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Breaking News: New Book on the Loose!

Chris Farmer RSS / 05.11.2014. u 09:54

BELGRADE – Despite the best efforts of his readers, Chris Farmer’s new book “Grumpy in Belgrade” is hitting the bookshelves even as we speak. With respect to the owners of these bookshops, we will not mention their names here. They know who they are.

“Grumpy in Belgrade” brings together the blogs, essays, and increasingly obscure thoughts of one American in Belgrade, struggling to make sense of the nonsensical. And making nonsense of the rest.

Having appeared in Politika, Living in Belgrade (.com), Belgrade Insight, and on his B92 blog over the past few years, these essays go from the ridiculous to the (almost) sublime. Readers have laughed, cried, and organized lynch mobs in reaction to these writings.

Chris Farmer is reportedly still at large and in an undisclosed location.


Read more on The Standard Deviation 


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rade.radumilo rade.radumilo 11:08 05.11.2014


jinks jinks 11:19 05.11.2014


What's with the book cover :) ... if the title were Grumpy in London, for example, maybe it would fit more, I guess :)
Jelena Pavlović Jelena Pavlović 12:20 05.11.2014


The next book should be titled: The Perpetual Halloween in Belgrade.
pape92 pape92 13:28 05.11.2014

Standardno dobro

Filip2412 Filip2412 22:05 05.11.2014


The cover does make sense as I understand it: It is raining only on Chris!!!

Now jokes aside, I have no idea what is the book about however, in advance I hope it is a personal experience and not a cheesy traveler's guide with tons politically correct bs.

I really do appreciate every effort of a newcomer who tries to give their perspective on Serbia. Especially respect those who don't serve us with elaborate bullshit on how Serbian girls are most beautiful, cuisine is the best and how people are warm & charming.
qqriq qqriq 22:16 05.11.2014

Re: ...


Chris Farmer Chris Farmer 09:03 06.11.2014


Thanks everyone!



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