Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Ideas - 2021 Guide
Writing essays is a very interesting activity and is an entire skill in itself. But, many students fail to understand its basic concept and that makes them unable to write a good essay. This eventually leads them to ask others to “write essay for me”.


In this article, we will talk about the topics of a very interesting essay type which is a compare and contrast essay. Before that, you need to know what is a compare and contrast essay. This essay is also known as a comparison essay in which a writer compares two or more objects on the basis of similarities or differences.


To write this essay in a good way, one must have a good topic in hand. The essay topic is one of those things that is required for writing a good essay. It must be chosen wisely and it must be interesting and unique. Down below, we have gathered some interesting compare and contrast essay topics for you. Remember that you always have an open option to hire a professional and ask them to “write my essay”. 
Use these topics well for your essay writing assignment.  
● Video games and the traditional concept of art
● Academic writing vs. scientific writing
● The link between technology and depression
● Comedy or drama movies. What would be the preference. 
● The contrast between gas and electric cars.
● Online shopping at home vs. shopping at malls.
● Skype vs. fact time. phone communication.
● Smart house vs. ordinary cellular phone. 
● Vegetables and Fruits. Which one of both has more nutritions in it. 
● Differences between Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism.
● Which is more harmful between Cigarettes vs. alcohol abuse?
● Wearing pants or dresses at the workplace. 
● Working full-time in the office vs. Freelancing.
● Compare and contrast Roman literature and Greek literature.
● Significant differences between Canadian and essay writing service American English
● What are the similarities and differences between the sun and the moon?
● Watching a movie at home vs booking at a theatre. 
● Relationship between school bullies and famous dictators.
● Cooking video recipes vs. traditional cookery books.
● Camping in the woods or spending a night in a motel.
● University campus and community college campus
● Orthodox Christmas and Christmas in Muslim countries
● American Government Towards the Private and Public Companies.
● Difference between life in Japan before and after World War 2
● Advanced placement classes worse or better than honors classes?
● Money or gifts make people happier when it comes to write my essay for me holidays.
● Similarities between feeling Sad and feeling Lonely.
● Traditional dishes of American vs traditional dishes of Britain. 
● Korean government vs The Chinese government.
● The Welfare Programs of Canada vs The other countries of the world. 
● Differences in customs & traditions of various churches
● Comparing a couple of world’s nations based on their religion
● Differences between the American and the British.
● Persuasive essay vs Argumentative essay. 
● Traditional Education or Remote Learning?
● The concept of the end of the world in different religions

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