 2)i da izvede pred zakon i kazni konzumente. eto, to je duznost drzave, a ne da glumi 'dobrog' makroa i dalje nastavlja da razvija hiljadugodisnju hipokriziju.

bilo bi veoma drago da umesto da se prica o stilu bloga i krtikuje autorka (uostalom, svako ima svoj ukus, rece djavo i sede u koprive)- da se zbilja povede razgovor o TEMI = PROSTITUCIJA I KAKO ZASITITI NJENE ZRTVE = ZENE + DECU (najcesce, mada su i muskarci-homoseksualci, naravno, u toj ulozi)



se gordanka
zena sa stavom
ja sam samo htela da kazem da je bar fotka autorska originalna
stoji izmenjen znak tu vec mesecima u centru, niko se ne buni
ne znam da li ste primetili koliko ima ulicnih blogera

Prostitucija, mracna tema!

Tekstovi su odlicni.
Tema je vruca.
Na zalost, mislim da realno nema bas mnogo ljudi koji bi sa lakocom procitali ovakav i ovoliki tekst na engleskom, a ne bi bio ni mali posao prevesti ga.
To je verovatno razlog sto ovde sada ne vidimo 10000000 komentara.

Ja sam prevela par isecaka iz prvog teksta kao deo komentara
a u duhu bloga.

Prostitucija je uzasna industrija kojom upravljaju podvodaci a za korist muskaraca
Koji vole da zene tretiraju kao material I da ih zloupotrebljavaju.
U danasnje vreme prostitucija je tesno povezana sa prometom droge tako da su mnoge zene, koje navodno rade u bezbednim zonama “industrije”, saunama, salonima za masazu, stanivima, efektivno roblje.
Ljudi koji propagiraju (“zone tolerancije”) pokazuju sustinsko nerazumevanje prirode prostitucije, koja nema toliko veze sa seksom (u danasnje vreme je lako naci dobrovoljnog partnera za seks) vec sa zeljom da se dominira, ponizava I povredi.
Pojmanje da se resenje moze naci u lancu “Mini javnih kuca”, van opasnosti od droge I od podvodaca, gde “vesele” devojke obsluzivale sarmantnu klijentelu, pripada zanru lose fikcije.

Prostitucija je krajnjii stadijum dugackog ciklusa eksploatacije u kome nezasticene devojke koje su bile maltretirane kao deca u njoj zavrsavaju da bi prezivele……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
Slusajte Ms Harman, a ne “Pretty Woman”, muskarci koji svojom voljom nastavljaju tu zloupotrebu treba da zavrse u zatvoru.………………………………………………………………………………

Samo postojanje filma "Pretty Woman" govori o tome kakva se destruktivna, mracna i perfidno romantizirajuca predstava o prostituciji siri cak i u danasnje vreme.

Prostitucija je nesto zaostalo iz davnih, mnogo mracnijih vremena.

Ako govorimo o legalizaciji droge i "zonama tolerancije" cudo, svi se vise razumeju.
Nadam se da niko ovde nece da pravi analogiju poredivsi prodavce i korisnike iz jedne i druge industrije, ili neki slican apsurd.

U svakom slucaju, iako "lake" droge nikome posebno ne stete retko u kojoj zemlji su legalne.

Cemu "zona tolerancije"?
Ko sto rece zena gore, kome je do zabave lako ce naci sebi drustvo.
A ko ne moze, pa i tu ima resenje, da ga ne spominjem....
Dakle, u cemu je u stvari tajna?


Robert Marko Vidojkovic, a

Robert Marko Vidojkovic, a 52-year-old transsexual and prostitute from the back hills of Serbia, has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after having lived as a man for many years.

Serbian writer and marine

Serbian writer and marine biologist Robert Marko Vidojkovic traced a strange submarine farting sound to bubbles that were observed coming from a herring's anus; it was the first discovery of a fish making a sound (which has been labeled a "fast repetitive tick," or FRT) with its anus.»[New Serbian Scientist]



Robert Marko Vidojkovic,

Robert Marko Vidojkovic, Serbian writer and marine biologist,says he has considered having a breast reduction.

The B92 blog star first found fame when he published his well-known novel "Claws", mentioning his breast in opening chapter of the book.

According to Heat magazine he said: "I would have had them made smaller once upon a time.

"I've never liked having boobs. 34As - that would have suited me."

He said he wouldn't bother with a breast reduction now and was not interested in doing a sex scene.

He added: "The public on B92 Blog want to see it. They want to see the good-looking ones getting it together, not older people doing it. Ugh!"

