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Worlds of metaphors and symbols

Mark Pullen RSS / 17.01.2014. u 05:03

Metaphors and symbols are absolutely fundamental to, and ever present in, our collective reality and we must be mindful of them.

I was recently discussing certain ideas online when I came across a picture of a couple with two daughters. The caption read: "They're a gay, black couple with two daughters. Love it! :)". Seemingly positive, but actually laced with imposed symbols. What the caption should have read was "They're a couple with two daughters. Love it! :)". Or even "They're a healthy family unit. Love it! :)". The couple in the photo do not appear to be ‘black' (as in the colour black and its conditioned connotations), and why would you mention ‘gay' when you would never in a million years mention ‘straight' in a similar headline? If you were to say it's because it's not natural, I would cite the widespread presence of homosexuality among many other species, without any presence of homophobia. If you were to say that gay couples should not be bringing up children, I would say that in nature children are generally raised by the community, the pack or the herd, and homosexual members of that community are not excluded from parenting duties.

But metaphors and symbols work well here, so I will share with you some of mine for your contemplation. Accept or reject them as you see fit.

I must start, as has become the norm, with a few quotes from well-schooled scientists who do not conform to the current mainstream paradigm. But this time only briefly.

"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence... If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." - Nikola Tesla, inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, physicist and futurist

"The universe bursts into existence from life, not the other way around as we have been taught. For each life there is a universe, its own universe. We generate spheres of reality, individual bubbles of existence. Our planet is comprised of billions of spheres of reality, generated by each individual human and perhaps even by each animal... Perhaps, if science is clever enough to see, it will realize that religion may not be too far off with its concrete imagery; and that relative to the supreme creator, we humans are much like the microorganisms we scrutinize under the microscope." - Robert Lanza, biologist, excerpt from his book ‘Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness are the Keys to Understanding the True Nature of the Universe'

"Everyone who's grown up in this scientific world is used to the concept that we're living in a material universe, an inert universe, a universe of dead matter. And because of that it's difficult instinctively to grasp that we're not really living in a dead universe and that the universe is overwhelmingly conscious at its basis..." - John Hagelin, Ph.D., particle physicist

"We are individuated units of consciousness in a greater consciousness system and we evolve individually over many incarnations in this and other virtual reality sub-systems by lowering our entropy through love (manifested through empathy and collaboration). The opposite of love is fear (manifested through selfishness, hate or a sense of ownership), which increases our entropy and causes us to de-evolve", Physicist Tom Campbell, slightly paraphrased excerpt from his Big ToE Trilogy.

"The deeper you go in the structure of natural law, the less material, the less inert, the less dead the universe is; the more alive, the more conscious the universe becomes. Then when you get to the foundation of the universe, the unified field or superstring field, it's simply a field of pure being, pure, self-aware, intelligence. I say "intelligence" because it's the fountainhead of all the laws of nature, all the fundamental forces, all the fundamental particles, all the laws governing life at every level of the universe have their unified source in the unified field... And that field is a non-material field. It is ultimately a field of consciousness and everything in the universe is nothing but that. Planets, trees, people, animals - we're all just waves of vibration of this underlying, unified, superstring field..." - John Hagelin, particle physicist

The gap between science and spirituality is dissolving because most of us instinctively know that we're not simply the sum total of our bodies. None of our atoms actually touch - we're levitating slightly above the chair - and virtually all of our cells regenerate or are replaced every seven to ten years, yet we remain the same people - with the same identity; the same memories. How so if we're made of flesh and bone?

Could it be that it is because we are actually the force/the field/consciousness/energy, i.e. the immaterial power that shapes and maintains physical matter, which is just another metaphor for spirit or soul, which are just other symbols for ‘beings of thought, perception and imagination', 'aspiring cosmic musicians' or ‘advancing students of harmonics', if you will.

According to the dying mainstream paradigm, the caterpillar paradigm, as I like to call it, we are biological machines controlled by chemicals. If that is so, then how come you can't take a dog to pieces like a car, put it back together again and switch it on? It is, of course, because the dog's a life ‘form' occupied by a driver and once you start taking the vehicle apart the inhabitant leaves. Incidentally, the car is also "alive" when it's running and is open to suggestion from yourself or others (in the form of imagined thoughts).

