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Banka hrane

Srbija 2020

A new ić in town

And so an introduction and explanation of my anonymity is in order.

I am a journalist, writer, NGO project manager, editor and translator (in order of competence) based in Belgrade for a number of years. Please dont let the brief resume put you off, my views arent as predictable as my career progression appears. I have never been a member of any political party - although was once a member of Greenpeace.

My identity isnt important compared to the importance of subjects that need to be discussed which brings me comfortably to the issue - the blog.

Some people have taken blog to be translated as dnevnik or diary and spend time using prosaic language writing about any amount of irrelevant subjects. Others seem to think that a blog is a fantastic excuse for public masturbation and use the opportunity to divulge the mundane details of their daily lives.

My aim is to discuss the subjects that are affecting the daily lives of those around me, throw my own experience in and mix thoroughly. I think that people will be pleasantly surprised and hope that both Serbian and English language readers will join me.

And whilst we are on the subject of hope I truly hope that this draft doesnt get lost in the blogosphere as the first one did...