Ideas to Establish a Strong Thesis Statement for Compare and Contrast Essay - Guide

In the academic writing world, there are several types of essays written. All the essays written for academic and other purposes have the same format that needs to be followed. The set format of all types of essays starts with an introduction in which the writer has to explain the topic and give a little background related to the subject that will be discussed in the essay. The introduction of an essay ends with a thesis statement. This is the most important sentence of your essays in which the main argument is stated. The author has to state what they will be supporting or discussing in the essay in the thesis statement. Whenever I essay writer I ensure that the introductions end with a strong and clear thesis statement. A tip to all new essay writers would be that they should always brainstorm their thesis statement before writing it in your essay as it plays an important part in grabbing the attention of the reader.

According to the format, the next section of an essay is the body paragraphs in which the author provides further arguments and evidence to support their thesis statement. For example, in a compare and contrast essay, the writer will have to provide facts in this section to support what they think about the things that are being compared in the essay. The last section of any essay is the conclusion. This section summarizes all the information discussed in the essay and then the author provides their opinion regarding the problem/issue discussed in the essay. As in this article, we are discussing how to write strong thesis statements for a expert essay writer it is important for people to first understand what a compare and contrast essay is.

What to include in a compare and contrast essay?

Compare and contrast essays the writer compares two contents. The comparison which is assessed in this type of essay could be done between different ideas, concepts, and objects. In the first part of such an essay, the author tells the similarities between the contents being compared, and then in the second part, they address the differences which exist between the topics under discussion. The author has to compare several aspects of the two contents. For instance, if a comparison is being done between two different documents the writer has to discuss the difference in the language, vocabulary, and style of the respective author of the content at professional essay writers online

How to write a strong thesis statement in a compare and contrast essay?

As mentioned before, a thesis statement plays an important part in developing the interest of the reader and grabbing their attention. If the author writes a weak and irrelevant thesis statement the reader will not be convinced and you may lose marks if this was a marked assignment for you. Important tips for a good thesis statement in a compare and contrast essay must include:

The clarity in the thesis statement

The first and the most important thing is to write a clear thesis statement. It should be such that the reader could easily know what the writer is trying to compare in the essay. The stance should be clearly understandable for the reader and there should be no hidden message or double meaning in the statementthrough hire essay writers


Strong and persuasive words should be used

The author should always make sure to include strong and meaningful words in their thesis statement. These words should be convincing for the reader as well so that they may be persuaded by the comparison the author is trying to make in the essay.

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