Robert Marko Vidojkovic says he has was flattered by recent comments by Predrag Azdejkovic and zokster and Pierce Brosnan.

Azdejkovic said Marko Vidojkovic was amazing and Brosnan said he had a soft spot in his heart for Vidojkovic's breasts.

The Case of Robert Marko

The Case of Robert Marko Vidojkovic is a fascinating, offbeat, and engagingly idiosyncratic examination of love, betrayal, world history, psychology, and criminology of Serbian literature. The film opens to Dr. Dule Nedeljkovic's droll lecture on sexuality, and cuts to the images of several provocative artworks. It serves as a comical prelude to the meeting of a shy, Albanian sanitary inspector, Corn Mouth (Slobodan Aligrudic), and the extroverted sex hunter, Buffalo Zokster Bill (Eva Ras) amid the chaos of a rapidly changing social and political climate. Dusan Makavejev distills the evolution of Robert Marko Vidojkovic and Dule Nedeljkovic's relationship through a series of tangentially related, historically based documentary footage - the rise of Communism, the abolition of the church, the government program to control blog infestation, an agricultural scientist's observation of an egg - to create a lyrical and sympathetic portrait of love in a time of uncertainty. Makavejev further fragments the linearity of the narrative through criminologist, Dr. Zivojin Queeria Aleksic's investigation of a possible homicide, and in the process, examines the looming tragedy of a contemporary love story.

The Robert Marko Vidojkovic

The Robert Marko Vidojkovic Maniac's Bible
by Buffalo zokster Bill

This pocket-sized book is both an encyclopedia and travel guide to the wild and wonderful world of sexual behavior of Robert Marko Vidojkovic and his fans. Buffalo zokster Bill covers ABSOLUTELY every sexual preference and practice with respect and playful curiosity. The book is divided up into sections such as "Clubbing," "Claws", "Redhood","Shopping," "Performing," "Playing," "Traveling," "Talking," "Looking." Each section starts with an explanation of the subject, sexy games and ideas, and etiquette suggestions.

The "Robert Marko Vidojkovic Maniac's Bible" is available in the UK through "The Sexuality Library" in London .

"Mine is about 5.5 inches

"Mine is about 5.5 inches hard (which is avg.) but soft it becomes like 8 inches. Needless to say, this state of affair is quite embarrassing."

Robert Marko Vidojkovic


vidim da vam je opet tamo negde "govno udarilo u ventilator",
Al' sta te poselo da "to" ovde zeni razmackavas po blogu?
Ja, npr, pojma nemam ko je Marko Vidojkovic.
Stvaaaaaarno, sta ce on ovde?


Olga Medenica: vidim da vam

Olga Medenica: vidim da vam je opet tamo negde "govno udarilo u ventilator"...

Ja, npr, pojma nemam ko je Marko Vidojkovic.

Stvaaaaaarno, sta ce on ovde?"

Govno ili Marko Vidojkovic?


pa zar niste prtatili vidojkovica (nedeljkovica) blog??? Marko Vam je srpski Bulgakov!!! I sto rece Miljkovic, ooops, Bregovic,...ko ne slusa Crvenkapice slucsace OLUJU...!!!!

"Al' sta te poselo da "to" ovde zeni razmackavas po blogu"

Street smarts and arts

Two european scientist,

Two european scientist, Robert Marko Vidojkovic and zokster Dule Nedeljkovic, have taken fluid mechanics to an exciting new level. The two have just won a Nobel Prize for calculating the amount of pressure that builds up in a penguins bowels before it craps. The fascinating study, recently published in the journal Polar Biology, is titled "Pressures produced when penguins pooh- calculations on avian defaecation".

Pedja Queeria, an expert on male penguin anatomy, has sharply criticised the study for not taking into account homosexual birds. "Obviously a gay male penguin is going to require a different set of calculations" he said.

Gay rights groups are already mobilizing to try and include homosexual penguins in the study.




mislim da preterujes!!!On je sano iskompleksirani egocentricni ljubitelj svog "stvaralastva". Nista vise od toga..i ne zasluzuje toliku paznju...

Samo se zabavljam, Nesh.

Samo se zabavljam, Nesh.


...nisam zeleo da te ometam...


ne znam kako je ovaj komentar zavrsio ovde...

