A certain level of aggression is essential to the game of rugby league, particularly in defence and particularly in the middle of the field, where the big boys collide.

Rugby league is, in many ways, a combat contact team sport. The collision and tackle aspect of the game is a form of wrestling and, let’s face it, only a few scary people are able to compete in any form of combat without first setting an aggressive mindset.

There’s nothing wrong with a rugby league tackler facing up to his opponent with the desire to hurt him and there’s equally nothing wrong with a trainer

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The Great Shift

Mark Pullen RSS / 07.12.2013. u 12:35

Take an hour out of your busy schedule and change your world.

The great shift

"I awoke, only to see the rest of the world was still asleep" - Leonardo Da Vinci

Many suggest that the people of planet Earth are in the midst of a major paradigm shift, but what is a paradigm and how is the current dominant paradigm actually shifting?


Prompted by popular demand, this is an explanatory post aimed at shedding light, as succinctly as possible, on the differences between the various types of rugby, but principally ‘Union’ and ‘League’.

You may want to read it in instalments! 

By the early 18th century various forms of ‘football’ were being played across the British Isles, with differing local rules blah blah. Around 1870 the Rugby School in the town of Rugby became the first to write down its rules, which allowed it to spread and gain prominence.

With the exception of the ubiquitous 'soccer',

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Post #3 – to Vranje and back

Mark Pullen RSS / 27.04.2011. u 08:54

The Serbian Rugby League season is now in full swing, with three rounds already completed, a domestic regional representative match played and Serbia having walloped Germany in an international friendly!

Here at Red Star we started with a pre-season friendly at new club Soko down in Vranje, which is seemingly closer to Greece than it is to Belgrade. A pioneering venture that’s now competing in the second division thanks to the great work of the boys from Vranje and the team at the Serbian RFL, Soko is seemingly flourishing. They asked if they could field 25 players against our 16 (17


Dosta više sranja ljudi! Sve religije su prevaziđene; svi ratovi su proizvedeni; razlike između ljudi na planeti su potpuno zanemarljive; globalna ekonomija je podešena da obezbedi da isti pojedinci uvek budu na vrhu, a Teslina slobodna energija postoji ali je potisnuta!
Enough of the bullshit people! Religions are all obsolete; wars are all manufactured; differences between the peoples of the planet are entirely negligible; the global economy is rigged to ensure the same individuals come out on top and Tesla's free energy exists, but is being suppressed!


The 2011 season is fast approaching for the teams of the Serbian RFL, with kick-off scheduled for the weekend of 19th-20th March. Competition is set to be tougher than ever this year, with a number of teams having strengthened their squads in the off-season, in the hope of toppling the mighty Dorćol.

This year will also prove an exciting challenge for the Serbia national team, with a calendar of eight internationals culminating in October when they take on Italy, Lebanon and Russia to vie for the final spot at the 2013 RL World Cup.

At Red Star it’s been a tough pre-season


Serbs beware! Be careful what you wish for!

Srbi, čuvajte se! Pazite šta želite!

The system you are in the process of integrating with, in the opinion of many, is flawed.
Sistem u koji trenutno pokušavate da se integrišete je pogrešan po mišljenju mnogih.

What will happen if you choose to fully integrate into a system led by principles of profit and scarcity, a system that encourages you, as individuals and as a nation, to live above your means and tie yourself to more debt obligations... (some of this has already happened)?
Šta će se desiti ako izaberete da potpuno uđete u sistem koji se vodi principima profita i oskudice, sistem koji vas, i kao osobu i kao naciju, ohrabruje da živite iznad svojih mogućnosti i tonete u sve veće dugove... (nešto od ovoga se već dogodilo)?

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Union blues

Mark Pullen RSS / 15.05.2012. u 11:40

Growing up in east Hull, rugby union was always something alien, but also something distant. Indeed, I think it was only when a PE teacher at Andrew Marvel High revealed that he played union for one of the village teams around Hull that I realised the sport even existed in my home county. Here in Serbia, however, the union is like a wasp feeding on the sweet league.

My first run-in with its loyalists came in the summer of 2011 when I got a phone call from a guy I hardly knew who used to play for the team: "Mark, some guys will turn up at your training session tonight. They're good guys and they want to form a Red Star rugby union club. Please be nice to them."


Sit back, relax, swallow the red pill and let go of your frequency of fear. Can't relax? Well that's because you don't know this. (Sorry, no Serbian - but we all know it's not required for this one.

I was never a fan of the system. Job, mortgage, 2.4 kids, big car. No thanks. I could never quite believe that that was what life was about. I wanted to travel, explore, enjoy a good time with friends. I never really felt like I wanted "more", but rather that I wanted "life". I avoided joining the rat race from the start - rebelling at school, dropping out of college, backpacking and exploring,

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Priština and back – part 1: Turks in Mercs

Mark Pullen RSS / 24.09.2007. u 09:55

Well, it may have taken me five years to find an excuse (or maybe pluck up the courage), but a few weeks ago I finally made my first visit to the provincial capital of Priština. It was … an experience. In this post you will find some observations and impressions of the trip I took with Jimbo, a mate of mine who works in the fog flogging sector.

Dakle, možda je bilo potrebno pet godina da nađem razlog (ili možda da skupim hrabrost), ali pre par nedelja sam konačno posetio glavni grad Srpske pokrajine Kosovo, Prištinu. Bilo je to… “iskustvo”. U ovom post-u, videćete nekoliko opservacija i utisaka iz posete koju sam doživeo sa Džimbo-om, jednim mojim drugom koji radi u sektoru za prodaju magle.


Mark Pullen

Mark Pullen
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