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The Protest Hedgehog

Chris Farmer RSS / 04.05.2012. u 12:33

BELGRADE - In a popular movement which started up as a general protest to political content on Facebook, the Protest Hedgehog (written in capital letters by adherents) has become a pre-election phenomenon in Belgrade.

The movement began a few weeks ago on the website Living in Belgrade. The founders of the PROTEST HEDGEHOG movement declared themselves to be "fed up with seeing politicians and their spew" on their Facebook timelines.

But just what IS this hedgehog all about?

The animal, according to one of the initiators of the movement (speaking on the assurance of confidentiality), was a somewhat random choice. "We struggled for awhile," he noted. "We could not decide between a hedgehog and a turnip." Eventually the turnip faction was defeated in as much as the photo was "not as cute." A splinter organization, the PROTEST TURNIP, is already rumored to be gathering strength and growing in clandestine circles.

Support for the PROTEST HEDGEHOG is expected to grow through this election weekend in Serbia, when the population will vote about EVERYTHING. In the two day preceding these multiple elections, campaigning by candidates must stop. By law, the election silence extends to all forms of campaigning in the media and in public places.

The hedgehog, it seems, just wanted to stop it a lot earlier.




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mlekac mlekac 12:39 04.05.2012


Hedgehogs are so cute...
noboole noboole 14:08 04.05.2012

Re: But...

Hedgehogs are so cute...

Any good when cooked? The small ones, I mean.
dragoljub92 dragoljub92 13:51 04.05.2012

u jbt

ja od ovaj moj niški skroz zaboravi srpski,ništa ga ne razumedo
arianna arianna 10:07 05.05.2012

Re: u jbt

ja od ovaj moj niški skroz zaboravi srpski,ništa ga ne razumedo

ma nešto se utepuju s ježevi, ništa posebno, gle si pos'o
kakapo kakapo 16:51 04.05.2012

Sterlet, not hedgehog!

Hedgehog? You are misinformed. Sterlet is the talk of the town. Don’t you read Blog B92?
G.Cross G.Cross 21:44 04.05.2012

E, ko se jos toga seca...

Behu nekada satiricne novine "Jez",kad bi ih otac doneo kuci, jedva sam cekao da on zavrsi pa da ja citam. Ko se jos seca Zuke Dzumhura, pokoj mu dusi...



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