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Chris Farmer RSS / 26.12.2011. u 16:29

Strolling through the walkways of one of our illustrious shopping malls last night, I was bludgeoned on the head.

The instrument used to whack me was a nicely crafted bit of Consumer Nonsense such as often seems to happen to me. The attack was unprovoked (or not very much so) and left me in a bit of a daze for hours after. Let me explain....

I was with friends who were shopping. This means that my role was to follow along and present the aspect of someone who was interested in the surrounding wares so as not to give the impression that was just idly following a shopper. It sounds much more complicated than it actually is. In an electronics emporium, I saw something that actually did catch my attention.

A television at which I could not look.

It was a new 3D television, made by a group of clever Japanese or Korean scientists in their secret laboratory. To look at it in its display, the average consumer gets a headache. The displacement of the red-green and red-blue spectrum (anaglyph images) kept making me want to look away from it. But the rest of the display was quite attractive, including the price which seemed very low for a TV which can produce a headache at will (usually it takes a good deal of channel surfing to develop one).

So, of course, I asked the salesman if I could look at it with the special 3D glasses. After all, if I am going to invest in this technology, I should need to inspect it and see if the effect is as compelling as it promises. There was a requisite sofa at the ready for such viewings, placed at about a two meters twenty from the screen. I extended my hand in anticipation of receiving the glasses and completing the experience.

He said no.

After a short moment, I wondered aloud how he expected anyone to buy this TV and why it was set up for a test viewing if the glasses could not be used. "We don't have any," said he. So, again wondering aloud, if I were to decide to buy this, it would be because I IMAGINE that I could have 3D TV at home. I would have to IMAGINE that I liked it better than the regular 2D to which I have been accustomed over my entire lifetime and give it all up on the POSSIBILITY that I would like this better?

No batteries.

No batteries? In the glasses you do not have? This was the moment when my head began to spin and the full brunt of the Consumer Nonsense came cracking down over my skull. I looked back at the TV and found that the blues and reds seemed to have separated even further. Someone had sat down on the viewing sofa and was watching, without glasses. I looked at him closely to see if he did not have 3D ocular implants or contact lenses.

The salesman, trained professional that he was, looked at me in silence. His mouth seemed to be slightly open. His eyes were challenging. They could have been saying one of two things: A) I cannot be bothered to go to the back and get the glasses for you because you are not really going to buy this tonight; or B) I don't know what the glasses look like - I used to sell shoes. I asked him how many of these 3D TVs he had sold.

None. This is just a display.

WARNING: In order to avoid this experience, we strongly suggest that you form a negative opinion of 3D television before shopping. This will abnegate the dilatory effects of circular logic and will be much easier on the salesman.



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8c_competizione 8c_competizione 17:37 26.12.2011

Dear Chris

Where did this happened?
Chris Farmer Chris Farmer 18:02 26.12.2011

Re: Dear Chris

Where did this happened?

Hm... I suppose it COULD have been anywhere. If it were just a one-off I would name names, but since this kind of "service" is rather common occurrence, I should not like to single anyone out.

(sounds like advice from a lawyer doesn't it?)

srdjan.pajic srdjan.pajic 18:27 26.12.2011

Re: Dear Chris

Chris Farmer
Where did this happened?

Hm... I suppose it COULD have been anywhere. If it were just a one-off I would name names, but since this kind of "service" is rather common occurrence, I should not like to single anyone out.

(sounds like advice from a lawyer doesn't it?)


Maybe there were afraid to go back and get the batteries, because someone may try to steal the glasses, or the tv, or the sofa.

Chris Farmer Chris Farmer 21:37 26.12.2011

Re: Dear Chris

Maybe there were afraid to go back and get the batteries, because someone may try to steal the glasses, or the tv, or the sofa.

Possibly, but I think you attribute a kind of conscientiousness to the salesman which is perhaps a little generous. But 'tis the season, I suppose.

ivankagrump ivankagrump 22:37 26.12.2011

Need to borrow your goggles

I love how you always get into these comedy of the absurd types of situations. I could use that outlook. When I see a badly run business it just depresses me. Especially when a previously successful business is being ruined under new management. (Or it's just that I get cranky when I set my mind on a dessert and don't get what I want in the end.)