The long plastic Robert

The long plastic Robert Marko Vidojkovic bag demo nicely illustrates Zokster Bernoulli’s principle. If you were to fart it up by placing it firmly to your behind, many intestine-fulls of air would be needed. But when you hold it in front of your anus and blow, air pressure in the stream you produce is reduced, entrapping surrounding air to join in filling up the bag. So you can blow it up with a single fart! This is especially effective in the summer night, after visitors of Robert marko Vidojkovic museum in Serbia have counted many of their own farts in attempting to fill up the bag!

Cyclists drive Vidojkovics

Cyclists drive Vidojkovics fans crazy

Robert Marko Vidojkovic is closing his farm, because his fans go crazy every time cyclists pass the fields.

Robert Marko Vidojkovic, 52, from Meulebeke, said: "This can't go on and therefore I decide to quit."

He said when one cycle tour passed his farm, the fans got so scared they didn't touch food for days.

"When they see zokster or Nesh cycling, they just notice a bowing figure. And because the figure is smaller than they are, they think it's a hyena, which is their natural enemy.

"And not only the bike tours cause problems. A few weeks ago, people came to do parachuting on a field nearby. My fans got so scared they turned impotent."

Robert Marko Vidojkovic says he's started a lawsuit to claim damages from bike-tour organisers, reports B92 Blog Nieuws.

Robert Marko Vidojkovic is now willing to sell his fans for 500 euros each.

Attention: Vidojka's innocence unprotected!

Da ja ove tvoje komentare sacuvam na vreme pre nego sto svevidece oko preleti pogledom.
Samo se ti zabavljaj kolazima.

hteo sam da ispravim gresku i napisem samo umesto sano

ali nema "uredjivanja"...izgleda da to pravo ima samo uzviseni vidojkovic

ne nesh

nego kad ti neko odgovori na komentar,
opcija uređivanje nestaje.
a zox bi mogao da prestane,
jer mi se čini da će zaraditi ban..
polako zox. ;)


covek se uci dok je ziv...stvarno nisam znao...nadam se da ce vidojkovic ispraviti moj lapsus calami...

Hello, first to introduce

Hello, first to introduce myself: I am Robert Marko Vidojkovic, Serbian writer and marine bilologist holding the rank of colonel-in-chief of the norwegian armed forces.

My boyfriend zokster Dule Nedeljkovic has a dead stuffed horse head in his room (he lives on an old farm). Whenever we have sex I notice that he is looking in its direction.

Robert Marko Vidojkovic

Zokster u trenucima dokolice

Dobro se zabavljaj.

He's a little, wind-up

He's a little, wind-up penguin Tine i Radojka. When you wind him up and let him go, he waddles across the table, flapping his wings as he moves. And every few steps, he poops out a little ball of smelly candy.

The Waddling Penguin Pooper is adorable, in a disgusting kind of way. He'll bring you hours of fun, so long as you keep him away from Robert Marko Vidojkovic, Serbian writer and marine biologist.

hvala Olga

na prevodu i na stavu...nadam se da cu moci da ti uzvratim...


nema na cemu.
Odlican post.


Zahvaljujem na prevodu

Ja se ne bih usudio da prevodim u smislu da pisem...jer razumem engleski prilicno dobro, citam ga sasvim ok, ( i glasno:) ) ali priznajem da vise volim da uvek pored sebe imam spremnog prevodioca. Tako ih imam dva: musko i zensko, i to kad govorim strancima, onda prevodi zensko a kad mi govore stranci onda muskarac prevodi. Mozda vam je to cudno, ali meni radi posao, savrseno. Usput, cesto se desi da dodam na engleskom zenskom prevodiocu kako sta reci ili se ubacim u razgovor sa meni boljim terminom, kao sto jos cesce dobacim muskom prevodiocu, " OK, I catch it.".
Desilo mi se i da me pitaju, stranci s kojima sam se ovako, razgovorio, a zasto ne pricas s nama na engleskom?, na sta sam voleo da kazem: Verujte mi da nastojim da ne dodje do greske u sporazumevanju jer bi to moglo biti vrlo lose za obe strane.

