Hey Teachers Leave Them Kids Alone

dali76 RSS / 09.04.2009. u 22:54
While the history teacher passionately lectured about bravery of partisans led by Tito in their just war against Nazi Germany, my c1lassmate was busy drawing on his part of the desk. Well, I heard so much about the late president Tito and appreciated everything he did for us, but I was more interested in my friend's drawing. Allen did not know English, but lately he would draw pictures of roses and revolvers, and above that he would write "Guns and Roses". He liked the Californian bend although I was pretty much sure he could not understand much what they were singing about. The American rock and roll was the label for new generation of a urban youth in Yugoslavia in the time in which Europe soon would leave behind the period of iron Curtain.

"We have to remember that Tito was strong enough to save our country from the influence of Soviet Bolshevik Dictatorship regime, but at the same time he managed to keep Yugoslavia away from an unjust capitalistic system in Western Europe,” the teacher rose his voice and sounded like he was talking to soldiers not 12 years old school kids. The ringing of the school bell stopped the teacher's speech and corrupted the silence that powerfully ruled the classroom.

"Tito was a good man", Allen said while putting his book in the bag. "If he was not you would not be able to wear that "Guns and Roses" t-shirt." I replied hoping that my joke would put a smile on my friend's face. Allen was proud because of the fact that his cousin found his place in the history book as one of those heroes who died for freedom. Well I knew that my grandfather fought in the Second World War, but I was glad he was not mentioned in the book; I figured that most of the war heroes who died in the battles deserved a couple lines in the thick history book. My grandfather was alive and every summer I spent one month in the village that he lived in with my grandmother.

When the sun disappeared behind the hills covered with pine trees, the night, like a thief, slowly entered the valley in which the small village found its place. From the top of the hills houses with dark red roofs looked as the mushrooms spread all around the valley. The small road with lots of holes full of yellow water left after the rain snaked through the village. The wooden bridge crossed the river that would furiously run from the top of the mountains, but in the valley the river was peacefully flowing. The fresh air brought by the wind from the pine trees cooled the summer nights. The barking of dogs disturbed the silence that came over the village with first dusk. I always could distinguish the barking of my grandfather's dogs.

My grandfather was a hunter, and I could listen his stories all night long. My grandfather and I were usually sitting in front of the house on the wooden bench. While he told the story about hunting bears, the small white clouds emerged from his cigarette, which I by the way tried to smoke while hiding behind the stable, slowly vanished in the night. My ears as the most sophisticated receptors would carefully capture every word that came from my grandpa mouth while his green eyes looked somewhere beyond the hills. For the moment he turned toward me and gently put his hand on my head. "Dalibor, do not be scared of animals, they would never attack you unless you give them a damn good reason."
 He turned back to the hills and with a sigh said, "We as humans do not need a particular reason for hurting each other."

"Grandpa, I saw the movie about the Grisly and that bear killed the other animals and people for no reason."

He was quiet for a minute, and I thought that I left him with no answer.

"You are a smart kid, and one day you will learn to distinguish a movie from the real life", my grandpa said while getting up from the bench. "It is too late and we have to get up early tomorrow. I will take you to the woods and if we get lucky enough you will see many animals, but of course I will not be able to show you a grisly since he lives in North America and he is probably busy making some new movies." 

That night I strongly believed that my grandpa was the biggest hero even bigger that those about whom I red in the history book. The weather in the valley was unpredictable and it could change in blink of an eye, but the storm that appeared one night would not be the biggest change that I experienced that summer.

There was not a spot or place in the house or around it that I did not explore during that one month in the summer, and only the wooden cabinet where my grandpa kept the hunting guns was a forbidden place. Just like for any young boy the most banned place worked as a magnet. One day, grandpa took the guns while the cabinet was left open. In the corner of cabinet were laying some old books whose titles were cover with a dust. As soon I opened the book a photo fell on the floor. On the old photo were men with guns, but that was not hunting guns, and I recognized their uniforms. 

The chetniks were the war criminals and the betrayers who fought against partisans who were the just fighters”. This sentence that I heard so many times in the school rang in my head while I looked at the picture of my grandfather in black uniform. I put the picture back in the book and ran out from the house. I ran like the biggest grisly was behind my back, I ran with a wish to escape from the truth that I just find out, and I ran with not knowing where I was heading to. I stopped on the wooden bridge and look at the river. I hated this place, I hated the teacher, the history, and I hated my grandfather. Since then I never saw my grandpa again, I saw the man who just happened to be the father of my mother . My friends expected new stories that my grandpa had told me, but I did not tell any.

