100 Synthesis essay topics: find good ideas for your college essay

Coming up with an interesting topic to write about has become really hard nowadays. It just seems like everything has been discussed in depth already.

If you’re struggling to find a good topic for yourself don’t worry about it. Even the best essay writer can run out of ideas. Today, I’ll be making things easier for you by listing 100 essay topics.

The topics listed below are from a range of disciplines. Before running off to an online essay writing service, see if any of them catch your attention. Also, do keep in mind that you can be flexible with how you want to discuss a topic.

Environment and climate change

A Hot topic these days, environmental degradation is one of the most pressing issues of our lifetime.

the impact of beef on the planet.
The ethics of animal testing
The dark side of renewable energy
Fast fashion and water scarcity
Light pollution should be taken seriously
Single-use plastics must be banned.
Why capitalism is at odds with environmental protection
Fossil fuels must be banned.
Climate change and foreign policy
Climate change and food security


Looking to the past is a great source of inspiration!

1- Colonialism still exists.
2- Factors that shaped middle eastern politics.
3- History of racism in Asia
4- Factors influencing American foreign policy
5- The rise of populism
6- Is democracy over?
7- Systemic racism in America
8- The relationship between EU member states
9- The threat of World War 3
10- Is China the new global superpower?

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There's always something to write about when it comes to health.

1- Growing global obesity
2- The threat of the next pandemic
3- The impact of covid on mental health
4- The dangers of air pollution
5- The impact of social media on body dysmorphia
6- The health impacts of processed food
7- Is organic food healthier?
8- Navigating cities with disability
9- The state of US healthcare
10- The problems of pharmaceutical drug pricing

Ever-Changing and so very interesting, dive into the world of tech!

1- The dangers of social media
2- The power of tech giants
3- Chinas developing tech industry
4- Rare metals and global trade
5- The potential of 5g
6- The reality of self-driving cars
7- Is augmented reality efficient
8- Technology and privacy
9- The use of tech in forensics
10- The dangers of hacking


The nature of modern-day education is a subject of much debate in the political sphere.

1- Is college still worth it?
2- Apprenticeship or higher education
3- Education inequality in America
4- Racial inequality in education
5- Factors determining academic achievement
6- The case for free college in the US
7- Financial literacy in the developed world
8- The impact of class size on academic performance
9- Income inequality and education
10- Racial achievement gap in education

Economics and trade
Better or worse? Discussions regarding the economy never get old.
1- Is globalization coming to an end?
2- Is the gender pay gap real?
3- The impact of technology on trade
4- Labor mobility in the EU
5- The impact of covid on the global economy
6- The future of the oil industry
7- The economics of renewable energy
8- The impact of a trade war between China and the US.
9- The rise of Asian economies.
10- Economic security and immigration


Language, music, and entertainment examine the dynamics of culture.
1- The impact of religion on culture
2- The influence of Asian media on western audiences
3- Cultural shifts in America
4- Issues with identity among mix-raced individuals
5- Culture as a political tool
6- The impact of globalization on national culture
7- The influence of culture on communication
8- The role of social media in shaping culture
9- Foreign influences on western music
10- The cultural impact of trade relations


Shopping is a big part of our lives. Examine the relationship between businesses and individuals.
1- Is work from home more efficient?
2- Impact of technology on consumer trends
3- The impact of trade relations on local business
4- The growing power of tech firms
5- Racial bias in employment
6- The environmental costs of large corporations
7- MNC’s and labor exploitation in the 3rd world.
8- The impact of covid on small business.
9- Should the wealthy pay higher taxes?
10- Has the smartphone market reached its peak?


The science of the mind! explore the various topics that shape our psyche.
1- Factors influencing motivation
2- Gender disparity and mental illness
3- Mental healthcare inequality in America
4- Impact of stress on work productivity
5- The health benefits of dreaming
6- Factors contributing to child abuse
7- Impact of environmental degradation on mental health
8- The mental health impact of covid-19
9- The relationship between mental health and academic achievement
10- Factors that shape personality


There’s no such thing as too much discussion regarding politics.
1- Is electronic voting better?
2- The politicization of healthcare in the US
3- The rise of nationalism in Europe
4- Is the two-part system disadvantageous?
5- Should America rethink capitalism?
6- The future of NATO
7- A case against the European union
8- The political implication of BLM
9- Does the UN need to be reformed?
10- Was the War on Terror justified?

I hope you find something here that you can use. Whenever I write my essay, I tend to combine different topics. Don’t be afraid to do the same!
Remember, a good topic is only part of a good essay. Effective essay writing is about how you incorporate your perspective. It’s also important to select a topic that genuinely interests you so that writing about it doesn’t feel like a punishment.

And there you go, have fun write my paper for me an awesome essay!


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