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matangi_logo.jpgTonga je arhipelag od 170 ostrva od kojih nastanjenih 48 imaju malo vise od sto hiljada stanovnika.  Mirni ostrvski zivot ispunjen suncem i ribolovom je uznemirio Srbin, Beogradjanin Ivan Simic. Nejasno je kako i zasto, ali od pocetka ove godine Ivan redovno pise clanke koje mozete naci na lokalnom sajtu Matangi - Tonga Online. Jedan od njegovih clanaka objavljen 13 Nov 2008 zapoceo je diskusiju na temu US i rat, pa se  preslo na II Svetski rat, pa na Srbe kao zlikovce .... 

U prepisku su se ukljucili i drugi sa Samoa, Havaja, i USA. Jedino se lokalni Kralj George V jos nije oglasio. Predlazem blogerima B92 da svako napise bar jedan paragraf kao odgovor za rubriku Letters & Comments : Politics i da zatrpamo ovaj sajt sa svojim misljenjem na zapocetu temu.

Ovde mozete naci rezime clanaka, a za kompletan text pritisnite na linkove. Prepisku vezanu za Ivanov clanak, kao i nastavak serije pratite na sajtu Matangi Tonga Online. Simpaticno, poucno i zacudjujuce.

USA's best interests
San Francisco, USA: The United States of America is a very complex society and it is not easy for one person to criticize it without any or too many faults. I really don't trust that Mr. Ivan Simic's negative criticisms would, in any way, shape, or form, have any impact on the United States of America. The USA will continue to do what is in the best interests of its people. - Siosaia Fatani.
15 Dec 2008, 11:48

The Serbians' view of the West
USA: Thank you for allowing alternative perspectives on the civil wars in Yugoslavia on your website which is indeed rare. Tragically, most Westerners have only hear one side of the story and as a result, the Western public has been woefully misinformed about what really happened in Yugoslavia and the deep Western involvement and culpability in the crisis there. - Dr Michael Pravica.
15 Dec 2008, 05:10

The issue is Srebrenica Massacre and not Nazi Germany
USA: There is no hope if no one is brave enough to stand up and confront Evil. We always know that Evil happens because 'good men do nothing'. Let me remind you once more. America and its Allies (including Tongan American Officers) were brave enough to stand up, confront, and end the insanity that happened at Srebrenica. The year was 1995 Bosnia and not 1942 Germany. - Sione. Tulimaiau.
11 Dec 2008, 16:32

The unholy First World War
Los Angeles, USA: In response to Joe Smith regarding Serbia, his first remark about the "assassination of the Austrian Archduke" is insulting and misleading. Perhaps to people of Mr. Smith's ilk it is acceptable to assassinate a Serbian king, but unholy to assassinate an Archduke who refused to abide by international treaties and who fomented World War One which destroyed the Austrian Empire. - William Dorich.
11 Dec 2008, 13:03

Serbian Nationalist Rhetoric
Utah, USA: That America is reducing its forces in Germany, Japan, and Korea, is not a sign of them pushing us out, but rather a sign that they are now stable and strong democracies that are able to stand on their own. It also shows that America is not interested in being an imperial power; otherwise we would have added a few more stars to our flag after WWII. - Joe Smith.
10 Dec 2008, 17:32

Tell me one Tongan officer who saved Serbia from the Nazi
Belgrade, Serbia: I would like to ask you Mr. Tuaileva or someone in the South Pacific to find one or two Tonga American Officer(s) of the US military who went into Serbia (Yugoslavia) during World War II, fought on the ground and saved Serbia from Nazi Germany. - Ivan Simic.
08 Dec 2008, 13:19

US saved Serbia from tyranny
Honolulu, Hawaii: Please ask Ivan about Tongan American Officers from the US Military that were part of the Allied Forces that went to Serbia and saved them from all the Tyranny Leaders that were indicted at the World Court at the Hague, and his Gloom and Doom scenario of his opinion is really bogus. - M. T. Tuaileva.
05 Dec 2008, 11:52

Tonga's whaling rights
Pago Pago, Amerika Samoa: I am surprised that the Department of Commerce and the Government of Tonga have not taken the initiative to fight for Tonga's to be able to get at least two whales a year for local consumption. - Sione Lousiale Kava.
03 Dec 2008, 11:54

World War II: 63 years after
Belgrade, Serbia: Did the Allied Powers really defeat Germany, Italy and Japan in World War II? It looks like they did not. If Germany, Italy and Japan decide to start a new war by forcing out the US military bases from their territories - can we expect to see all five major Allies Powers and Security Council members joining against them for the second time? - Ivan Simic.
01 Dec 2008, 10:40

The ugliest thing in the world, no war
Pago Pago, Amerika Samoa: War is an ugly thing, but it is not the ugliest of all things. The ugliest thing is people who think there is nothing worth fighting for in this world. The US is saying, if it is not Us then who? If it is not now, then when? - Mafi 'o Amerika Samoa.
15 Nov 2008, 05:05

US should stop fighting useless wars
Belgrade, Serbia: China, India, Russia and European Union are getting economically stronger, and the USA economy is beginning to stagnate. If this trend continues, then the only way for the United States to remain a superpower will be to fight wars. It would be better for the US to invest wafare money in the domestic economy, instead of spending billions of dollars on useless wars. - Ivan Simic.
13 Nov 2008, 15:30

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