Many years later while I was sitting with friends in a bar smoking a cigarette, "Another Brick In The Wall" one of the most famous songs by Pink Floyd played on the juke box. I understood every word especially the part when he sings " Hey teacher leave them kids alone." For me, the song was no longer a label for the new youth in Yugoslavia that just left behind the civil war in which some new partisans and Chetniks tried to deserve a couple of lines in the history book. Today, I hate war movies, cannot stand warm beer, but I know that I always loved my grandpa.
March 2003 

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libkonz libkonz 23:04 09.04.2009

Šta da ti kažem?

Osim da si me oraspoložio ovim tekstom i nasmejao više puta. Vidim dosta sličnosti između tvog i mog dede i to je još jedan razlog za osmeh. Rado se setim svog dede. A toplo pivo ostavimo drugima.
edit: A Ganse sam voleo, ma baš!
dali76 dali76 01:39 10.04.2009

Re: Šta da ti kažem?

thanks Libkonz..drago mi je da sam probudio i tvoja sjecanja. Ja guns and roses i dalje slusam...
ines08 ines08 23:21 09.04.2009

* * *


Još jedna od tvojih priča koju sam pročitala u jednom dahu.
dali76 dali76 01:42 10.04.2009

Re: * * *

E hvala ti Ines..Proslo e vec dugo kako sam je pisao , al sjecam se nije bilo u jednom dahu.
mashha mashha 23:41 09.04.2009

Jel imaš ovaj kačket? :)

dali76 dali76 01:45 10.04.2009

Re: Jel imaš ovaj kačket? :)

e ne znam Mashha !!sem "i love " znaka slabo ja tu mogu razaznati :)
dali76 dali76 01:49 10.04.2009

Re: Jel imaš ovaj kačket? :)

E saznadoh sta pise ...Nemam taj kacket , al super je!!!
mashha mashha 02:03 10.04.2009

Re: Jel imaš ovaj kačket? :)

Pa razmišljala sam da ti dam i neko hladno pivce, ali odustah, pomisliće ljudi da samo o tome razmišljam
dunja73 dunja73 23:46 09.04.2009


lepo Dali
do not be scared of animals, they would never attack you unless you give them a damn good reason."
He turned back to the hills and with a sigh said, "We as humans do not need a particular reason for hurting each other."

da surova istina ..,ali nazalost tako je..
I hated this place, I hated the teacher, the history, and I hated my grandfather. Since then I never saw my grandpa again, I saw the man who just happened to be the father of my mother . My friends expected new stories that my grandpa had told me, but I did not tell any.

kasnije ,
kako starimo sve nam to ne izgleda vise kao nekada...(mislim , sve izgleda manje crno)

dali76 dali76 01:55 10.04.2009

Re: mnogo

da, za neke stvari , j za mnnoge stvari trebaju godine.Sjecam se kako sam slusao AZRUi ama nista nisam razumio...Tek poslje ..
jecullence jecullence 23:58 09.04.2009


Dali, kao i uvek, tvoja priča me je dirnula i probudila uspomene iz detinjstva.Od sela u kojem je moj djed živeo, gde sam provela divne trenutke koje nikad zaboraviti neću, do ove serije koju sam obožavala kao klinka:)

Nadam se da će neko ovo da okači kako treba:)

ines08 ines08 00:03 10.04.2009

Re: :)

jecullence jecullence 00:05 10.04.2009

Re: :)

Ines, opet hvala:)
ines08 ines08 00:10 10.04.2009

Re: :)

Ines, opet hvala:)

Nice song
dali76 dali76 02:19 10.04.2009

Re: :)

hvala jecullence...ej ova serija ...totalno sam bio zaboravio....Lijepo ko u nasoj Lici..
darkonduty darkonduty 00:20 10.04.2009


Vidim i ti si se bacio u vode muzičkih blogova.

Evo prije neki dan dobila od prijatelja prvo CD izdanje (duplo) Harvest/The Wall, malo uživam vrtim sjećanja.
A dotični mi dao jerbo sam nedavno mailom dobila neki link koji vodi na stranicu gdje ukucaš datum svog rođenja i onda ti izbace što je tad bio no.1 u Great Britain i USA.

I meni ( falabogu) ispali Floydi - The Wall. Zar može bolje ( s obzirom što se sve tad slušalo )?