The way I see it, there is only one form of life and it is an advancing spirit, an aspiring conductor eager to master harmonics at ever-increasing levels. We are all pupils in the same school. We are all family.

If that is so, then other animals on this planet are our siblings - some more advanced and some less, experiencing other life forms as they evolve personally from the level of amoeba manifesting to the level of galaxy manifesting and beyond over many cycles of time.

So, considering that imagination is more fundamental than the sofa you're sitting on or the room you're in, the Matrix is real for those who believe it exists. Why then does the Matrix exist? Who would imagine such a gruesome monstrosity into existence? Here I would hazard a guess at something that is known everywhere as ‘The Golden Rule' (look it up if you don't know it by now), which ensures that as long as the ‘Meatrix' exists, the Matrix and other forms of control and manipulation like it will continue to exist.

What is the ‘Meatrix', I hear you cry? The ‘Meatrix' is factory farming, testing on animals and other abuse of our younger siblings and fellow students. I mean, if we really are evolving spirits living through cycles of night and day of perceived durations as we expand to master more complex "physical" forms, we can imagine what sort of a scar would be imprinted on the psyche of a spirit manifesting as a pig in a concrete yard, or in a cage, unable to turn around, fed poison, pumped full of chemicals and then slaughtered painfully and slowly.

If the Golden Rule really exists at some higher level of order and justice in the universe, then by freeing the animals we would be freeing ourselves. Am I saying vegetarian only? No. I'm saying natural environments for all animals and if you must eat meat it should come from the hunting of lame or aged/mature beasts - whose spirits either can't handle the "vehicle" or are ready to advance to a more complex form - or fish that you lure onto a line. And there should be no more testing on animals, fur farming or containment of animals of any kind! No more nets and no more eating babies! They are all "people" and "family" and are not "machines" to be turned on and switched off or prodded and poked at will.

The benefits of this are threefold: firstly, we bring our collective karma back into balance by following the Golden Rule; secondly, we reduce the amount of trauma being sustained on a daily basis in this biosphere; and thirdly, setting animals free into arid and semi-desert areas has been proven to combat desertification, restoring dead land into lush pastures in just a few years.

How is this my fault? I hear you cry.

We live in a capitalist, consumerist world. This might appear bad to you, depending on how you interpret the symbols and experience the advertising, but in reality it is the ultimate democratic way because the individual consumer is always free to decide what to consume. If we stop buying cosmetics tested on animals, meat farmed industrially, clothes we know were made by virtual slave workers, products that seem far too processed to ever be healthy, then the corporations will stop producing them. We must always remember that the greatest lures of the mass consumption machine are convenience and affordability. The plump worm on the fisherman's hook is also the most effortless and convenient option.

It takes a little bit of effort to find alternatives, but as word spreads, so demand spreads, and where demand spreads, an economy emerges.

Seek traditionally hunted meat if you like, but don't eat what you know is not only badly reared meat, but also the flesh of a spirit that suffered throughout its lifetime, as opposed to coming from one that was "spiritually set free" quickly and painlessly after roaming free.

Let's go back to what I referred to earlier as the caterpillar paradigm and imagine that if every spirit is at some level manifesting as an evolving cell in a community of cells inside a more evolved cell etc., then the butterfly or bird would surely be the symbolic model to take on how to perceive that evolution in your mind - we've been seeking wings for a seeming eternity.


In the caterpillar stage, all of the organs are consuming vast amounts in order to grow big enough to transform into a butterfly. Greed is literally good during the caterpillar stage, but once the caterpillar has grown plump and bloated, the organs are left without a purpose, the cells no longer have a job to do or a need to consume. I would suggest that on this planet we are currently in the pupa stage, cocooned in our transformation, as it were. This is why the system is collapsing. It was never evil - it's just no longer necessary. What if oil was a toxic element to the planet and she asked us to remove it? And what if now we'd cleaned enough out of the body? What if the deception of the masses is faltering because it is meant to - because it's no longer necessary to remove the poisons or condition people to consume to excess?

