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Takeshi's_Cast_Picture_1.jpgIn a desperate effort to outdo all those Serbs now writing in English, I have decided to write my blog about my current obsession: an eighties Japanese gameshow called Takeshi's Castle. I've been watching clips of it on YouTube with my girlfriend over the last couple of nights and we spent the whole time laughing our arses off and playing them one after the other. Unfortunately, we have now exhausted the supply of UK clips (which have an excellent UK commentary by a guy called Craig Charles) and somehow the German versions just dont have the same appeal. Cant think why.

Try out the links and I suspect there might be a few more 'Keshi Heads in Belgrade by the end of the week. My only request is that if you find any more in English PLEASE let me know.






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johanna29 johanna29 10:47 24.08.2007

Maan, it hurts...!

...reminds me of the so-called "No-Limit Games" (were popular also in the 80-ies, if I'm right) ...

Compared to these "players", kamikaze-pilots seem like total amateurs ;-)
Where's the point?...Do they get payed in gold bars for all that circus, or are they just bored to death?..

And when we all laugh (and you can bet I did!), I'm not sure if it is the actual SCENE we find ridiculous, or their stupidity?... ;-)

yu1bcd yu1bcd 16:16 24.08.2007

Re: Maan, it hurts...!

Small step for a man, giant leap for mankind! What a waste of life at age 27. Even binge drinking in UK might be more interesting.
Laika Laika 13:16 24.08.2007

Takeshi's Castle

I've seen it a few times on French TV called W9. If I'm not mistaken, they show this Takeshi's Castle on a regular basis. And it's true, it's quite funny. Although, I must admit, I like even more the humour of 2 French guys who "host" the show (and add up with their comments) dressed in traditional Japanese outfits (as geishas, samurai...). But, it's a bit repetitive - there's only a limited (not so big) number of tasks/games. Still, it's fun...
Umetnica Umetnica 12:23 25.08.2007

If I'm not mistaken...

Takeshi's Castle was broadcast on one of tv stations in Serbia during 90's. I may be wrong, but the show is so dang familiar... form days before YouTube.
nsarski nsarski 19:22 25.08.2007

There was a show here (usa)

which, I think, is the adaptation of the Castle, or maybe a refinement of it, I don't know:) Mostly some jackasses from Japan, jumping around and bumping into things, falling, and slipping. It was shown on the Spike "TV for men". The most spectacular fall got the special prize. They eventually closed it for being too sexist. Namely, the commentators took enormous delight in seeing girls fall in unbelievable ways. If she fell on her butt - oh, what a joy! They could then take a close shot of her ass. In any case, it was mildly entertaining.
For instance:
1) Scenario:
A male contestant dressed in a roll of bamboo shoots must climb up a hill covered in foam, while avoiding giant acorns being rolled down the hill at him. The starting point at the bottom of the hill is covered in bushes.
2) Action:
The contestant is hit by rolling acorns and is forced back to the starting point.

"Well I guess after taking a few nuts on the chin, it must feel pretty good to be back in the bush".

Every time I watched it, my house mates would say: "Why do you watch this 'moronization'?"

P.S. I'm sorry I don't share your enthusiasm for the show, but I'm sure there are tons of video clips of it available here.
P.P.S. Btw, Spike TV is putting out the DVD with the show. Check it out
Nate Nate 15:30 01.09.2007

Most Extreme Challenge

In the States, Takeshi's Castle runs as a program called Most Extreme Challenge (or MXC, for short). Instead of Japanese, all of the voices are dubbed and team names are arbitrarily picked, like "The United Toilet Cleaners". It is quite hilarious.



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