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the final story that ever has to be told

Mark Pullen RSS / 09.11.2012. u 03:07

Sit back, relax, swallow the red pill and let go of your frequency of fear. Can't relax? Well that's because you don't know this. (Sorry, no Serbian - but we all know it's not required for this one.

I was never a fan of the system. Job, mortgage, 2.4 kids, big car. No thanks. I could never quite believe that that was what life was about. I wanted to travel, explore, enjoy a good time with friends. I never really felt like I wanted "more", but rather that I wanted "life". I avoided joining the rat race from the start - rebelling at school, dropping out of college, backpacking and exploring, living overseas. Eventually, though, life caught up with me and a wife and child ensured I could no longer skip around the system having some sort of semi-free life. I had to bite the bullet and join the system fully. I reluctantly learned the rules, formed a company, started making money, but all the while I knew it wasn't life. Nevertheless, I was prepared to take it for the sake of my son.
Then I read "Confessions of an Economic Hitman" by John Perkins and the first serious crack appeared. Then I watched two Adam Curtis documentary mini-series for the BBC: The Century of the Self and The Trap. Then the Zeitgeist trilogy, various Illuminati exposes, food and medicine poisoning theories, Jesse Venutra Conspiracy Theory... my fear and rage levels swelled and I was consumed by an urge to spread the word, but the fact that Zeitgeist took away any last vestiges of my Faith in Judo-Christian religion made me decide - as someone a bit spiritual, who is left-handed since his right hand was in a pot, broken from playing rugby league at three key stages in my formative years - to try to restore my faith in some form of immortality, as compensation for a shit life.
Myths of creation and development
I believe the following 13 myths all have a base in the real truth, which is currently being revealed to those of us tuned to the right frequency. Essentially, though, the emotional responses they illicit are all constructs of the illusion we term "reality" in our physical world. Forget what you learned in school. Read this text slowly, process every claim and then move on when you're ready.
1. God created the Earth in six days and rested on the 7th. He gave man everything and treated him well. Then man angered God by "seeking knowledge" (ironic really, seeing as that's the only thing we are really here for) and was kicked out on his ear to fend for himself until he learned his lesson. He's still awaiting God's return, though messengers have come. Lucifer is evil (what-il?)
2. A tiny speck with maximum density and maximum gravity, perhaps the arse end of a blackhole, exploded and expanded, forming gases, then minerals etc. etc. eventually it all rolled into balls and life was accidentally formed.
3. Satan was actually a salt water moon. At that time all of the water on our planet was fresh and, thanks to the sun's reflection in this watery celestial body, the temperature across the planet had been higher and the seasonal differences less pronounced... Earth was a veritable Garden of Eden. Indeed, the reflection made Satan shine so brightly that it was often said that it rivalled the Sun. Earth was plentiful with food and water for all and each animal lived out its life in vegetarian bliss (claws and sharp teeth/beaks are actually meant for devouring tough roots and root vegetables/stalks, like the Panda or Kea Parrot do), progressing from one evolutionary incarnation to the next, until emerging - after the human level - as a fully-fledged spiritual being, or "god". This remained until disaster struck and Satan fell to the earth, poisoning the planet's waters and causing a catastrophic change that led to the emergence of scarcity - of food, resources and energy - and resulted in the creation of competition to survive on the planet.
4. The planet Nibiru, which orbits our Sun every 3,600 years, crashed into the planet Tiamat some time in ancient pre-history, creating the asteroid belt and Earth from the remains. Humans were unable to take physical form for a long time and are now unable to ascend beyond the final material level of evolution because our solar system is currently travelling through the dark side of the galaxy as it orbits the galactic centre and we have lost our connection with the "Source" and our ability to escape from the material dimension and its dualism in order to manifest into spirit form.
5. Lucifer was a Martian rebel leader who led the so-called Lucifer Experiment - a project to attain greater power and connection by Martians cutting themselves off from the spiritual oneness of the universe, which Lucifer and his followers believed was holding them back. The project led to the destruction of Mars's atmosphere, with the survivors fleeing to Earth, where they mingled with the local population, while the rest remained on Mars as spiritual beings unable to manifest physically. Eventually, the materialistic, left-brained Martians took over the immature, right-brained Earthlings and tried to recreate the Lucifer Experiment by harnessing the energy of so-called Ley Lines through the construction of sacred monuments, including the Great Pyramid. The resultant release of energy only served to send the planet back to the Stone Age.