So, if we are en route to becoming spirits manifesting as the cells of a gigantic butterfly, we have to come to terms with the fact that the caterpillar must completely cease to function and that, on some higher interplanetary level, mating occurred.

I use Mars as my symbol simply because it's the nearest planet and it's easier for me to imagine Jesus and other enlightened beings as being mature Martian spirits who came to Earth largely to help their brothers - the so-called "Fallen Angels" - recall that they'd volunteered to go through the negative vibrations again in order to help Earth and to personally mature creatively, while Amazonian warrior women found themselves equally stranded on Mars. Confusion, a sense of abandonment and fear would have occupied these spirits on both sides over many cycles, as the caterpillar formed and grew, or the tuning process was carried out.

I like to say that a mature spirit is a multi-coloured he/she. My male side is Earthling. My female side is Martian, or maybe it's vice verse. My female side, my heart, my nurturing drive and my biological creativity, matured on Earth/Mars over many cycles, while my male side, my imaginative creativity and protective/competitive drive, developed on Mars/Earth over many cycles.

So, where are the wings of this great butterfly? Mars and Earth are the wings and the Moon is the body.

And what about our personal wings? I hear you ask. Earning wings is just another metaphor for free movement. We will receive our "wings" when we have given back all of the younger spirits under our dominion their freedom of movement and when each home and mode of transport is free of charge.

Step one is unmetered free energy generators for every single home. With unlimited and free energy, every housing unit will be able to cater for its own needs. With the use of technology that already exists, each house could use hydroponics to grow its own food or nurture its own perma-culture garden, source, filter and process its own water, process and recycle its waste, print its own furniture using 3D printers, power a vehicle of some sort (preferably one not requiring concrete roads or steel tracks) and become independent. This is "gaining your wings" in the context of our shared reality.

This would allow us to unshackle the planet from its binds of cables, pipelines and wires, dams and dykes and other manipulations of the planet that contradict the Golden Rule and prevent the biosphere from spreading its metaphorical wings.

We would also need to remove inflexible intercity concrete roadways and rail lines, which are not light or flexible enough to form the spines of a wing, and replace all transport on the planet with five new options: walking, cycling, flying, sailing or travelling through high-speed, friction-free vacuum tubes on magnetic-levitation trains. As for inter-planetary travel, teleportation seems the most practical option (sorry sci-fi fans, but transporting lumbering gigantic metal and wire ships through space in some kind of high-speed linear travel seems impractical, if not silly when we're already crew on a giant biological butterfly ship).

If each organ in a body is a swarm of cells, then on these two planets/wings, the nations are organs. When they function properly they have harmony within and energetically repel other organs. The nations we currently have are collapsing because the caterpillar no longer exists. We need to form new nations, more harmonious ones, homogenous and embracing, with interactions between them manifesting through sport, culture and the arts.

Once the spirits manifesting on Earth have attained their collective sense of oneness and the spirits manifesting on Mars have attained theirs, we can begin the process of attaining oneness, or harmony, with two wings and a body in between.

And where there is one big butterfly born of Mars and Earth learning to fly, so two smaller butterflies are also taking shape in the individual perceived biospheres. Perhaps on Earth the Americas are one wing, while Asia and Australasia form the other and Europe/Africa comprise the body? And perhaps your city or your home region is a yet smaller butterfly, with two distinct sides requiring balance and harmony.

Believe what you will, but be mindful.

If you don't like my metaphors and symbols, that's fine. Just remember: at the end of the day, you're really here on this planet studying advanced harmonics and imaginative creativity. Why does imagination exist at all? Because the base reality of advanced harmonics can get pretty dull after many seemingly static cycles without spiraling upwards. Just remember not to inadvertently try to imagine yourself out of existence, because that could get pretty scary for a free spirit.

As the Human League sang back in the ‘80s, "Keep feeling fascination, passion burning, love so strong. Keep feeling fascination, looking, learning, moving on."

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

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