2014-09-28 10:37:53
Društvo| Satira

Unnatural Cavemen

Chris Farmer RSS / 28.09.2014. u 11:37

One day, about two million years ago, a caveman discovered that lying with a cavewoman could lead to cavelings, while lying with other cavemen never did. This was a Discovery!

He began to speak to other cavemen about his discovery. He began to extol the virtues of making as many cavelings as possible with as many cave women as could be found. And he also began to warn everyone against lying with their fellow cavemen. He told them it was Wrong. He told them it was Unnatural. He said it would affect their ability to hunt mammoths and make fire.


Did you read the Book?

The Book is not available yet. It is the subject of conjecture and wild surmise. The Book began eight years ago. The words are written. The pages, however, are as yet unassembled, unordered, and unbound. What is the Book? Who has the Book?

And will it cure my bunions?


The leaf blower was invented in by Dom Quinto in the late 1950s by combining a chain-saw with Boeing 747 jet engine and attaching a convenient shoulder strap.

The effect is meant to demonstrate the machine's power by generating enough noise to drown out any other urban man-made sound within 10 kilometers of the blower.

It also

2014-05-21 12:59:40

Humanitarians All

Chris Farmer RSS / 21.05.2014. u 13:59

In times of crisis, we are called upon to become humanitarians.

The ongoing crisis in Serbia, the devastating effects of flooding on countless homes, buildings, people, and animals over a very large part of the country, seems to have brought the humanitarians out in droves. More than 3,000 able-bodied men and women marched on Sabac to shore up the floodwalls. Humanitarian aid to the victims of the floods poured in from around the country and from abroad. People have donated their time, their money, their clothes, their food, and their Facebook pages to the humanitarian effort.

2014-04-26 12:34:56
Društvo| Filozofija

Selfie Indulgence

Chris Farmer RSS / 26.04.2014. u 13:34

Who needs friends?

Here I am eating breakfast. Here's me downtown. Here I am with my cat. Here's my cat (and me). Here I am at my best friend's wedding. Here I am getting tested for STDs. Here I am at a funeral. Here is me.

Me. Me. Me.

2014-03-29 15:11:14
Društvo| Životni stil

Too Hip, Gotta Go

Chris Farmer RSS / 29.03.2014. u 16:11

I just found out I am too old to be a hipster. I am just old-fashioned. If I were under 30, then old-fashioned would qualify as hipster. Thus spake the Urban Dictionary.

The hipster has become ubiquitous. They sport my old clothes. They wear my old glasses. They listen to music which either predates me or hasn't yet been invented. In fact, every time that I sorted through my old things and gave them away, I was helping to forge the Hipster.

2014-03-25 09:45:05
Društvo| Filozofija| Kultura

Arranging to Save the World

Chris Farmer RSS / 25.03.2014. u 10:45

The universe is out of whack. We know it.

And it is all out of our control. Earthquakes quake. Weather squalls. Clouds cumulate. What can anyone do to combat this? Human fallibility on the other hand creates a whole new set of wrong-angle situations - trains derail, airplanes get lost over Malaysia, fanatics get elected to positions of power, armies roll in, and someone wears a red shirt with yellow striped pants.

True story. I have seen that guy.

2014-03-04 11:44:09
Biz| Društvo| Ekonomija

The Wages of Apathy

Chris Farmer RSS / 04.03.2014. u 12:44

Why do I bother to fight?

I feel the need, the urge, to say something, but I know full well that my words will drift in the breeze like so much background noise - not even remotely disturbing to the people who should hear them, people who should be deeply disturbed by them.

The saddest part about trying to explain the deplorable, stressful, and completely unacceptable experience


It is my last cigarette. It smokes now beside me. It is the last one. Ever.

Ever, however, is way too long. There are not any evers in life. Ever belongs to the church, to mythology, to fairy tales. Our world, the real and tangible and smokable world, is about increments of time. Time since my last cigarette. Time before my last cigarette. Time it takes to smoke a cigarette. Time I need to suck on my electronic cigarette to make up for the time it took to smoke my last cigarette.

2013-12-30 13:41:47
Budućnost| Društvo| Život

Reverse Backsliding

Chris Farmer RSS / 30.12.2013. u 14:41

Time for a change. Again.

At the moment of the transition from one year into the next one, I am always confronted by a Troubling Paradox. The Christmas and New Year's (or New Year's and Christmas in orthodox juxtaposition) holidays always urge me to Observe Tradition and Incite Revolution.