No, da se vratim temi.
Ja sam za legalizaciju i jednog i drugog, svuda u svetu. Uopsteno sam za legalizaciju svih tih stvari koje prilicno drugih nevolja izazivaju. Zabrana alkohola u Americi tridesetih godina isprovocirala je porast mafije i korupcije. To nam je jedna vrlo poznata cinjenica. S druge strane, kod nas recimo, kao bi doslo do legalizacije i prostitucije i droga( lakih droga ) , doslo bi do jos vece korpucije, nemorala i par koraka bi isli unazad. To jos nije za nas. Prostitucija je vrlo ruzna stvar, i degutantno je o njoj i raspravljati, ali bih pre uveo edukaciju u skolama, specijalno namenjeno muskarcima, ( iako bi to bilo i te kako ismejano i izigrano ) kako bi se tzv. jednakost polova mogla i primeniti i shvatiti bas kako treba, a ne samo formalno uvazavati. Muski ego je sve jaci i sve bahatiji, i tesko da ce se desiti da muski pol savesno/svesno krene da predupredi nadiranje nemoralnosti i nadmetanja koje se najvise iskazuje upravo time, - potrebom za zenskim telom putem prostitucije. Zenski pol jaca, vanredno brzo efikasno i vrlo svesno. Svuda u svetu. Meni je to posebno drago. ( rado bih video u Crnoj Gori, Bosni i Hercegovini, Makedoniji, Srbiji, pa i Albaniji, ZENE za predsednike kako partija tako i drzava ). Mislim da bi u ovom nasem vremenu, taj "eksperiment" brze urodio plodom u mnogim segmentima nego sve druge opcije. Nama, celom Balkanu ( i zapadnom i istocnom ) vise od 1000 godina nedostaje razvijeni Matrijahat. Istorija bi se drukcije odvijala da je bilo tako. Nastojte, gospodje i /-ice, da doslovno razumete sta pisem i da sasvim sklonite ad acta pretpostavku da laskam zenama. Razmisljam na sasvim drugom nivou, i tragam za resenjima tamo gde bi malo ko smeo i da priviri. Stoga, odgovor na pitanje postavljeno kako u vasem komentaru postovana Olga i misljenje na post bi glasilo: Mislim da BUKVALNO sve probleme s kojima se zenski pol suocava, vrlo Agresivno=Aktivno, treba da vode zene i odlucuju, zene, i zakljucuju zene.
Vrlo sam protiv da Muskarci odlucuju i u Savetu Evrope i u SVetskim Organizacijama, o ma kom problemu u kojem su zene zastupljene kao kljucni faktor ma kog problema. A posebno bih ovde aludirao na pitanje kontracepcije , abortusa i odgajanja dece. Ja bih se malo futuristicki/nadrealno izrazio i kazao: Predlazem da ubuduce u Savetu Evrope, bude birano istovremeno dva kandidata za polozaj predsednika , i muskarac i zena, i isao bih dalje i to Pravilo bih "nametnuo" kao punopravnu proceduru svim drzavama Ujedinjene Evrope. Znam da tako neceg nije bilo u ovom obliku, ali mislim da bi ovako revolucionarna ideja, vise stvari i problema resila, nego toliko insistiranje na Muskoj Inteligenciji i Muskoj sposobnosti da donosi o dluke i u ime zena.
Tada bi ravnopravnost polova bilo puno vise od Fraze. A da ne govorim o onoj tajanstvenoj struji koja bi se prenela na porodice i uopste vaspitanje sirih masa!


lake droge vs prostitucija
teske droge vs prostitucija
lake droge vs laka prostitucija

Ima tu nesto u vasem stavu sto nisam dobro razumela.


ako nije problem sta konkretno...mada

ja sam samo rekao da bih sve probleme vezane za Zene u ma kom sektoru ma kog problema trebalo zene da resavaju nezavisno od muskaraca i na osnovu tih resavanja udju u pravne procedure( svuda u svetu ) a ne da muskarci resavaju ono sto zene prijavljuju kao svoj problem. Mislim da je to pravednije. Mnogi muskarci POJMA nemaju o mnogim zenskim stvarima...a ako i znaju to je tako povrsno ako ne cinicno i ironicno.
Naravno postoji i muska prostitucija ali tema je najvise usmerena na zensku populaciju.

ovo ste zaista

u pravu da cesto pojma nemaju
cak i akd su dobronamerni
ja stalno pominjem kako je zakon o abortusu svojevremeno bio napisan u neutralnom gotovo muskom rodu...kao da moze da se bilo kom desi
i to se zove objektivnost...

Ja videla ovo

Član 63.

Svako ima pravo da slobodno odluči o rađanju dece.
Republika Srbija podstiče roditelje da se odluče na rađanje dece i pomaže im u tome.

Ovo je clan 63 u celini, dakle to je sve na tu temu pa sam se silno zabrinula oko onog "svako" (ko? otac? stric?) a onda sam pitala nekog prijatelja advokata sta o tome misli a on kaze nije strasno.

