2015-01-22 09:45:28
Društvo| Ekonomija| Satira

Sign Here

Chris Farmer RSS / 22.01.2015. u 10:45

In the shuffle, I probably signed a paper that allows the bank to change the date of my birthday if they want. I also signed to forfeit any presents I might get.

Today (and yesterday, and tomorrow since it is not quite finished) I opened a new bank account. In order to do so, I affixed my scrawling and somewhat easy-to-copy signature to at least fifty documents - none of which I read.

2011-07-12 06:55:38
Društvo| Moj grad

A Quiet War

Chris Farmer RSS / 12.07.2011. u 07:55

Shhh.... Belgrade has gone to sleep.

There was a time, though, when the White City on the Danube woke up at midnight. It was perfectly normal for people to make arrangements to meet at and around midnight when the movable feast of clubbing and cafes and bars and even restaurants would bestir itself, singing and playing into the wee small hours of the morning.

2014-09-28 10:37:53
Društvo| Satira

Unnatural Cavemen

Chris Farmer RSS / 28.09.2014. u 11:37

One day, about two million years ago, a caveman discovered that lying with a cavewoman could lead to cavelings, while lying with other cavemen never did. This was a Discovery!

He began to speak to other cavemen about his discovery. He began to extol the virtues of making as many cavelings as possible with as many cave women as could be found. And he also began to warn everyone against lying with their fellow cavemen. He told them it was Wrong. He told them it was Unnatural. He said it would affect their ability to hunt mammoths and make fire.

2013-11-04 13:30:54
Društvo| Ekonomija

The Retail Guard

Chris Farmer RSS / 04.11.2013. u 14:30

The enemy is implacable, it is relentless.

When shopping for toys (toys!), I experienced a kind of outrage that very rarely befalls me. My curmudgeonly nature causes me to grumble and complain a lot and often, but very rarely does something, some behavior, drive me to the edge of tolerance. 

2010-02-16 09:36:38
Društvo| Život

Fighting Words

Chris Farmer RSS / 16.02.2010. u 10:36

What makes us want to punch each other?

This morning, leaving my home, there was a guy who wanted to take my parking space. But he decided to wait for it in such a way as I could not easily get out of it. I signaled him to move and he inched away - it was enough for me to pass but I had to do six maneuvers to get by without hitting him.

2015-09-01 12:53:17
Biz| Društvo| Mediji

Brand: Serbia

Chris Farmer RSS / 01.09.2015. u 13:53

What are the vital elements of a country's brand?

The branding of Serbia has been going through a very long series of false starts and misfires for as long as I have known about it. I was involved in an early post-transition project in 2004 and 2005, but the branding initiative was ultimately shelved because no one could address the elephant in the conference room:

What is Serbia's brand?

2012-01-06 09:59:41
Društvo| Život

Drunk and Disorderly

Chris Farmer RSS / 06.01.2012. u 10:59

There is nothing more sobering than being pulled over for walking under the influence.

According to the brain scientists and rocket surgeons whom we have elected to public office in Belgrade ("we" being loosely applied here), it is NOT enough to switch off the music early. It is NOT enough to close the bars, cafes, and restaurants by midnight. It is NOT enough to curtail the sale of alcohol after a certain hour. Now, if we have a few too many, we will have to sleep in the bars until morning.

2008-11-22 09:20:55

How to Panic

Chris Farmer RSS / 22.11.2008. u 10:20

If I hear the words financial crisis again, I will most assuredly go mad.

I do not mean to downplay the significance of this "FC" (abbreviated to save my repetition). The ramifications and long term effects of the FC could be very deep and very far reaching. There is reason to be cautious. There is reason to be concerned. But we humans, sadly, are unable to measure our reactions. It is never enough to take in the news and think rationally about it. We see a splendid opportunity to panic. And we avail ourselves of it fully.

2008-01-15 09:57:46

Border Dashing

Chris Farmer RSS / 15.01.2008. u 10:57

My babysitter has her bags packed.

One fine day, a couple of weeks ago, I heard the announcement that if the Radicals should win the upcoming presidential elections – i.e., Smiling Tommy Nik – that she was ready to pack up and leave the country.

Hm, I told her.

2015-04-07 10:19:44
Društvo| Politika| Religija

Mixing Messages

Chris Farmer RSS / 07.04.2015. u 11:19

While trying to do a little work, drinking my coffee slowly, Jesus walked by.

Ah! Ok, it's the Easter season after all. Easter being all about resurrection, I was not overly surprised to see him (Him?) walking by the window of the café where I had established myself on this Tuesday morning. In fact he was not walking at all. It was a portrait.


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