6. The Annunaki - a breed of advanced reptilian humanoids - came to Earth to mine gold, which they required to save the failing atmosphere of their home planet, the aforementioned Nibiru. As gods, or superior beings, they decided to genetically modify the native homids, mixing their own genes with those of the pre-human primates to create mankind as a slave species to mine their gold. When they had mined all the gold they needed, they left us to our own devises, confused about our identity and over-developed for such an immature planet to cope with.
7. The most advanced civilisation on the planet occupied the massive continent known nowadays as Antarctica, which was an equatorial landmass prior to the last pole shift. This civilisation, known popularly as Atlantis, was destroyed - either by natural disaster resulting from the pole shift or by manmade destruction using magnetic energy (see Coral Castle and the Great Pyramid) - and the few survivors (enlightened beings, ascended masters or magnetic energy wielding Luciferians) went on to found the Sumerian, Mayan and other lost cultures around the world; cultures which seemingly appeared with advanced technology and knowledge that gradually deteriorated.
8. Several rival alien groups, including the "Greys" (who might be humans from the future or another dimension) and the aforementioned reptilian Annunaki (who allegedly manipulated the DNA of hairless apes to create man) are in cahoots/genetic allegiance with the elite bankers, Illuminati, masons and religious institutional forces in an effort to lead the world toward a totalitarian reality where a population not to exceed 500 million will be chipped, monitored and controlled to unwittingly worship the Sun.
9. The ascended spiritual masters of history (Buddha, Moses, Mohamed, Jesus) have all had their messages of universal oneness through love, non-judgement and the acceptance of joy hijacked by evil Sun-worshipping Babylonian sects who have convinced the masses to accept as literal that which those at the top know to be actually merely symbolic of the force that powers the Sun. Or all of these enlightened individuals were actually students of Lucifer, who has been trying to help man, and their messages have been twisted by "The Church", which has also been trying to help us, albeit in a way the Luciferians didn't understand or accept.
10. Alien astronomers from concerned other planetary civilisations are sending us warnings, using advanced technology to beam messages across the galaxy/dimensions and manifesting them as crop circles, in an effort to let us know that we are about to experience a dramatic change/event, but the powers-that-be are trying to keep the warnings secret, as they are protecting the truth for themselves and their successors.
11. Our orbit around the galactic centre means that we are either heading towards or away from the "Source" or "God". When we are heading away, our ability to manifest beyond our physical reality and manipulate/manifest the physical dimension from our spiritual/ethereal plain is impeded and deteriorates until we lose all contact over our non-physical consciousness other than in a state of sleep. As such, we develop our control over the physical plain in the physical form to compensate for our lost abilities. However, as our orbit passes the far extreme and turns back towards the galactic centre, so we begin to regain our abilities and return to our path as trainee god creators, which is what we are. The last time we passed the galactic equinox heading away from the source, ascended masters (humans able to manifest in spiritual and physical form without dying - Luciferians) gave secret knowledge and secret missions to two groups: the Illuminati (left-brain led) and the Illuminari (right-brain led). The Illuminati were tasked with exploring all possibilities of the physical/material world in this physical dimension and ensuring all evolving immortal Earthlings would be able to experience the full array of physical realities in the final ‘human' form of their physical existence - war, peace poverty, wealth, beauty, deformation, success, failure etc. through progressive lifetimes - in order to assist their first hand development in this restrictive reality through reincarnation, in order to become rounded spiritual beings. However, they were also tasked with limiting the ability to fully develop technology, in order to ensure no repeat of the nuclear/magnetic energy apocalypses experienced in earlier cycles. The Illuminari, meanwhile, were tasked with exploring all possibilities of the spiritual/ethereal world in this physical dimension and lying low to await their time to lead man. Now the Illuminari are returning to explain to the Illuminati that their mission has been successfully completed and it is now time to restore spiritual order by collectively increasing the frequency at which we perceive the world around us, i.e. replacing aggression and greed (fear) with empathy and compassion (love) and allowing our dormant DNA to reactivate.
12. Earth is supposed to be a finishing school for creator gods, but we have stopped graduating because: a.) we have forgotten why we are here; b.) we are trapped in a reality we have created for ourselves; c.) we are addicted to the experience of material life and therefore always choose to come back for another life instead of moving on or; d.) we are so traumatised by our spiritual experiences during incarnations as industrial livestock or victims of poverty and man-on-man aggression that our fear extends beyond the physical realm and is holding us back from living in love at a spiritual level.
13. Men are from Mars and Girls are from Jupiter.