Za zainteresirane: chekirajte na što su vaše mame mrdale guzama netom prije poroda: http://www.thisdayinmusic.com/birthdayno1
dali76 dali76 01:52 10.04.2009

Re: Opa!!!

pa tema nije bas muzicka!!! No svakako hvala za ovaj link.Znao sam ja da ti mozes biti samo dobra pjesma!
darkonduty darkonduty 20:05 11.04.2009

Re: Opa!!!

pa tema nije bas muzicka!!!

Da nije, ali služi kao dobra poveznica u konstruktu. Muzika je fantastično asocijativna stvar.
Znaš da je tekst izvrstan....
taube taube 00:30 10.04.2009


Dali, odista predivan, odličan tekst, jedan od najboljih proizašlih iz tvog pera.
I činjenica što je pisan na engleskom doprinosi lepoti ovog teksta koju čini mi se ne bi imao da je pisan na srpskom, ili mi se to samo čini, no, nije bitno. Odlično zvuči ova priča na engleskom.
Deda ti je bio mudar, čovek, premudar i sigurno si ponosan na njega. Deda je tako jednostavno izgovarao prelepe, tačne, istinite i veoma smislene rečenice .


I velika preporuka!
dali76 dali76 02:00 10.04.2009

Re: -+-+-+-

da meni klincu , ao i svakom drugom,djed jeste bio uzor.Ja sam joste bio "prvi unuk" familije.
U lici kad bi e djed pitao sta si govorio bih Lican , u Slavoniji naravno na isto pitanje drugog dide bio bi Slavonac :)Naucio korisno!
Inner Party Inner Party 01:16 10.04.2009


Da su tvari tako jednostavne...

dali76 dali76 01:31 10.04.2009

Re: Eh!

Nisam ni imao nameru da bilo sto pojednostavim.Htio sam ispricati neku ljudsku pricu. Pricu klinca koji je bio zbunjen.
Ja ne mislim ni danas da je moj djed napravio dobar izbor , ali ljudske sudbine I okolnosti odvuku ljude na razne strane.
Nisam zelio ovim pravdati ni njega nit ikoga vec kao sto rekoh ispricati pricu iz neke ljudske perspective , pricu o djedu , koji je kao I svakom unuku, bio heroj.
dali76 dali76 02:02 10.04.2009

Re: Eh!

doduse stvari nisu bile ni izbliza toliko jednostavne kao mog ucitelja.
Blade Runner Blade Runner 05:58 10.04.2009


Ja se mojih dedova ne secam. Majkin otac je zaorao nebeske njive dok je ona jos bila mala, a ocev dok ja jos nisam ni bio svestan sebe. Lepa ti je prica. Zanima me da li je tvoj deda primetio tvoj change of heart?
dali76 dali76 06:58 10.04.2009

Re: Eh...

nazalost i moj djed je umro ubrzo posle...
builderka builderka 14:05 10.04.2009


I hate war movies

me too

Moj deda je kao klinac od 18-ak godina proveo oko godinu dana sa četnicima, valjda su ga pokupili i nije imao kud.
I to je sve što znam. Nikada nije hteo da priča o tome, čak bi se i ljutio kad bi ga nešto pitali.
Nama su to roditelji predstavili kao neku bezazlenu sprdnju na dedin račun. Nikada se nisam pitala da li je on bio na "pravoj ili pogrešnoj" strani. Ne verujem ja istoričarima ništa, ni jednim ni drugim.
A moj deda Miloš je Ljudina bio!

hvala ti puno na ovom podsećanju
dali76 dali76 17:59 10.04.2009

Re: ***

I moj djed je bio ljudina...
Hvala ti builderka na komentaru...
builderka builderka 18:34 10.04.2009

Re: ***

eto, ispalila sam se očas posla
tek sad vidim da se i ti baviš istorijom
nije mi bila namera, to je samo moj lični stav čak nije ni preterano jak
dali76 dali76 19:00 10.04.2009

Re: ***

ne razumem?Nisi se ispalila uopste..naprotiv ..
Izvini ako sam zvucao tako..
builderka builderka 19:15 10.04.2009

Re: ***

ma to kako ne verujem istoričarima
i ne brini moja reakcija nije zbog tvog tona nego zato što sam tek tada pogledala tvoj profil, pa rek'o da me ne shvatiš pogrešno
(uh, što ne volim kad se ovako zapetljam)
uglavnom sad smo odagnali moju sumnju i sve je ok
dali76 dali76 19:46 10.04.2009

Re: ***

God can’t alter the past, but historians can!!



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