Looking good Billy Ray...
Race: Moody Mage
Experience: Level 11

Artifacts: Spear of Destiny, I Scream: 'Bowl!', Holy Cow ::: Missing artifact: Sony Vaio 13'
Spells: Patient, Calm Down, Think-Quick, Excuse Me, Watch & Learn
Skills: Woody Alen Jump, Ping-Pong, Late Trance, Pretty Please Drill
Movement: 5

Army: 1000+ books, 1000+ movies, 600+ music, 1 Dodgy Feline (dispatched to defend western frontier)
Mana: -3/100 - player needs rest
Gold: ??

Companions: Belle Elle (Elf, level 12)

Campaign: Dark Caves
Mission 1: Get away - Complete
Mission 2: Find Belle Elle - Complete
Mission 3: Build Castle Fool Proof - In Progress


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