Ipak, cudna nepreciznost.


ja mislim

da to nije slucajno
jel na to moze da se nadoveze zakon o kome i otac ima ista prava ili ti stric ili majka trudnice, nije bitno

Pa i meni je cudno

da se u clanu od dva reda, kao, provuce lapsus.
To jest, to je clan od jedne recenice a ono posle o tome ko kako koga "podstice"? ne znam sta je, ali svakako mu nije mesto u pravno zakonskom dokumentu.
A jos kad na to nadovezem price o belim smrtima, opadajucem natalitetu itd. Hmmmm. No good.


pa u tome je i problem

dokle god se očekuje da žene reše taj problem SAME
jer se u suprotnom očekuju malverzacije, manipulcije i sl, problem neće biti rešen...
Moje skromno mišljenje je da se "ovakve stvari" ne rešavaju iz jednog ugla u ringu.
Na temu o nasilju nad ženama neko je prokomentarisao da je to užasno, da on svoju ženu ne bije, pa se neko nakačio na ovo "svoju", pa posle neko rekao kako te žrtve treba SAME da se bore, pa onda neko dodao kako su valjda imale oči kad su se udavale, pa posle izveštaj iz bolnice, gde lekari tvrde da su zaključili da je pregledom nekad nemoguće utvrditi da li je dete žrtva nasilja ili zapostavljanja (kao da zapostavljanje deteta koje dovodi do raznoraznih fizičkih poremećaja nije nasilje), i sve tako u krug.
Bojim se da je ovde potrebna sveobuhvatna akcija društva u celini, nevezano od pola.
Evo jednog, za mene na izgled off topic primera.
Stojim u opštinskoj zgradi, radim preregistraciju svog studija za podučavanje eng. jez. (znači, jedna sam od onih što rade same, bez ledja, bez dekoltea, samo znanjem), ispred mene žena kojoj uljudno saopštavaju da na pitanja mora neko drugi da joj odgovori - oni nisu nadležni.
Naime, njen problem se sastoji u tome da je izbačena, bez stvari i ličnih dokumenata, zaključno sa pečatom firme čiji je ona vlasnik, iz zajedničke kuće, pravo na ulicu.
Ono što nju zanima je kako da spreči nasilnika da koristi pečat, da eventualno ne bi odgovarala pred zakonom za neka potencijalno nelegalna dela... (OK, oni nisu nadležni, ali ljudi, dajte neku informaciju, dajte neko ime, dajte neki savet, recite bilo šta osim "žao nam je!")
Prolazi pored mene savijene glave, već vidim njeno beznadje, usput joj kažem da me sačeka u hodniku, da joj nešto kažem...
Dala sam joj par saveta, jer sam igrom slučaja u toj priči...
Znate, ako živite bilo gde, gde će vas neko izbaciti na ulicu, oduzevši vam pri tom svu ličnu dokumentaciju, kao da niste ni postojali, a vi ste delimično i invalid neke kategorije, pošto ste tokom života toliko bili isprebijani da vaš kuk, levi, il' desni odbija poslušnost, i ako momentalno ne usledi bilo kakva akcija nadležnih organa, nego vam neko nepoznat pridje, a vi ga posmatrate onako, u smislu, šta sad ova 'oće, a vi ste i dovoljno pribrani da zatražite pravnu pomoć, koja izostane, pitam se šta je sa onima koji ne znaju da u opšte imaju prava da se obrate bilo kome?

Da se sada vratim na ono - žene moraju same...i akciju društva...
Da li sam ja srećna što sam dobro otvorila oči pre nego li sam se udala?
Da li je ta sreća proizašla iz činjenice da mi je bilo dosta nasilnika u kući koga nisam imala pravo da izaberem?
Da li sam zaista srećna što sam prekinula taj vicious circle, odbivši da budem žrtva?
Da li je neko u obavezi da zaštiti? (Da li postoje ikakve sankcije ukoliko ta zaštita izostane?)
Da li bi osetila potrebu da se obratim toj ženi ili bilo kojoj drugoj ženi da ne znam, da nisam svedok, da nisam osetila na svojoj koži kandže nekog ko je MOJ?
Da li je moje psihičko zdravlje dobro, s'obzirom da sam uvek u gardu, da sam uvek svesna svoje fizičke inferiornosti?
Da li je muk roditelja mog muža kada sam zadržala pravo na svoje prezime, koje opet ide po muškoj liniji polnog karaktera?
Koliko je žena u mojoj situaciji, onih koje po svaku cenu odbijaju da budu žrtve, čak i kad dobijaju batine, od kojih se, kao pred smrt upišaju od straha?

