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Make Money by Using Blogger (Goggle) - $100 per hour

Here's an opportunity to make some decent money from blogs - you do not have write a blog on Blogger, just test the new upcoming features of Blogger and provide your feed to Google.

Google is willing you to pay upto $100 per hour for this job. You can work from anywhere in the world, but need to have a computer and a good internet connection.

A Google researcher will call you while you sit at your computer, and ask you to try out a Google product or prototype via your internet connection, and give feedback on it.

Google routinely invites people to test Google Software (on paid basis) and they have conducted Blogger Usability Study earlier but that was confined to residents of New York City and San Francisco Bay Area.

Sign-Up for Blogger Study

(thanks to Amit Agarwal from Digital Inspiration)

sounds like a come on to

sounds like a come on to me!
people test it for nothing really
unless they are looking for something peculiar

Easy amigo...

-Google is looking for people [18+] from across the globe to help the search company improve their existing products and even prototypes that are still in development stage. And it's a paid assignment where you may earn upto $75 per hour.- Sept. 2006.

What happend to $25?

Yep it does sound a little

Yep it does sound a little like a trick.

You give them all kinds of information about your activities for free and they might contact you and might pay you some money - provided they believe that you are in a market where they can make money.

People in Serbia are pretty cynical but in this case I think you should have been more cynical Thomas.