Come back, Herbert, and take your medicine
Accepting the reality that there is no reality by insisting there must be a reality until the point when you come to understand that there can't be a reality - at least in the terms we perceive reality to be
Uncovering and considering the previous myths is what happens when you go too far in seeking the truth. This is what happens when you become convinced that the governments running the world are actually the puppets of a power addicted elite that has been secretly shaping our realities for decades, perhaps millennia. This is what happens when the system you live in loses its credibility in your eyes and you get angry and begin seeking any information that hasn't been generated by the system.
I was always the kind of person who believes that "our governments" are clumsy as opposed to corrupt; more likely mistaken but well-intentioned, good hearted but slightly incompetent, rather than driven by imperial and financial intentions. But then I experienced my own series of revelations regarding so-called "terrorist attacks", banking and financial realities, conspiracies and controls that almost had me believing evil exists. As I tumbled down the rabbit hole of revelation, reeling as my accepted reality was kind of torn apart by an acceptance of things I actually already knew, at some point I passed the border between logical assumptions and proven facts of ownership and control, into the aforementioned world of fantastical realities and hidden cross-dimensional conflicts. I might have been on my way to becoming a Seven-Day Evangelist if it weren't for the unrelated mentioning of a meeting in The Trap. At one point in the film the narrator and author, Adam Curtis, explains that one of Bill Clinton's first meetings upon being elected as the so-called "Leader of the Free World" in 1992 was with Alan Greenspan, a renowned economist and then director of the U.S. Federal Reserve, and his financial advisor from Goldman Sachs, Robert Rubin, who is nowadays joint chairman of the U.S's infamous Council on Foreign Relations. The money men told Clinton he would not be able to fulfil his pre-election promises of social welfare and health reform because the federal government owed too much money and would instead have to cut regulations and grant more freedoms to business. This seemingly incidental meeting was surreal to me. The leader of the so-called "free world" was blatantly being bullied by the elite's debt collectors, told which polices he could and could not implement, probably also being told to find a couple of countries to invade and resources to steal. It reminded me what the point of this whole awakening was: a system reset to suit a reality reset.
I suppose the first reactions are shock, denial, acceptance, anger, then rage, coupled with a need for further research and to spread the word. But that further research invariably leads to tales of reptilian Illuminati aliens, inter-dimensional humans of varying degrees of evolution or secret plots to wipe out most of the population of the world to make way for so-called transhumanism or the Borg Age. In other words, anything that would strip you of your credibility among ordinary folk if you were to mention them and would make you scared to death if you believed them.
Too many people end up getting lost en route in tangentendal* subplots, be they GMO poisoning and fluoride-induced mass retardation theories, angry plans of bloody revolution against the so-called "13 families", complex hidden worlds of alien and human interaction shaping the fate of the planet or newfound religious zeal. These are all distractions that serve, deliberately or not, to confuse the newly awakened and cause them to focus on a tiny part of the actual problem: our whole approach to life.
My actual awakening beyond the rage was based on an ingrained belief that humans are intrinsically not evil and would much prefer prosperity for all. Then I thought that if the current system relies on greater demand than supply to generate profit and, thus, can never allow there to be enough to go around, it was a system that had to create hardship for some. So, if the system must always have scarcity it will never get us, as a species (Earthlings), to where we want to go, i.e. to freedom, prosperity and evolution for all.
Scarcity is necessary for determining price. Too much of anything has no profit. This was valid when scarcity truly existed, but with modern technology scarcity has to be manufactured to support an outdated system.
If we are aware of that but continue to accept the system, if we know that children in Africa and Asia die of starvation if they're not lucky enough to become slave workers making the shoes we wear on our feet, yet we do nothing to promote change and even end up buying those shoes for our children and telling other parents in the school what a good deal they were, then we are just as to blame as the political and corporate elites steering the ship.
If we are looking for someone to blame for the state of the world, then we have no further to look than the mirror. You know your clothes were made in an Asian sweatshop, but because your country allows their import you think it's acceptable to wear garments sewn together by a ten-year-old for probably less than a tenth of the price of the item? You know your country engages in warfare, actually killing innocent people in faraway lands for political reasons or "vital" natural resources that happen to be located on another nation's land, yet you don't openly oppose the conflict? This is called abetting and it should make you feel just as guilty as the leaders giving the orders...But guilt is also just an emotion we've already mastered and blame only exists in the human matrix.
So, as you might now be feeling, after the anger and rage stages, comes sadness.
*tangentendal - yes, I just invented that word.
How can a car have a nature?
"Caught red hand showing feelings, showing feelings of an almost human nature"
