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The Great Shift continued

Mark Pullen RSS / 07.12.2013. u 13:48

continued from part 1:

According to physicist Tom Campbell's interesting Big TOE (Theory Of Everything), "We are individuated units of consciousness in a greater consciousness system and we evolve individually over many incarnations in this and other virtual reality sub-systems by lowering our entropy through love (manifested through empathy and collaboration). The opposite of love is fear (manifested through selfishness, a sense of ownership and competition), which increases our entropy and causes us to de-evolve".

As Yoda, the great Jedi Master, said "Fear leads to anger, anger to hate, hate to suffering."

Campbell's theory makes it easy to identify what is a moral course of action and what isn't, i.e. anything that helps bring greater coherence and unity to the "greater consciousness system" is moral and anything that increases its entropy, or leads to greater disorder or division, is immoral.

And what are we evolving into? Well, if we consider Robert Lanza's suggestion that "relative to the supreme creator, we humans are much like the microorganisms we scrutinize under the microscope" and the suggestion of late philosopher Alan Watts, author of The Way of Zen, that the universe creates people in the same way that an apple tree produces apples, then we must conclude that we are evolving into greater and more complex beings of consciousness; that we are immature "verses" gradually evolving into "universes"; that we are all following in the footsteps of the "supreme creator" and that we evolve by living in and acting through love - with the only other option being to live and act through fear.

We shouldn't think of the idea of universal love as some New Age notion of a romantic attachment to everyone on the planet. Rather, we should think of it as compassion and empathy for our fellow Earthlings. Think of us as individual complex cells in a single organism. If the cells in your kidney were competing against one another and acting in their own narrow perceived self interest then the kidney would become diseased and eventually cease to function. Similarly, our planet is apparently dying because we are not working together.

One might think competing and striving to achieve more than the next person is part of human nature, an inevitable result of the notion of "survival of the fittest", social Darwinism, our "selfish gene", but this is just part of your social programming. Groundbreaking research in recent years has proven something we all know intuitively: that we are "hardwired" for compassion and empathy. According to Jeremy Rifkin, author of The Empathic Civilisation, modern humans - what he describes as homo empathicus - have something called mirror neurons, which means that "if I'm observing you: your anger, frustration, sense of rejection or joy, I can feel that and the same neurons will light up in me as if I'm having that experience myself." As we progress as Earthlings, the goal must be to extend our empathy beyond our narrow family group, religious, national or other affiliations, to every living being on the planet and the planet itself, which is also a living being, and ultimately to the entire universe. In order to do this we must change our society from one that promotes individualism, selfish desire and the ambition to "get ahead", to one that promotes unity with, and compassion for, every living being in existence.

How does all of this impact on our everyday lives? For me, it first and foremost changed the way I view my body. I no longer see it as something solid and static, but rather as something made up of zillions of conscious atoms all constantly moving. Each organ in my body is essentially an atomic swarm, vibrating at a specific frequency, controlled by a force that's directed by my conscious mind. It's like my body is an inaudible symphony and my mind is the conductor. So, if I have harmony in my mind, then I have harmony in my body. If I do not have harmony in my mind, then my body is not at ease, or rather it is dis-eased. If I am dwelling on negative thoughts and emotions, playing the blame game, making judgements about my actions and those of other people, forcing my will on others, worrying about something or feeling fear, stress, vulnerability and anxiety, this effects my ability to maintain harmony in my being and therefore health in my body. As this anonymous saying suggests, "your mind is a garden. Your thoughts are the seeds. You can grow flowers. Or you can grow weeds." This is a daily struggle, but it becomes easier once you stop paying attention to the fear-mongering mainstream media, stop letting television or pop culture or the theories of the existing paradigm shape the reality you perceive through your consciousness on a daily basis, start practising mindfulness and stop believing that death is anything other than an inevitable transformation.

Secondly, it helped me to determine that, despite appearances, using your imagination and daydreaming - in a positive fashion - are more important than physical toil and action. That is to say, both are important, but we need to find a balance and shouldn't consider sitting in deep contemplation or nurturing positive fantasies (or even emptying our minds and just "being") as a waste of time if, as Hagelin suggests, "we're living in a thought universe". Nowadays calling somebody a "dreamer" is an insult, but in ancient times, before our consciousness was hijacked by what Hancock refers to as the "alert, problem-solving state of consciousness" that dominates our lives today, being considered a dreamer was a great compliment. Dreamers were philosophers. Now they're just considered lazy.

