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Top 5 break-up lines

  • lets end this shitty relationship, for both our sakes.
  • I'm sorry, but you haven't been giving me pleasure for some time now.
  • we should both stop pretending. Oh really? Well I've been pretending the whole time, but recently the strain has become too much.
  • I've tried so hard to understand you but I just can't. With Alex it's all so different, so easy.
  • I find you disgusting to lie beside.

Every evening you promise yourself that the next morning you will do some exercise and get something done.

Pekaratura : D

  • The maximum distance between two pekaras in Belgrade is 51.8m
  • The average pekara offers between 19 and 26 different products; of these, 1 to 3 are very good, and 4 to 6 are quite nice.
  • Bread is the food of the poor
  • Everybody has the best pekara in their area, just around the corner from their place - really, it's that good, there are queues outside.
  • Statistically, due to the amazing density of bakeries, in any given area at least one of them will be good
  • The Turkish word for "circle" is çevre


we can produce an interactive online map where people can mark the decent bakeries in their area, and when you click on them it tells you which products that bakery does well. So if you want
kiflica and you're in Palilula, you can go to the map and find the bakeries that do decent kiflica in Palilula, and if you then click on one of the bakeries it will also tell you what else that bakery does that's decent.

Upper Dorchol contains an average of 14 bars per hectare; on a Tuesday night at 10pm each contains an average of 4 people, including the barman.

Allowing iTunes to play your tracks in alphabetical order can reveal surprising things about yourself.

In Belgrade zones I to III you are never more than 18m away from a mejacnica.

There is an excess of trafikas operating in daytime hours and an insufficiency at night.

In Belgrade zones I to III you are never more than 21m away from a fotokopirnica.

Top 5 grandiose small business names

1. Kopirnica "Konsul"
2. Menjacnica "Panter"
3. Kopirnica "Copy QUEEN", sprat II
4. Pekara "Moćan Osvajač"
5. Kopirnica "Neverovatno Ogromno Lice"

The film industry contains more unpleasant people than the music industry.

Your friend's brother is a DJ

You're not going to be like everyone else. You're going to do something interesting with your life.

Imagine being pegged out, limbs splayed, on a windy hillside facing a large wide white sky.



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stephen dedalus stephen dedalus 17:14 26.02.2008

top break-up line of all times

has to be "it's not you, it's me."
recently i developed a new one, can't wait to try it: "sorry i couldn't come with you. i had to go to romania."
Jelena Pavlović Jelena Pavlović 18:57 26.02.2008

Re: top break-up line of all times

One couldn't come because of the busy schedule and the trip to Romania, while the other actually came and smiled for the first time. The rich political scene of Serbia filled with eroticism and wet , finally fulfilled ,dreams. The Russians are coming, too.
stephen dedalus stephen dedalus 21:47 26.02.2008

Re: top break-up line of all times

the other actually came and smiled for the first time

i know it's lame, but what the hell.
skyspoter skyspoter 18:04 26.02.2008

more facts

* the minimum distance between pubs in London is a few yards
* any pub which doesn’t offer stella is not a pub, it’s a shite hole
* average bar attender doesn’t speak english and is actually polish
* wine in pubs is served warm
* food is shite except crisps, preferably salt and vinegar
* beer has been helping ugly people have sex since 1879

Piccadilly line is in blue on tube map.
Central line is in red on tube map
Circle line is in yellow and goes into circle.
District line is in green and smells.
Northern line is in black and is always late.

Every hospital in London has an information desk packed with old people who cant hear.

Foreigners carry city maps around London.

On Chiltern Railways out of London you can get a seat. On any other trains you have to fight to get one .

There are more banks in London then libraries.

There more pubs then banks.

If you don’t read or make money the huge possibility is that you are an alcoholic

juzer juzer 20:54 27.02.2008

Re: more facts

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juzer juzer 20:58 27.02.2008

Re: more facts

Mir Mir 13:06 01.03.2008

Re: more facts




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