What is human nature? Is there such a thing? If a human existed in a void or a vacuum, deprived of any stimulation, what would its nature be? Would it have one at all? Or would it just die? Is so-called "human nature" actually a system of values, norms, emotional responses, desires and expectations imposed on us by the influencing factors of the environment in which we develop? Are serial killers and miraculous saints actually the same palette painted differently? Similarly, are emotions like greed and jealousy, and all they lead to, actually the result of a reality in which we are scared there is not enough to go around and that we'll be forced to compromise on our lifestyles?
Maybe there has never been enough to go around, or maybe the "Garden of Eden" is actually a description of a world of abundance that used to be our playground and could be again. Imagine a world where everybody has enough; where everybody has access to everything they need, want and desire? Would human nature be different in such a world?
What if I told you there's actually no such thing as human nature and it's all an illusion, a dream, a construct? This is because "human", like "cow", "ant" or "bacteria", is just a form of physical vehicle that the evolving spirits/souls/sentient beings (however you want to call them) of this planet have to inhabit and learn how to operate before they can move to the next level. It is only actually us spirits that are "living" on the planet.
Think not of yourself as a human being having a spiritual experience, but rather realise that you are a spiritual being having a human experience - just like you had an experience of every other life form in this realm or dimension.
I also personally don't believe there is such a thing as evil either, but at this point I did believe there were misguided intentions, ignorance of the truth and people living in fear. What if I were to suggest that only frequency determine a spirit's existence and really there is only Unconditional Love for All? Think about that. From fear come anger, rage and hate, as well as greed, selfishness, aggression, ownership, suffering, tyranny and much more. From love come compassion, empathy, mercy and pity. What if hell and heaven were unique to each spirit, based purely on frequency, and a frequency out of sync with that of its biosphere feels any of those negative emotions? What if it came down to a simple choice of not being afraid of anything or not being angry at anything? What if I told you that fear and anger were just the interpretation of a frequency out of sync with the frequency around your spirit?
The system on a planetary level pushes half of us into a state of fear from an early age - from TV, school, the home, peers. Fear of low grades or fear of high grades, fear of not fitting in or not having the right shoes, fear of not finding a job, losing a job, getting caught breaking manmade rules; health fears, natural disaster fears, warfare fears... are you getting the picture? The current environment, and one which has lasted for God knows how long, makes fear the base emotion of half of us. Switch to love today and get yourself out of the hell that is a fearful existence, just my advice.
The system on a planetary level is pushing the other half of us into a state of anger - mainly anger directed against the other half's perceived destruction of the biosphere.
Divided and united?
Oneness or noneness
Being born in the UK for this lifetime, I had the privilege of being able to travel as a teenager, spending time in the resorts of Spain and Greece first, but then a year living and working in Israel and four months living and working in Cape Town. Since then I have spent a decade living in Belgrade and have experienced most of the Balkan nations. I could give anecdotal examples, but you all know what I'm going to say already: people are people. We are all made of the same stuff and, essentially, when we cut through circumstantial and existential conditions, national and ethnic differences (some of which are very positive and should be shared, like World Music), we all want the same thing: a fulfilling and happy life, learning, discussing and experiencing new things, spending time with friends and family, doing what we want when we want with whom we want. Not worrying about debts and threats, but enjoying a carefree life - preferably with everyone else enjoying the same abundance. Everybody on the planet wants this. Some think it's not possible while the perceived "other people" are around, but most are just blinkered and obsessed, chasing the fortune that they hope will allow them to somehow ‘live' despite the system, but never quite managing to attain it and finding that increased earnings bring increased costs and somehow that elusive retirement always remains just over the horizon, like a mirage in the distance, just beyond the next daily cycle of wake up, worry, work, worry, watch TV, worry, sleep, worry.
Nobody's sitting at home planning to destroy anybody else. The majority of people are currently either desperate and starving to death or envisaging that fate on the horizon, compliant due to their indebtedness to the system and their fear of becoming destitute, or able to have the luxuries and freedoms of life, but at the cost of living in fear of losing that privilege and of it never being enough.
If we accept that an Earthling spirit's reality and perceived emotional responses to stimuli are actually a response to their frequency of vibration, then we must see all other characteristics and peculiarities as environmental factors shaping an essentially empty "hard drive" - beliefs, goals, prejudices etc. - and we must accept that we are not really mothers, fathers, sons or daughters, only "siblings", all children of immaculate creation as spiritual beings.
