2010-05-24 17:54:32
Društvo| Kultura| Satira

The Cautiously Arched Eyebrow

Chris Farmer RSS / 24.05.2010. u 18:54

LONDON. In England, "thank you" means excuse me. But, in case you were worried, "excuse me" also means excuse me - and, consequentially, thank you. Thank you.

In the past week, much like the dehydrated man fresh from the desert, I have been showered with politeness from people whom I do not know. There are altogether too many people smiling. As a traveler in this not-so-strange land, I feel a growing sense of paranoia. There is just something wrong about all this courtesy.

2009-10-27 13:47:21

Supposably NATO

Chris Farmer RSS / 27.10.2009. u 14:47

When people say "supposably" in a sentence, my teeth begin to grind. In the same way, every time I hear people - intelligent people, educated people, intellectual people - using the term "NATO Pact," my head starts to throb. Right there behind the eyes.

Just to be clear: it is called a "pact" because it is an agreement. It is called the Warsaw Pact because it was signed in Warsaw.

2009-06-13 08:07:53

Of Boiled Potatoes

Chris Farmer RSS / 13.06.2009. u 09:07

Nothing, one finds, hones the sense of appreciation of food more than its denial.

Having just undergone a couple of weeks of more or less severe and more or less unappealing stomach flu, I am currently on what is called a Restrictive Diet. This means Boring Food Only.

2011-05-21 16:57:58
Društvo| Život

Planet Earth: Signing Off

Chris Farmer RSS / 21.05.2011. u 17:57

So this is goodbye.

Chances are that the world will have ended by the time I finish this sentence. No? Ok, I can probably get a few more paragraphs in before the cataclysm and what St. Matthew calls the time of "great tribulation" (clearly a biblical Star Trek reference, indicating how well he could see the future).

The big question must be HOW the world is going to be ended.

2010-06-02 13:11:28
Društvo| Putovanja

Heads or Tails

Chris Farmer RSS / 02.06.2010. u 14:11

SLAVONSKI BROD, CROATIA. Life makes for bad reading. Our daily stories do not have connecting plot lines, suspense and denouements, consequential trains of thought. Aristotle said stories should have beginnings, middles, and ends.

But life has only the middle.

2008-09-29 12:28:46

Lehman Brothers, Barnum and Bailey

Chris Farmer RSS / 29.09.2008. u 13:28


The juggling act is about to begin...

When the decision was finally made to cough up USD 700 billion to bailout the Greatest Financial Show on Earth, the American taxpayer's elected representatives decided to give the poor silly bankers another chance, thus ushering in the thing that no one wants to talk about:

"The Great Depression II: The Revenge"
Opening REALLY soon in theatres REALLY near you

2010-10-03 09:36:02
Sport| Život

Like Riding a Bike

Chris Farmer RSS / 03.10.2010. u 10:36

The expression, "it's like riding a bike" generally means it is something easy and something you do not forget. Whoever said this probably forgot.

The following started out as a letter to a good friend who gave me his mountain bike before absconding to the jungles of South America, but in the meantime has taken on wider significance for me.

2010-09-09 13:26:21
Društvo| Putovanja

Strikes and Gardens

Chris Farmer RSS / 09.09.2010. u 14:26

LONDON, KEW. His Majesty King George III, loser of America to a unilateral declaration of independence, and raging loon brought on by porphyria (or so they speculate), was both a great proponent of its botanical gardens and detainee within the royal palace at Kew in the early 1800s.

Thusly do I follow in rather oddly assorted footsteps by my Tube-imposed sequestration here in Kew during the thirty-six hour long 24 hour strike of the London Underground. I do not complain; there are worse places to be sequestered (and let us not reopen the file on Slavonski Brod...).

2008-11-04 09:36:41

Freedom of Choice?

Chris Farmer RSS / 04.11.2008. u 10:36

Let the grumbling begin!

The US election will get underway in several hours as I write this and will surely be done and put to bed by the time you are reading this, but I feel that I have legitimate gripe to make NOW before even I know the outcome of the elections (and before I go around paying out on my bets for John McCain).

I have been, as most of the US and a big chunk of the televisually linked world, keeping up with the presidential campaign through the most readily accessible means available to me: CNN. And each day I switch it on, I have been getting progressively more angry at them.


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