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Surrendering to the Inevitable

Chris Farmer RSS / 06.02.2012. u 13:34

This is terrible.

As much as the city is being held in the grip of Nature and the adamantine grip of her snow, so do I - after having resisted for several days - feel inexorably pulled into the Snow Trap. I have to write about the snow. I do not WANT to write about the snow! I rebel against its banality in subject matter! I push against its encroaching walls!

Yet here we are....

I peruse the media, online and off, and find story after story after anecdote after amusing reflection on the snow. We are fascinated and terrified by it. We cancel everything as a result of it. We revel in it and we are repelled by it.

There seem to be no half-measures concerning the snow. It affronts us and demands that we strike up an attitude toward it. Moving from place to place, our footfalls are gripped by it. Travelling by automotive contrivance, we have to spend hours clearing the carcass and breathing life back into it. And the snow keeps falling, keeps covering it back up, and we keep sweeping it away.

Nature always wins.

And there are the enviably free spirits who embrace the snow. They run out into it. They jump. They play. They make snow angels and expose themselves to frostbite without care. They make snowmen who smell through carrots and see through small stones. They laugh a lot and they smile a lot. I like them. They are not oppressed by the white blanket. They are nurtured by it.

Most of us grumble, however. We stomp and grumble to the shops. We shake and shiver and wish we were back indoors. We wonder why-in-the-name-of-God we came out in the first place. Usually we did not leave our homes in the name of God, but in the name of Carrying On Regardless.

We like to think that we are somehow more than mere Nature. It is only snow, after all. It is just a thing in our way, we think. But it stymies us. Impossible as it is to pretend it is not an obstacle, we pretend all the same. Trudging and slipping and getting up and pressing on, we arrive at our destination and what then do we do?

We talk about the snow.



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blue rider blue rider 14:31 06.02.2012

For some of us

Living in the suburbs of Belgrade, read Labudovo Brdo, we don't talk about snow. We shovel and shovel and then do a bit more shoveling :) There is a good thing that comes out of it though,sort of Serbian neighborly spirit. The elderly, not being able to shovel, make us a couple of shots of hot rakija and hence make our efforts a bit easier. Wonderful!
Chris Farmer Chris Farmer 15:20 06.02.2012

Re: For some of us

I would like that conversation.

marko.knezovic marko.knezovic 15:40 06.02.2012

Re: For some of us

Chris Farmer
I would like that conversation.Thanks.

I would like some snow. It is 40 degrees down here in Chile.

Chris, may I distribute your "snow photo" around here?

Chris Farmer Chris Farmer 15:46 06.02.2012

Re: For some of us

40 works for me. Shall we swap?
marko.knezovic marko.knezovic 15:52 06.02.2012

Re: For some of us

Chris Farmer
40 works for me. Shall we swap?

I don't know why "the grass is always greener on the other side" but I would swap. At least, for a couple of hours.

But, there is the teleportation problem. Why don't someone invent it?

dobrosavljevic_m dobrosavljevic_m 16:05 06.02.2012

Re: For some of us

There's nothing you can do, my man, just go with the flow (snow, that is).

....No, that was me trying to get myself in the 'winter happy' mood, but it's just not working
bandina bandina 16:16 06.02.2012

Re: For some of us

No, enough with "going with the flow" crap. This is shameful..it stopped being funny couple days ago.
fantomatsicna fantomatsicna 23:33 06.02.2012

I would like too

When we after 70 years for the first time had snow here in Auckland (very little) everybody was happy as...
It's February..is snow not normal there?
mlekac mlekac 04:50 07.02.2012

Just relax

and enjoy it, Chris.

It will pass...

At least you have nice picture which you can watch to cool down next summer.



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