So, currently we are divided not only by our individual experiences, which shape our views over multiple lifetimes (essentially forming our identity, which is added to the universal awareness/consciousness), but also by the "established" (as opposed to emerging) belief systems, values and challenges of our individual group realities and the frequencies at which we perceive reality.
Despite this, we are still united - in fear and slavery or anger and slavery, perceived or otherwise. Do you think humans are at the top of the food chain to be enslaved by a system that forces them to work more hours than they sleep, chase financial and material gain, destroy the mother planet and settle for second hand experience instead of fully experiencing life's opportunities? I think it's time for some of you to start waking up and realising a few rushed weekend outings and two weeks on a beach does not constitute a year's worth of life. You are a slave, as am I, as are we all.
I could go on to explain this in more detail, but deep down you all know you're slaves. I'll just give you a few sound bites: fake debt, planned obsolescence, manufactured wars, routine existence, consumer pressure, financial obligations, media-generated fear...the list of fear generators goes on and on.
The complicated systems that have been put in place to hold back the older spirits and speed up the younger ones have done their job, but are no longer necessary. We are now all equally developed.
Moving on and moving up
Unconditional love doesn't worry about self, because it knows self is never imperilled
The lesson for the next stage, beyond ignorance, revelations, ridicule, acceptance, anger, rage, sadness and the inklings of belief again, is love; unconditional, unquestioning, incontrovertible love and acceptance that true creation is completely flawless. I can say that as often as I like and some of you might get it and some of you might not, but I think before you can conquer this stage of evolution you have to either come into, or make sure you maintain, the same level of vibrations as the planet, i.e. live in unquestioning love. You have to start by accepting that everything you ever do, see, think or feel is just an experience that you volunteered to go through in order to expand the knowledge of all. Accept that fear is actually silly if "human" is just a physical form of life, not a spiritual one, and therefore the sum total of "human history" is just a construct of the interpretations of mortally incarnated spirits with limited memory and capacity in a completely unknown environment. Our spirit is immortal. How is it immortal? We are all individual interpretations of the extended consciousness of God. We are free-willed, individually evolving "feelers" on a united tentacle of the living coral of the oneness of all creation. We are here only to expand consciousness by emotionally responding to unique scenarios. We are the sum total of our memories, imaginings, thoughts, ideas and feelings - it is these unique qualities that make you immortal, a being made up of the energy of you - not your body. Your memories and the like can never die. The body is just a vehicle you're not comfortable with (thinking back, I stopped doing LSD as a teenager because the sensation of my body bothered me).
When we have come to understand and comprehend everything at this level of consciousness, we will expand to the next level. We have been stuck at this level for so long simply because we have not grown up spiritually - but it wasn't a punishment or a mistake. Creation is perfect, despite what some of you might think, and God can be found - the blinkers have been removed, as it were.
Accepting this allows you to forgive yourself and every other "spirit" on the planet, because there is no death and life is just about gaining experience to add to your own and the collective knowledge of universal consciousness.
So, now you know what God is and that all physical "creatures" are just temporary vehicles for immortal spirits to experience all possibilities and responses in the physical world, we can move on.
The emerging truth
Know thyself before you pass judgement
Before you can truly live in love and return to one, it is said, you have to know our true history. It is also claimed that once you begin living in love that true history will be revealed to you. Now I will convey that message as I interpret it. Bear in mind that all knowledge and awareness is emergent and not established, i.e. nothing is set in stone, and the story I am channelling or imagining (is there a difference if your imagination is open to all knowledge?) is being refined and clarified by the hour.
If I trample on your beliefs, you are not ready for this message and should go back to basics.
This tale may be difficult for you to swallow and I would have left it out if I thought I could, but I've tried waking souls up to the reality that this thing we call reality is not really real before and the process always breaks down without the information that follows. All spirits need to go through the process of emotionally and intellectually (here I mean spiritual intellect and not man's construct) assessing this information.
You have to go from ignorance to revelation, then ridicule and finally acceptance.
As I said, I have tried to avoid this story, but in order to get right through to the other side we need to know our true history, because it explains to us the conflict we feel within, the sense of both being foreign to the planet and belonging, of being somehow betrayed or punished, of being guilty of some great sin or subjected to some great injustice at the spiritual level - all of which stops us from accepting that creation is perfection and there are no mistakes.
Now I'll ask you to imagine...
