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Srbija 2020

Alright darling, can I buy you a drink?

‘Alright darling, can I buy you a drink’, she said as she patted him gently on the arse. The world has been turned upside down, the roles are reversed and Queen’s ‘I Want to Break Free’ plays endlessly on MTV. Girls are now (officially) chasing the guys. It used to be the preserve of man, the hunter-gatherer, to find a woman, bonk her on the head and drag her home. It was expected of men on both sides of the gender divide. But recently, and I have been told by members of the increasingly club-wielding sex that we’re talking in the last two years, that girls here in Belgrade are now the one’s expected to make the move, do the running. The guys are all well pleased, but what’s going on?

Modern man is closer to his opposite number than he has ever been. Men are no longer required to fit masculine stereo-types, even here in the Balkans. They are instead, increasingly metrosexual and the move seems inexorable. Metrosexuals care about their looks, follow fashion and want to buy those new shoes. Such desires used to be the preserve of women, but now with role models like David Beckham and Enrique Iglesias, men are fighting for the right to have, what were formerly, feminine urges. Tits and cars are still great, but modern man’s sophisticated needs have extended beyond them, to moisturisers and tanning salons. A worrying trend if you ask me, but maybe there is a method to the madness. And it goes something like: if we can care for ourselves like women do and aim to look as good, then why shouldn’t we expect to be chased by them too?

Guys are looking after themselves more, but this alone doesn’t explain them becoming passive when it comes to the chase. The passivity that men are increasingly displaying is also tied to the growing rights of women. As women edge towards equality, they are changing the dynamics of that most delicate of subjects; dating. Women have justifiably demanded equal right in all fields, but now it is the turn of men to argue that if women expect equal treatment, then men do too. And it is in the field of dating that guy’s are apparently asserting their long neglected rights. It’s our turn to be chased and play hard to get, and damn it we’re going to enjoy it.

As for women, they seem to be taking on this new responsibility in response to role models from across the Atlantic. Women like Samantha Jones from Sex in the City have encouraged women to go out and get what they want. It is no longer a taboo for them to approach. Why wait for the man to make the first move, women are asking themselves. And if they do some of the running themselves, they are more likely to get their hands on a partner they want. So in a world of equality, men are increasingly asking to be chased as much as chase; and women, for their part, are responding.

do you really think this is

do you really think this is the right moment to discuss that??

It's all wrong...

This new trend as you may call it is all wrong in my opinion. Just read few books on male and female nature and you'll get it.

It may be cool for chicks to approach us guys, because they saw it on the S&C, but noone will feel good in that game. Neither us guys, nor women. Women will never be equal to men, and don't get me wrong I don't say that in sexist way, it's just that I think man and women should be different from each other with all variety of different roles that they can play.

And again I'm not saying that if a woman feels the urge of approaching a guy, shouldn't do it. That can be cool sometimes and I wouldn't like to generalise here, but wouldn't you feel a bit betaised in that situ???

You are wrong in believing

You are wrong in believing this is part of the world trend. It is not - it is a uniquely Serbian phenomenon. Consequence of the fact that hundreds of thousands of young males have left Serbia - a number much higher than number of females (in the areas of higher education sought at west males are much more capable than females, males are generally more willing to move and are self-reliant and also many males left fleeing war and mobilisation). This has left a whole generation of females over 30 single, and seeking males that are scarce. In Belgrade, as well as in rest of Serbia, the common Balkan stereotype prevails - a female over 30 is unattractive and old - "polovnjaca" as they are called. Males that are there seek females under 25, and girls age 25-30 are nervous and accutely aware that they are running out of time, and can hardly compete with the younger, more attractive girls. Females approaching 35 and over, childless and single, are plain desperate. So what you have there has nothing to do with world trends or sexual freedoms - girls are agressively acting out of pure interest, hysterical hormones of single 30+ childless chicks and lack of males - ANY males, suitable of not. When they get a chance to catch a foreingner or a male that can secure them an easy future - they run for him. Dont be naive!

E, pa, Veljo,

baš si se dobro dosjetio za - vlastiti nick. Bolje ti nitko ne bi nazvao.


Hehehehe! Helloooo?! Get real!
My b/f is four years younger than me (and very smart and handsome=P). My best friend is 31 (handsome and smart too =P), married to a woman who's 35. They just got a baby.

Nice nickname, btw. You should have added "sexist" to "krmak". =P

Anyway... I dont' think that women in Serbia approach men all that often. This is still a traditional society. Compare it to the situation in the UK and you get the picture.

Nicholas: this is an interesting topic but most of us are not in the mood for discussing it right now. Sorry.

Velja = typical Serbian male chauvinist pig

Velja is the best example of why more and more single women in Serbia are turning to foreigners.

Don´t ever think there are no

(male chauvinist) pigs among foreigners.

Just to make sure.

i think

velja is not getting any, so he's slightly frustrated...