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Appeal for Blueberries

Chris Farmer RSS / 11.03.2010. u 15:09

Blueberry pie. Blueberry juice. Blueberry jam. Blueberry tarts. Blueberry preserves. Fresh blueberries. Frozen blueberries. Wild blueberries. Dried blueberries. Blueberry yoghurt. Blueberry barbeque sauce. 

There are times when we accumulate so much information a subject that it must needs burst forth and splat onto the page like squashed blueberry. The following is not a public service announcement or message. It is just overspill.

I discovered that blueberries will make you see better, will unclog your arteries, and help you lose weight. Doctors even say it will help fight diseases and increase your memory. I started looking into this as a matter of course - I was working on a project. But I soon found out that I had become rather fascinated with the subject.

So, as a direct consequence which any self-diagnosed OCD sufferer will immediately understand, I sallied forth onto the public thoroughfare in search of these blueberry products. I have always liked blueberries. I liked them in the way that people like any fruit - from time to time, generally for and generally not against, but not over-the-top and obsessive about it.

My thinking was that Serbia has a lot of fresh fruit production and blueberries were a goodly part of it. In fact, I discovered many blueberry products only here, even if the recollection of my grandmother's blueberry pie still brings a pang of nostalgia. So I expected to find a lot of blueberry stuff to buy and try and employ to anti-oxidize myself.

And yet...

I think I have been into every possible store where blueberries might be sold. I look for them; I ask for them. Most of the Fruit and Veg Professionals (the ones who have mastered the difficult art of weighing food and stickering it) usually looked at me without answering. Some responses were:

- No.

- It's winter.

- Ask my colleague.

- What?

I finally located some at one Maxi shop, but they were on the edge of extinction by the time I got them home. I am still looking when I walk into grocery stores, but my hopes of finding them are diminishing.

Supply and demand is viscous. If I look and search and quest for blueberries and ultimately come up with an empty shopping basket, eventually I will start to lose interest (in my case it might take a few months) and then, in the end, I may stop altogether and forget about them. And if I stop looking and asking, shopkeepers will think I (i.e., the Consumer) could not be bothered about the blueberry. And they will not even think about stocking them.

In the meantime, no one takes stock of the amount of blueberry juice and jam and muffins which get sold every day and adduce thereupon that people actually LIKE blueberries.

But ok... What's the point? There is nothing unusual about all of this. Absolutely not. As I said before, this is overspill of information. But something about the blueberry and finding it and its benefits and taste remains with me. So I wanted to share it.

But since we do not have easy access to blueberries to enhance our memories, you can take comfort in the fact that you probably forget having read this appeal for blueberries a few minutes after closing the page.

Although you may find yourself craving some blueberry barbeque sauce....


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jednatanja jednatanja 15:31 11.03.2010

Even here in Germany

berries are the hardest fruits to be found outside the season. And when I do stumble upon them, they are from the summer-shiny southern hemisphere.

Buy frozen, they are just as good and healthy.

Jelena Pavlović Jelena Pavlović 15:44 11.03.2010


I had blueberries for breakfast; loved them so much.....Accaiberries are the newest discovery in the popular science field. Too expensive, though.
AlexDunja AlexDunja 22:26 11.03.2010

Re: Berries

....Accaiberries are the newest discovery in the popular science field.

and what is that?
never heard.
google doesn't know, either
Chris Farmer Chris Farmer 22:43 11.03.2010

Re: Berries

AlexDunja AlexDunja 23:12 11.03.2010

Re: Berries

Chris Farmer
Açaí berries from the açaí palm tree.


tnx, chris,
now i know.
Filip2412 Filip2412 17:09 11.03.2010


I think the first time I tried fresh blueberries was 4 years ago when I moved to Canada.
OK, I might have tried wild ones in Serbia just few times, too few to remember...

Why they don't have them in Serbia, I really don't understand. It's my favourite fruit now, a little expensive though. I buy frozen often ...

and I love blueberries, almost getting addicted to them.
Dawngreeter Dawngreeter 18:56 11.03.2010

Blueberry pancakes

You take some blueberries, stick 'em in a pan. Add some sugar. Put it on the stove, not for too long - just enough to get the blueberry juices flowing and the sugar can start getting caramelized. You take a pancake (crepes, of course), slap some whipped cream on 'em, add the blueberry/caramel thing. Roll 'em up and forget to count calories for the next hour or so.

Gods damn you man, now I want some blueberries.



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