A young spirit, or being of consciousness, is gradually evolving in a biosphere. It has conquered the lower physical, material realm, ready to go on to reach maturity, but the technology it has developed in its humanoid form (magnetic resonance) accidentally destroys the biosphere at the moment of the universal evolutionary leap and makes the physical realm uninhabitable. The "survivors" (i.e. those left in mortal form) flee to neighbouring Earth in space ships. However, you are not alone. Like every planet, a spirit body of consciousness is already there. There is another humanoid, a native humanoid, and, of course, a native spirit (Earthling) that occupies all the living creatures on the planet. This planetary system - everything in it, including the spirit beings - is much younger and nowhere near completing its conquest of the physical realm, so you attempt to find a way out of this Stone Age existence in the physical realm in isolation. You are much taller than the evolving Earthlings and they worship you as Gods.
Martian spirits had graduated each realm of the physical, but creation then decided to try something new and some Martian spirits volunteered to be held back from graduating from the physical realm in order to join in. For the sake of expanding consciousness, it was decided that the Martian spirits would travel to Earth in physical form at the point of the evolutionary shift. This would leave them confused and utterly without faith in God at the physical level - believing that all their relatives had died back on Mars, but also confused and doubting at the spirit level, as a tiny evolved presence in the company of a dominant but immature spirit body. This was done deliberately to keep the frequency of the Martian spirits low (fear is the interpretation of a frequency or vibration resonating below that of the biosphere it inhabits; love is the opposite).
As the Earthlings continued through their seemingly long process of enlightenment in the physical realm, manifesting at all levels of "creature" life, the Martians largely ignored them. Their leader, Lucifer, knew the process of reaching the next evolutionary leap would take a few thousand years, but he believed they could use technology - magnetic resonance - to speed up, or elevate, the frequency of the planet to match that of the Martians. It was a disaster. Lucifer declared God evil, vindictive, wrathful (bear in mind he was trapped in a limited knowledge "physical body" at the time). The remains of their pan-global experiment are known as the ancient ruins and they all lie along the line of greatest magnetic energy around the globe. Not only did they fail to enhance the frequency of the planet, they actually saw their own frequency lowered. Now they were physically smaller and less enlightened. And again they began doubting God's infallibility. Lucifer vowed never to use the magnetic resonance energy on that scale again. They remained stuck in the same physical realm and unable to reproduce the pure Martian physical form on Earth, so they mated at a physical level with the immature Earthlings' most advanced form (early Earth man) and create a hybrid somewhere between themselves and the natives. It, this physical form that we now know as Homo sapiens, was considered an abomination by the Martians, as it was inferior to the pervious form, i.e. at a lower vibration, but still two steps ahead of the Earthlings.
The spirit of Lucifer agreed, at some level, to come to Earth and set up a project that would deliberately lower the frequency of the Martians' physical forms precisely so creation's latest project, the crossing of two top physical forms from two different planets to form a hybrid human form, could be carried out. For as long as Lucifer and any others remained within the biosphere - either in physical form or spirit form - their level of knowledge of even themselves would be limited (it always has to be that way with expansion of consciousness).
Confused, afraid, bitter and determined as they were after all this backwards evolution, the Martian Humans are shocked to find the native Earth humans are making human sacrifices to God and committing atrocities. The Martian Humans, who were then at the level we are at now in terms of consciousness, are appalled (believing as they do that life is mortal), afraid and then enraged. If this is God's will then God is Evil they declare. Others cannot quite grasp this, but they decide God has abandoned us and will return! They cut themselves off from the Earth Humans and form great civilisations. The civilisation is destroyed again as the next evolutionary leap arrives, but in terms of consciousness they neither go back nor advance, while everything else on Earth gets a foot taller and the local Earth humans enter this level of consciousness for the first time, expanding through its own tormented childhood under the brutal rule of the Martians - who have run every empire since forever. As the Earth humans' consciousness expanded to match that of the Martians, so they began to see the injustices that had been done to them and started to revolt. But the Martians had long since concluded, having been aware of everything that is only now becoming clear to us, or one side of us, that the problem must be that only one trapped spirit being could advance on the planet. That must be the reason. They set out to annihilate all Earthlings. The Earthlings, just getting there in the great school that is life, also now believed that God did not exist and that science would find a way. Perpetual war breaks out between Mars and Earth on Earth, which is where we're at now.
No shortcuts can be taken in the creation of a new species. All of the PERCIEVED fear, pain, anguish and doubt that the Martians in human form and their spirits had experienced since leaving Mars had to be matched by all of the PERCIEVED fear, pain, anguish and doubt that the Earthlings suffered at the same level of consciousness in human form and now that their spirits have equal experience and an equal level of consciousness they are no longer two spirit bodies but one. Rejoice! We are truly one! God is Great! Creation is infallible! Think of all the info we've opened up! What an amazing thing we are!
Now raise your consciousness and let's go next stage!!!!
If you're not celebrating, go back and read it again!