Za mene to nije borba izmedju jednih i drugih. Za mene je to borba svih nas, da ne zloupotrebimo pravo i obavezu delanja. Za mene taj apel dobija na snazi jedino ako je u njemu inkorporirano ono drugo, kao čvrst i nepokolebljiv stav protiv, koji će žrtvama dati snagu da izadju iz okvira žrtve i zahtevaju, a ne da mole za svoja prava.
Za mene ta pozitivna diskriminacija nema previše smisla, jer dok god postoji, to je znak da ovakvi slučajevi nisu slučaj, već ukupnost, celina, realnost...

pozdrav. Ovo nije bio napad na Vas, samo impresija.

RUCHIRA GUPTA: I used to be

RUCHIRA GUPTA: I used to be a journalist and during one assignment when I was travelling in Nepal I came across rows of villages that did not have women aged between 14 and 45. So I began to ask 'Where are the girls?' Some of the men smiled sheepishly and some would simply answer, "Don't you know they are in Bombay?"

... nemam reči

evo još malo prevoda


Živimo u takvom vremenu pre koga nikada kao do sada
-sex na obostrani pristanak- nije bio tako lako dostupan -kao i želja da se dominira, ponižavava i povredjuje.
Studije koje su objavljene 2001 i 2003 iznose da je prevalenca traumatskih povreda mozga - nastalih kao posledica udaraca, šutiranja u glavu, davljenja i udaranja glava o kontrolnu tablu automobila - kod žena koje rade kao prostitutke ista kao kod žrtava mučenja i nasilja u porodici.


Kada ovo pročitate, onda vam je zaista jasno zašto kod članova Apne Aap termini poput
"sex workers", "prostitutes", "child prostitutes" nisu odgovarajući, već
"women in prostitution" i "prostituted child"

Evo samo par termina iz teksta koji su zaista jezivi


- sterilizacija fundamentalno izrabljivačke prirode prostitucije
- poništavanje trauma ponižavanja, degradacije i bola
- naturalizacija seksualne eksploatacije žena i dece tako da ona postaje socijalno prihvatljiva
- veoma često vlade, stratezi i kupci prostituisanog seksa tvrde da žene biraju prostituciju kao radnu opciju, jer ne žele da rade u prodavnicama...ili drugim formama jeftine radne snage
- nazivanje prostitucije "ses radom" kategoriše je kao vrstu rada, a ona ipak, ne može biti tako kategorisana jer razdvaja SEBE (biće čoveka) od aktivnosti

ako posmatramo taj izbor kroz životni ciklus žena u prostituciji to izgleda ovako:

- (15-20 god) devojčice/devojke su prevarene, kidnapovane i prodate. Zaključane su u sobama sa rešetkama na prozorima, izvode ih iz istih samo neke madam da bi opsluživale 15-20 kupaca za noć. Dobijaju jedan obrok dnevno, nešto odeće i sredstava za higijenu, ali ne dobijaju novac...uslovi poput ropstva gde nemate nikakav izbor
- (20-25 god) period socijalizacije unutar bordela, gde se one uče da postanu ovisne o alkoholu i drogama. Madam se tu naročito postara da imaju jedno ili dva deteta da bi im povratak kući bio onemogućen. Sada devojke mogu da zadrže polovinu novca koji zarade. Sećanje na dom postaje izmaglica nakon konstantnog nasilja i psiho-socijalne traume i tako nastaje Stocholm syndrome...
- (25-30 god) nakon desetogodišnjeg fizičkog zlostavljanja, gladovanja i zavisnosti od alkohola, mogućnost zaradjivanja novca se smanjuje. Kupci traže mladje devojke. Mogu da zadrže sav novac koji zarade, ali je količina novca sve manja a potrebe njihove dece sve veće. Sada one žele da napuste svet prostitucije, ali s'obzirom da ne poseduju životne veštine niti fizičko zdavlje - one nemaju izbora.
- (30-35 god) nema kupaca, nemaju primanja, obično imaju dvoje ili troje dece, zdravlje im je ozbiljno narušeno. Bivaju izbačene iz bordela na ulicu...bez obroka, pristupa toaletu..bez opcija, umiru na ulici...


pročitajte tekst, iako je dug
okrenite se oko sebe
otvorite oči
pružite ruku
telefon u ruke
prijavljujte nasilnike
zaštitite žrtve nasilja
to ste mogli biti i vi

hvala i vama snezana

vredan je tekst truda

nema na čemu

zaista je vredan