looking for info for a TV documentary about emerging artists

Jasmina Tesanovic RSS / 08.07.2008. u 09:56
Dobila sam ovo pismo, javite se ako ste licno zainteresovani ili imate neki predlog, hvala, J

Hello Jasmina,
My name is Chloe Boyeldieu, I work as a documentary writer in France.
I got your mail through Tatiana Bazzichelli, whom I am in contact with.
At the moment I am preparing a documentary for the French-German TV 
channel ARTE about the new emerging artistic platforms in the world, whichis to be broadcasted next spring.
The aim of the project (=3 movies, each one is 1 hour long) is to sense 
what's in the mind and hands of a young generation of creative people.
I'm trying to present their work, to present their relationship to the 
world and to art today.
One of the aspects I am developping is the use of new media and 
technology, and all that is related to hacktivism, digital culture, etc. I 
am also developping a topic about urban space and new relationships to the 
city, and another one about he body, bio art, corporal mutations, etc.

I am looking for places where things happen and where the next generation, 
the young 20 year old people are creating things and provide a reflection 
on our world, and Tatiana told me you knew all about it, especially in 
Would you be willing to give me some more info about all this? I am 
looking for young artists to follow, young creators yet to be discovered 
on the international scene. Probably you know who they are, what they do, 
and you could put me in contact with them.
I am not looking for major international cities, but for places less known 
from the public, and where young people are active and creative. That's 
why I am interested in Belgrade and hope you can help me find my way in 
the artistic scene there.

We can do this by email if you prefer, but if you want we can talk on the 
For now I am gathering informations and materials, but eventually I may 
settle an interview.

Thank you for your time, I hope to hear from you soon.

Chloe Boyeldieu


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