Finally, it led me to conclude that there is a purpose to my life after all and it is not to make money or amass material possessions. It is to experience life in this place - to experience what it is like to use this body to dance and sing; to experience the taste of chocolate and the sensation of a rollercoaster ride - but also to evolve my spirit, to evolve my personal universe, and to help others evolve theirs so that we can collectively create a more harmonious world for all.

If you don't wake up every day feeling exhilarated to be alive and lucky to be occupying the body vehicle you're currently in, then I'm afraid you've forgotten who you are. Remember! You're an immortal spirit! Life's just a fun ride, an opportunity for the spirit to actually experience the things it can otherwise only imagine. Don't take it so seriously. And don't waste the opportunity to have some fun!

Believe what you will, but be mindful always.

I will end this section with a quote from the great 13th century Persian philosopher Rumi: "Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."

The Great Shift - overarching theory
"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them... The world we have created today as a result of our thinking thus far has problems which cannot be solved by thinking the way we thought when we created them" - Albert Einstein

What I have done with the sections you have just read is to alter your consciousness, without the use of psychedelics or trance-inducing chants or meditation, from a state of "alert/problem-solving" to a state of "contemplative/creative" consciousness.

If you have read this with an open mind and considered what I have been saying, you are now questioning the validity of the programming that has moulded your perceptions of the world and of life.

Now, if "mind" is primary to all life, if the universe is made of the same "stuff" thoughts are made of, leading to the manifestation of matter, and if thus, as Pablo Picasso said, "everything you can imagine is real", then it makes sense that every civilisation is based, first and foremost, on a series of fundamental beliefs that help us shape our collective reality. For instance, the belief that the universe is made of mindless matter, evolution is about survival of the fittest, time is linear, death is an inevitable ending, the individual is more important than the collective and the hidden hand of market forces will regulate the economy, are among the fundamental beliefs that form the civilisation that we are in the process of transcending.

Evolution, in my opinion, based on my research and contemplation, can only occur at the level of consciousness, because consciousness, intelligent self-aware energy (aka spirit), is the only thing that actually exists. There is only one form of life and it is spirit. So, were we apes? Yes. When our spirits had evolved to the level where we could manifest as apes, we were apes. Apes have not, do not and will not physically evolve, because matter is just a manifestation of spirit. So, spirits that are currently manifesting ape bodies will find themselves manifesting human bodies when they evolve spiritually and spirits currently manifesting human bodies will find themselves manifesting planetary bodies when they evolve to that level and so on and so forth.

Like the solar system, we're moving in a spiral. Positive vibrations increase the frequency and cause us to spiral upwards. Negative vibrations lower the frequency and cause us to spiral downwards. Neutral frequencies cause us to go round in circles.

Let's just say that in the beginning there was only immaterial, self-aware energy: male energy, manifesting straight lines or cubes, and female energy, manifesting circles, or spheres. The coming together of these two forms of energy led to the first form of dualistic life; the first manifestation of matter. Here I could go into detail about the flower of life, the seed of life and the fruit of life (all primary female forms) or Metatron's Cube and the Platonic Solids (all primary male forms), or I could explain the Golden Ratio and the Fibonacci Sequence that explain how growth occurs, but instead I'll bring it back, or take it forward - past the unified field, the elementary particles, atoms and molecules - to what we currently class as the "fundamental unit of life": the cell.

Imagine a cell in your body as the physical manifestation of a conscious immaterial being, a tiny spirit. Its consciousness is limited to the level of its awareness, i.e., itself, the other cells it interacts with and the culture medium, or environment, it lives in. Its aim is to evolve. It evolves by loving its fellow cells and expanding its horizons as part of a larger system. The bigger the system becomes, the more its awareness and capacity for love expands and the more it evolves. The more it evolves, the more complex the forms it can take. The individual spirit of the cell always retains its sense of self and can never die, but there is also a collective, ever-expanding consciousness that the cells interact with, a "oneness", which also sees itself as an individual. You, the spirit I am now communicating with telepathically, are the collective consciousness of all the tiny spirits that manifest the cells in your body. Just as the individual cell is the manifestation of the collective consciousness of all the molecules that comprise it, the individual molecule is the collective consciousness of all the atoms it is comprised of and the individual atom is the collective consciousness of the elementary particles it is made of. Essentially, you are God to your cells. They follow your lead. You communicate with them. You convince them to be healthy or not with your thoughts, beliefs and intentions.

It is important here that you realise that you are a union of both male and female energy. Let's say that the male side of your spirit is your brain and the female side of your spirit is your heart. Or your left brain, your logic and reason, is your male side and your right brain, your emotion and imagination, is your female side. Or your male side is the ghost of a robot and your female side is the ghost of a blue fairy. It matters not how you identify these two sides of your identity. It is important only that you recognise that they are both you and you cannot exist without either of them. The internal conflict you often feel is a result of this duality. A mature spirit has harmony between its male and female halves; it balances the empathic and creative drives of both sides. It is essentially a he/she.

