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Jasmina Tesanovic

Stockholm Syndrome

Natascha Kampusch, the 18 year old Austrian woman who escaped from her kidnapper last week after eight years in captivity, is planning a trip to England to help get over her ordeal.
She is thought to be suffering from an extreme version of Stockholm syndrome, in which victims begin to associate and sympathise with their attackers.
Many Austrians are asking how the suspect was able to keep Natascha captive for eight years in a rural village without raising suspicion…
Although this is an extreme case, Der Standard claims, the basic characteristics can be seen nearly every day, for example in "young girls and women who live under the terror of a partner... or a domineering family patriarch".

and a Belgrade story...

Female Suicide Bombers: Dying for Equality?

4 The majority of female Muslim activists are
aware of the prevalent aversion in society to Western feminism and  
are even party to this aversion, and therefore maintain that the way to improve women’s  status withinsociety and the family is within the dominant normative order.

Dobila sam ovo pismo juce

Ako ste zainteresovani ili znate nekoga, javite se...

Na drugoj strani South European Film Festival, LA Internship


"Some news: Worldchanging is paying me to work on a project to instigate local WC blogs in various cities over the next 4 months (and possibly beyond). We need one fearless leader and a half dozen or more regular bloggers per city. I thought Jasmina might know some Belgrade bloggers who could write with a local slant about Worldchanging themes? This will ultimately take as closer to world,Jon--

Jon Lebkowsky

Mermaid's Trail


Mermaid's Trail

Dubrovnik August, 2006

The bus from Belgrade to Dubrovnik costs 4700 dinars for a return
ticket, and takes 13 hours one way. It goes through Bosnia,
Republika Srpska, and stops in several former-Yu war sites, such as
Mostar, where the famous bridge was destroyed and recently
rebuilt. Mostar's old face was blown away and it has a new face.
Except for shrapnel and craters, it has a happy look.

The Mermaids of Mljet

Thinking of Biljana and MajaThinking of Biljana and MajaOdlazim sutra na najlepše ostrvo na svetu, Mljet. Išla sam oduvek tamo i nikad nisam prestala...govorila i "leb" i ono ostalo (šta beše?) što ne sme da se kaže. Niko me nikad svih ovih godina nije dirao, od Dubrovnika do Zagreba, Lastova...ali nisam ni ja njih. Kaže mi jedno Miloševićevo dete, dobra devojka : pazi nemoj da govoriš srpski...
Ako me neko povredi neće sigurno u Hrvatskoj već ovde u Beogradu, na Trgu republike gde sam poslednjih godina doživela vece nasilje nego bilo gde drugde po opasnom svetu...neću biti on line... ostavljam vam peticiju u amanet...i čuvajte se blogerke i blogeri...nije lako biti on line...

The Sexual Abuse Verdict of Bishop Pahomije: Petition

Here it is, finally, thank you all...

Please forward it!


The Price/Prize of Blogger's Fame

xeni in LAxeni in LA

xeni jardin/wikipedia

...Her work at Boing Boing has provoked responses. In March 2005, Jesse Andrews created a script for Grease Monkey that filters out Boing Boing posts by Jardin. In March 2006, Matthew N. Sharp created, which criticizes and parodies Jardin's posts on Boing Boing. New York Times columnist Dan Mitchell wrote that is a "hate blog" that delivers "nasty, sarcastic invective delivered in spot-on Comic Book Guy tone". Jardin posted a link to the site on Boing Boing and described it as "a total hoot"...

Jasmina - let me know if this is the right piece...Dahr Jamail writes
dispatches from Iraq and now from Lebanon-- he's non-embedded, and

Tuesday, August 1, 2006
    Walking into the scene of the massacre yesterday in Qana felt like entering a bottomless pit of despair. A black whole of sadness, regardless of the fact that the bodies of the women, 37 young children, the elderly, and what few men were there had been removed. Mohammad Zatar, the 32-year-old Lebanese Red Cross volunteer I spoke with down in Tyre, after we'd been to Qana, described the scene and the  feelings better than I can.

Eureka Again

Modern Technology Reveals Ancient Science

Finally, after more than 1000 years in obscurity, the last unreadable pages of the works of ancient mathematician Archimedes are being deciphered, thanks to the x-ray vision at the Department of Energy’s Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC). This discovery gives us the most complete record of Archimedes’ works since the middle ages.A team of scientists used a special x-ray imaging technique, called x-ray fluorescence (XRF) imaging, to finally unlock these scientific secrets, hidden from view since antiquity on a goatskin parchment manuscript.

Tesla the Feminist

My mother descended from one of the oldest families in the country  
and a line of inventors. Both her father and grandfather originated  
numerous implements for household, agricultural and other uses. She  
was a truly great woman, of rare skill, courage and fortitude, who  
had braved the storms of life and past thru many a trying experience.  
When she was sixteen a virulent pestilence swept the country. Her  
father was called away to administer the last sacraments to the dying  
and during his absence she went alone to the assistance of a  
neighboring family who were stricken by the dread disease. All of the  
members, five in number, succumbed in rapid succession. She bathed,  
clothed and laid out the bodies, decorating them with flowers  
according to the custom of the country and when her father returned  
he found everything ready for a Christian burial.

The Other Way

Why We Can No Longer Look the Other Way
By Kerry Lobel and Julie Dorf

It might seem rather myopic, even self-centered, to focus on an LGBTQ rights demonstration in Israel during times like these. For now, Jerusalem WorldPride is still on after much debate. Its organizers are even more determined to sound a message of peace and tolerance in the midst of growing chaos in the region, but they can’t do it alone.

Indigo Blues

Not Hollywood

boozeboozeNikad nisam volela kaubojske filmove , osim Peckinpah-a ali otkad sam bila u Pecos-u, Texas-u, u saloon Pecos gde je rekonstruisano rađanje jedne nacije, kroz odaje te kuce, prve u Pecos-u, zavolela sam kaubojsku stvarnost, jer je više od stvarnosti dok su kaubojski filmovi ograničeni na žanr...i

Diane Wilson Letter, Unreasonable Women and Men

CODEPINK Women for Peace>>August 2, 2006
Dear CODEPINK Activist,

I never thought when I embarked on my water-only hunger strike to “bring the troops home fast” that on day 30 I’d be leaving on a journey to the Middle East ( to meet with Iraqi members of Parliament. As a shrimper from a small fishing town in Texas, I don’t have ways to get in touch with these folks from Iraq. I don’t speak their language. I certainly don’t have their emails or phone numbers! But today, I’ll be traveling with a group of 14 other Americans (, to meet with these Iraqis and learn about their ideas to end the fighting and the occupation of their country. That’s why I’ve always said that when you embark on a hunger strike, you have to believe and open up the space for n Letter ew and amazing things to happen. And sure enough, that’s what’s happening.

Topless sunbathing, g-strings banned on Paris beach


   A ja svima u Bushlandu, gde se vide fotke iz sedamdesetih u muzeijima a novi Bushland security na plazama i ulicama trubim kako je Evropa liberalna...Evviva l'Italia, koliko ih ja poznajem, pre ce skinuti papu nego obuci svoje telo...

 By ReutersSaturday July 29, 03:20 PM

PARIS (Reuters) - Parisian sunbathers will no longer be allowed to go nude or wear g-strings on the capital's artificial beaches and risk a fine if they are caught baring their breasts or buttocks.

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