Of the People, for the People

Chris Farmer RSS / 27.03.2009. u 20:15

Let me see if I have this straight:

   1. Government imagines lots of income for the year
   2. Government creates spending budget
   3. Government spends it.

Ok so far?

   4. Government turns out its pockets and
   5. Government finds them empty
   6. Government raises taxes!

And then....

   7. Government gets a windfall from IMF
   8. Government begs money from Europe
   9. Government fleeces the taxpayers

But still...

   10. People lose their jobs
   11. People cut their budgets
   12. People's tummies begin to rumble

But what if

   13. Government cut jobs?
   14. Government reduced its budget?
   15. Government went for liposuction?

Because if not

   16. People will not be able to pay taxes
   17. Government will charge them fines
   18. Government will add imaginary fines and unpaid taxes to their imaginary income (see above) and          tell the IMF and the EU how much they have SAVED!!!

"And they all lived happily ever after."

The (bitter) End


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Saša Radulović Saša Radulović 20:54 27.03.2009

what if

Too hard and thus not probable. It is more plausible that there is prepetuum mobile after all.
eizo eizo 21:29 27.03.2009


Hmm, i like it, give me a minute, i have to get the prime minister on the phone, he's going to love this idea.
katica_zlatica katica_zlatica 18:54 29.03.2009

how will Serbs get through global crunch?

they're gonna sit it out in their favourite cafe bar :)



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