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Top 5 Disruptive (Greatest Potential) Technologies

This top 5 list is for everyone, not just Serbians, but especially for Serbian IT developers.  There are many developers who are unemployed and yet have the mental capacity, knowledge, and time to develop great applications and services.  This post is for you!

Here are the top 5 disruptive technologies that are being utilized to build the new foundation/platform for Web 2.0 companies and business models.  Some of these technologies have not made it to the major news sources, but are still being utilized by the largest and smallest companies in the world to build the future of the internet and our lives.

Why do I post this?  Because there is no excuse to have a IT degree and not use it.  After reading this list, you have no excuse not to be the master of at least one of these technologies.  It will provide you with future employment, status amongst your peers, and income!   From your home, you can work for clients anywhere in the world who are willing to pay lots of money for your knowledge. 

Freedom comes from opportunity.  This is an opportunity!

Top 5 Disruptive Technologies

#1. Adobe Apollo

The future is Apollo.  Why?  Adobe Flash is found in 98% of all PCs in the world.  Apollo is the next generation of Flash bring interactivity out of the browser and into the desktop.  Apollo is a web service, Apollo is a Flash website, Apollo is an architecture unto itself.

Knowledge of Apollo is future-proof employment and income.  SDKs and other learning materials are free to download from Adobe and their development community is vocal so plenty of other developers to work with. 

Yes, Microsoft and others have their own Apollo competitors but none of those competitors include  VoIP into their application like Apollo does.  Apollo is the complete package with 98% market penetration.

Be first, be Apollo.

#2. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon is not just a book store any more, they are the most powerful web services company in the world.  Yes, more powerful then Google and IBM.  Amazon has built a new eco-system around their Amazon Web Servcies: S3 and EC2.  S3 is a virtual storage network that is cheaper than any other storage provider on the web.  Not only is it cheap, but because its provided by Amazon, you data will be available 24 hours a day.  EC2 is Amazon's virtual server farm where you can pay $0.15 per hour to rent a server from Amazon.  You do not need to buy a server to do your development, just use Amazon EC2 for about 12 dinar per hour.

Not having money to develop with a server is no longer an excuse.  Amazon EC2 allows you to rent as many servers as you need, its limitless.  Many startups are build ontop of Amazon S3  and EC2 only.  You don't need an infrastructure or bandwidth to host your new application or service, Amazon will do it for you.  Telekom Serbia prices are no longer relevant,  you and Amazon are. 

Amazon Web Services are the future, shall you be a part of it?!?

#3.  eLance

This isn't a software application but "the" place where you can sell your knowledge and services to the companies and individuals who are looking for remote workers irrelevant of geography to do some work for them.  The money transaction between you and your client is protected and the quantity of prospective customers is in the thousands on a daily basis.

eLance is free for to sign-up and start receiving requests for proposals.  You will compete against other developers but you will have work come to you!  eLance is one of many such sights but as I said before, you now have no excuse not to be

#4. MojoPac

Is an example of where virtualization has gone.  MojoPac allows you to store your entire PC and its contents including OS and files as a complete duplicate on a USB drive.  You don't need a PC any more, just carry around your USB memory stick and plug-into any available PC in the world and you will have access to your personal PC environment.

MojoPac isn't a program, it's a service.  I cite it here as an example of how and what you should be thinking in terms of innovation.  You must be thinking, how can I out innovate these guys.  You can just by knowing that they exist. 

Do you have a Mojo, if not get one and get innovating!

5.  Asterisk VoIP Pbx

Asterisk is a VoIP Pbx that can perform many of the same functions that more expensive business Pbxs perfrom at 10x the cost.  Asterisk is open source, so its free.  Asterisk is the future of the telecommunications market, and Telekom Serbia and many other Telcos in the world fear it...rightfully so!

To get Asterisk working with your current phone lines you will need a special hardware card for the PC from Sangoma (they have much better cards than Digium themselves) that are  optimized for Asterisk and provides excellent sound quality and echo cancellation.  If your interested in these special Sangoma VoIP cards, let me know...

Download Asterisk, buy a Sangoma card and become a excuse!

This Top 5 listing could have been a Top-10 listing but these 5 programs/services are the future of the internet and our lives.  They are backed by millions of dollars of past investments and billions of dollars of future investments. 

The future is more exciting than the past especially when you know the future.  With this Top-5 Disruptive Technologies list the future is now in print.  I have never seen this listing published any where else so you are the first to be reading this.

Innovate, believe in yourself and provide no excuses... The future is yours!

Actually, eLance is not

Actually, eLance is not free to use. It is free to sign up, but in order to be permitted to bid for project you need to activate a separate type of registration that is not free.
There are some other web lance servers that enable free registration, with a bit higher "cut" for the lance provider regarding the project earnings.

Freedom comes from opportunity

#1. Adobe Contribute should not be neglected. :)

#2. AJAX technologis in general

#3. eLance is highly competative place. Much better start would be GAF.

#4. & #5. sounds great. :-)
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