As i wrote this tale i felt in parts as a Martian and in parts as an Earthling. That simply proves that our consciousnesses are one - as I'm not the only one 


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sima2000 sima2000 10:40 09.11.2012


Should we read this literally or as some crazy allegory?
Mark Pullen Mark Pullen 17:33 09.11.2012

Re: wtf?

literally, but you can't skip a step. you have to first accept fully that death is an illusion - at the level of your spirit! And you can only do that by pondering. How come? Because considering and daydreaming is all that's really real
sima2000 sima2000 17:52 09.11.2012

Re: wtf?

Why Martians? Why not Jupiterians or AlphaCentaurians?
Mark Pullen Mark Pullen 17:58 09.11.2012

Re: wtf?

because Mars is our neighbour and the ther planets are too far ahead on the path.
Kazezoze Kazezoze 20:53 09.11.2012


imaš moju punu podršku u svom pokušaju da usmeriš b92 blogere na pravi kolosek.
to, bre, sve zaglavilo između nacionalnog i kolektivno nesvesnog, te nemaju pojma čemu da se privole.
al' nešto kontam, i sa njima će na kraju biti sve OK. <---- link

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Re: mark

@mark: tkaj se zgodilo sa srpskim?
srdjan.pajic srdjan.pajic 02:16 10.11.2012

Re: mark

imaš moju punu podršku u svom pokušaju da usmeriš b92 blogere na pravi kolosek.
to, bre, sve zaglavilo između nacionalnog i kolektivno nesvesnog, te nemaju pojma čemu da se privole.
al' nešto kontam, i sa njima će na kraju biti sve OK.

A šta da radimo mi, malobrojni, kojima možda nije baš najjasnije o čemu piše ovaj Mark, ali nam je koliko-toliko OK, ovako kako jeste? Znam: da se zavalimo i smotamo po jednu.

E, Mark: Pravda za Srpski!

Mark Pullen Mark Pullen 11:37 10.11.2012

Re: mark

fenomenalno :) ajde da promenimo svet bas sad?
"We're NOT gunna set the world on fire, but we ARE gonna go higher!!"
Mark Pullen Mark Pullen 11:50 10.11.2012


let me just put this consideration out there. If you don't feel your heart beating right now, everything is absolutely A OK! If you feel static electricity, nerves, pains, etc. you're thinking in the wrong way or somebody who thinks the wrong way is trying to influence the way you think. Listen to your heart -- literally

Samo da sugerisem ovo za razmisljenje. ako osaces srce kako lupa bas sada, nesto nije uredu. Sve je uredu. Ako ti lupa srca, negde pogresis. Ako osaces najjezica, muka, neka cudna struja, to znaci da pogresno razmislis ili nekoga u tvojoj blizini pogresno razmisli i hoce da uticu kako razmislis. Slusaj svoju srcu - bukvalno
zemljanin zemljanin 02:58 11.11.2012


Slusaj svoju srcu - bukvalno

Listen to your heart

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