Let's put it another way. You are a part of two universes: one that is inside of you, and one that you are inside of. Everything and everybody that is external to you - every person, every creature, every plant, every planet, every star and every "inanimate object" - is another part of the universe you are inside of. Together we shape this collective universe and as we expand our collective horizons, so we all evolve and grow, simultaneously expanding the universe we are inside and our personal, internal universes. Our "God" is the collective consciousness of the entire universe we inhabit. He/she must ultimately also have a sense of self and be part of a universe that he/she inhabits. Every cell that is inside you, on the other hand, is part of your internal universe, the one that you direct. So, my son is not really my "son". He is my sibling. My "children" are the "individuated units of consciousness", as Tom Campbell would say, that physically manifest as the cells inside my body, all of which have a sense of self, albeit a limited one, and their sense of self expands as they/we evolve collectively.

Let me repeat here the quote from Robert Lanza, whose theory of Bioncentrism provides a spiritually more mature view of evolution than Darwin's: "The universe bursts into existence from life, not the other way around as we have been taught. For each life there is a universe, its own universe. We generate spheres of reality, individual bubbles of existence. Our planet is comprised of billions of spheres of reality, generated by each individual human and perhaps even by each animal... Perhaps, if science is clever enough to see, it will realize that religion may not be too far off with its concrete imagery; and that relative to the supreme creator, we humans are much like the microorganisms we scrutinize under the microscope."

Remember John Hagelin's description of the ocean of existence, with waves made of the same stuff thoughts are made of. That ocean is the collective consciousness of everything in existence and, again, at some incomprehensible level, it must also have a sense of self, like everything does. Now, every time you have an original thought, an original idea, you are contributing to the expansion of that ocean of existence. This is why using your imagination is so important and that is why everything you imagine is real.

Now, let's imagine that we meet at the level of spirit. Let's say we abandon this reality frame - through an out-of-body experience, in a dream-like state or upon death - and meet up as two spirit beings. We can interact and communicate and recognise that we are siblings inhabiting the same universe, but we can also experience each other's personal universes. For instance, I could spend a "day" (be that a perceived short cycle of 24 hours or a perceived long cycle of a mortal lifetime and afterlife) living in your universe. Playing, experiencing, learning and growing within the reality you have personally created. However, if that reality is the same as a billion other realities - if it is shaped by the same dogmatic beliefs and restrictive rules - why would I want to?

So, here I would like to extend a personal invitation for everyone out there to come and visit Mark's World for a "day". In it there is a harmonic balance between male creativity (i.e. technology) and female creativity (i.e. nature). There are no cities as such. Every home is completely self-contained, producing its own energy, its own water and its own food, as well as processing its own waste - and here I mean that everything goes back to nature in a cradle-to-cradle cycle and there is no real waste.

There are no roads in Mark's world, because all transportation is conducted using teleportation devices. How do they work? Well, everything in the universe is based on energy, frequency and vibration and every location has a specific frequency. What the teleportation device does is simply single out the frequency band that determines location and alters its value to match the frequency location coordinates of your chosen destination, meaning you arrive virtually instantaneously at any location within Mark's World. So, with no roads, no wires, no cables and no pipelines, each technologically advanced and self-contained organic housing unit, sports stadium, dance arena, park, theatre or race track in Mark's World is surrounded by untouched nature - forests, swamps, meadows etc. All are left to flourish and expand without human intervention.

There is no war in Mark's World. All conflict is confined to the sporting arena and is just for fun. Once the final whistle blows we are all friends again.

There is no pharmaceuticals industry or medical industry and absolutely no surgery in Mark's World, because everybody who comes is told that harmony of self is all that is required to maintain perfect health.

There is no hierarchical structure, no laws and no government in Mark's World, because they are not necessary. With no money and no wants or needs that are not catered for, these concepts are obsolete.

There is no television in Mark's world, because you don't need to manifest in a physical body in order to watch things, but if you feel like you want to sit and watch for a short while, then you can attend a sports match, a concert, a dance performance or the like for free - everything is free of charge in Mark's world. Mark's world is essentially a place of doing - of dancing, playing and creating.

And by the way, Mark's world is actually a single civilisation on two planets - Mars and Earth.

Come for a visit. If you like it, feel free to invite your friends and spend a lifetime there.

Now, what's your world like and can I come for a visit?

"Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere." - Carl Sagan



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