During an eventful four hour journey home from work this afternoon, I happened to walk by a long time favorite fast food place, with legendary crepes, their strawberries and cream being my filling of choice. It was under new management, now it belongs to a bakery chain that's been spreading across Beograd like cancer. I walked to the crepe corner only to notice that the girl formerly in charge of crepes now also sells sandwiches and pizza, making the wait in the line twice as long. OK, I could live with that. I had enough time to study the menu and I was pleased to see that strawberries and cream were still on it. Eventually it was my turn and I made my order. "Umm, we don't have strawberries", said the girl and paused for a second. "Or cream." I was wondering if "or crepes" was coming next. But it wasn't; I was able to order a crepe with chocolate spread and sour cherry filling.

As a cherry on top of bad service, I couldn't taste the cherry at all.
Chris Farmer Chris Farmer 12:20 30.12.2011

Re: Need to borrow your goggles

To paraphrase the Mick: you can't always get what you want, and if you try sometimes you can't always get what you need either!

LESSON 1: Better is the enemy of Good.
LESSON 2: Do NOT mess with the strawberries and cream!
eizo eizo 07:44 27.12.2011


In democratic Serbia, TV watches you...
a_jovicic a_jovicic 03:47 29.12.2011

Is there a pilot in the plane?

This reminds me of a situation I was 9 years ago at "Joke About Time" (a.k.a. "JAT Airways" ) ticket office.

Those days I've frequently traveled to Tivat, Montenegro (usually by bus) but I've catch a cold and decided to try "last-minute" flight booking ... so I've visited one of JAT ticket offices in Belgrade and asked lady is there maybe chances that some seats are free on flight day after tomorrow. She look at me and said ...

"I don't know"

!?! Am I at the right place? ... huh, maybe I've got fever and start to hallucinate!?! ... is this maybe candid camera?!? ... were some thought starting to run in my brain (while my mouth were widely open) but lady continued after few moments ...

... "computer system went down"

Good God ... I'm not insane! ... well I'm IT engineer, it happens ... that bloody machines goes down from time to time (my mouth starts to close and my brain go to stand-by)

... "three days ago!" ... she continued

Whaaat?!? ... this is not good ... if system is down already 3 days God knows when they'll fix it (and off course my mouth were widely open again)

"Well ... is there some manual booking procedure so you can call somebody who can check and put me on the list?" ... I've asked optimistically.

"No ... our network in whole country is fully automated and we never had such issue before" ... she said.

"OK ... I understand ... but your planes still flying ... how can I buy ticket?" ... I've insisted.

"Well mister ... you can go to airport few hours before flight and try to buy ticket ... if there are free seats, you'll travel ... if not, you can try same before next flight ... or you can check tomorrow ... maybe they will fix it"

I've got images of long queues in my mind and my body temperature starts to rise so I said thanks to the lady and exit office.

Fortunately, system was fixed next day and I've bought ticket for desired flight.
Chris Farmer Chris Farmer 11:02 29.12.2011

Re: Is there a pilot in the plane?

Brilliant story: JAT's attempt to become a city bus!

duchesse duchesse 21:14 29.12.2011

A proud owner of 3D TV

This is the first time I've heard the glasses need batteries, and I own 8 3D TV glasses. And the new 3D technology does not cause headaches. It's far more advanced than the one we're used to seeing in the cinemas. Oh and the TV converts 2D to 3D, and BBC's Planet Earth is amazing in 3D. That alone is worth reconsidering, trust me.
Chris Farmer Chris Farmer 12:16 30.12.2011

Re: A proud owner of 3D TV

Points Taken:

1. I was a little confused by the battery thing too. But I am easily confused.
2. Properly used, I should think they do NOT cause headaches.
3. More advanced: agreed.


Points NOT taken:

1. The experience of purchasing the new, advanced, non-cephalalgic technology must be at least tantamount in happiness to owning it.
2. I am happier to refuse my custom to a boneheaded sales person than to buy in spite of him.



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